The Mir In Miracle Ameeracle

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The Russian word for peace

is mir

Russian Miracle



-s shriver-





A millionaire banker has been appointed by the Ukraine parliament as the interim prime minister of Ukraine. Arseniy Yatsenyuk was also, according to a CSpan video of his talk to Americans, a chief organizer of the coup d'etat.

It is interesting that  Obama's press secretary  said  "Russia has intervened militarily in the sovereign affairs of a nation."   Iraq twice, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, the Philippines, Vietnam, Iran, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba.....

some of the many places  the occupiers of the US government have set heavy tread


The Western Ukraine fought with the Nazis in WW2. Russia lost 26 million lives fighting

against Hitler.


The Goldman Sachs control of the financial ministries of the European Union is one of loanshark capitalism, not a socialist concern for all.


This conflict was begun when the elected head of the Ukraine chose not to align his country with the EU.   A violent coup funded by megathieves caused him to flee for his life.


The Crimean War in the 1800's was fought by the UK, Netherlands, Kingdom of Sardinia, Turkey and Russia.... over this same area.  Then it was a fight of monarchies and imperialism.

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