Milka touched
on the arm


her fingers
running down
to his hand


touched Milka
on her thigh


his fingers
running up
to her sex


their lips met
hot kisses
wet tonguing


both eyes closed
his fingers
making play


her fingers
his open palm


she thinking
dream like things
wedding bells


wedding rings
he thinking
fingers warm


opened her
like flower


in spring time
her beauty
undone him


sucked him dry
she asked him
her questions


like girls do
he answered
one word why?


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You both rode your bicycles
to the small church
along the lane
and parked your bikes


against a tree
in the churchyard
out of sight from the lane
will there be anyone in there?


Milka asked
as you tried
the old wooden door
don't think so


people only come here
one Sunday in the month
you said
you opened the door


and walked in
it smelt of damp
and oldness
and no one was there


you walked up the aisle
and looked at the old pews
and stained glass windows
people still come here?


she said
guess so
you said
kind of old isn't it


you stood looking
back at her
her dark hair
brought into a ponytail


her jeans and green top
do you like the place?
you said
for what?


she said
to visit
you said
been to better places


she said moodily
thought you
were going to take me


we could be alone
and kiss and such
she added
looking around the church


we are alone
you said
yes but hardly
the place to kiss


and do things
she said
we can kiss here
you said


then what?
she said
she walked down the aisle
looking about the place


you watched her
we could have ridden
to the pond place
and did more


she said
let's just sit
and get the feel
of the place


you said
she reluctantly walked
back to you
and you sat in


one of the pews together
I wonder how many couples
have walked down
this aisle as man and wife?


you said
a few unfortunate couples
I guess
she said


you smiled
some make a go of it
you said
don't get any ideas


she said
I'm not ready
for that stuff yet
do your brothers


still needle you
about going out
with me?
you asked


not any more
they got bored with it
in the end
besides you're


their friend
and I’m just their sister  
they said
you ought to see a quack


after going out with
she said unsmiling  
and my mother
trusts me with you


which is annoying
why annoying?
I wanted her to be worried
that I was doing things


and have her look at me
like I was a no good whore
you laughed
what for?


to see her reaction
she trusts me
you said
well she shouldn't


Milka said
not after
what we have been up to
it's not always


what you do
it's what people think you
do that makes them
judged you


you said
I don't like this place
she said
let's go elsewhere


you said
and so you got out
of the pews


and walked out
of the church
and got on your bikes
and rode off


into the Saturday morning air
giving her moving hips
as she rode
a happy stare.

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Milka sat on her bicycle
looking at you
the Saturday morning sun
was warm


you'd just finished work
and had met her
by the bridge
where we going?


she asked
we could leave the bikes
at my place
and go into town


to the cinema
you said
what just sit there
in the dark


and not be able
to see each other
or such?
she said


we could ride
to where I used to live
and see the pond there
where I used to fish?


you said
is it far?
she said
not too far


she pulled a face
can't go to my place
she said
my mother's home


as she usually is
no chance
of being alone
with you there


she said grumpily
mine is no good
at weekends
you said


she looked at you
her eyes gazing
the old pond then
it is


she said
and you began to cycle
with her beside you
back up the hill


and by the farmhouse
where she lived
and along narrow lanes
between hedgerows


and birds flying out
and the occasional
car rushing by
she beside you


talking all the way
about how her mother
moans about her
not doing this or that


or not doing
the chores properly
and how her two brothers
tease her


about going out with you
and how you needed
to see a shrink
and you smile


knowing her brothers well
then you're on the main road
and a mile or so
and you are there


and go in
by the back way
along a narrow lane
and into the woods


behind the cottage
where you used to live
and along the narrow ride
through the woods


to the field
and then the pond
which is peaceful
and the water is still


and a few ducks
swim there
and birds sing
from tall trees


you rest the bikes
against trees
and sit on the grass
by the pond


quiet here
you said
we used to call this
the lake


who's we?
Milka said
my old girlfriend and I
you replied


where is she now?
we don't see
each other any more
you said


Milka said nothing
but gazed at the water
of the pond
at the ducks there


and looked
at the fish
just beneath
the surface


did you make out here?
she asked
now and then
you said


why bring me here?
she said moodily
it's quiet
and we can be alone


you said
is that all?
not wanting relive
old memories with me?


she said
you gazed at her
no of course not
that was a different thing


different love
so you say
she said
should we leave then?


you said
she stared at the pond
at the ducks drifting
and the sunlight


through the branches
of tall trees
she said


I like it here
she lay down
on the grass
sunlight on her face


her hands resting
on her abdomen
you lay beside her
did you really


make out here?
now and then
did no one see you?
not that we ever knew


you said
she smiled
what if someone had?


we didn't think of that
at the time
bet you didn't
she said


what was it like
the first time?
it's history
you said


we're what matters now
she nodded
yes I guess we are
she said


and the sun shone bright
through the tall trees
and a bird flew by
over head.

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Milka followed Baruch
along the road
to his parent's house
and up the stairs


to his bedroom
she looking about her
as she climbed
won't your parent’s


be home?
she asked
no they're at work
he said


my mother until
half two
Milka nodded
and thought


of the bewilderment
if they came home
too soon
and what if they did?


they came to the landing
and he showed her
the single bed
by the wall


next to another
by the window
whose bed is that?
she asked


my brother's
Baruch said
he's away


she said looking
at the single bed
by the wall
with the blue bed cover


he said
what do you think?
she looked at the bed


and then at Baruch
it's a bit narrow
she said
it'll be ok


he said
unless you don't want to
he said
she bit her lip


are you sure
no one
will be back early?
sure as sure


he said
he took in
her bright eyes
the hair


shoulder length
and well groomed
the yellow
tight fitting top


and blue jeans
she looked by him
at the window
can anyone see us?


he looked out
the window
I’ll close the curtains
he said


she looked at him there
eyes wide open
and alert
his black jeans


and white shirt
you don't have to
he said
just thought


that after last time
in the barn
it would be better here
she nodded


that was a bit
she said smiling
hay and straw


in my panties
when I got home
he smiled
yes and that mouse


that ran over
my backside
she laughed
and relaxed


and I screamed
she said
he nodded
and looked at her


standing there
by the bed
we don't have to
if you'd rather not


he said
she looked at him
and said
I want to


it's just the anxiety
that your parents
will come home
and catch us


he stroked her hair
they won't
he said
I'd not risk it


if I thought
they'd be home early
she sat on the bed
and he sat next to her


she kicked off her shoes
and he did so too
she looked at him again
then  stood up


and unzipped her jeans
and took them off
and laid them
on the other bed


he did like wise
she took off the top
over her head
and placed it on top


of her jeans
he took off his shirt
and put it on top
of his jeans


then she unclipped
her bra
and threw it
to the other bed


he stood there
gazing at her
small mounds
the brownish dugs


she removed
her pink panties
and flicked them
to the bed


by the window
where they rested
by the windowsill
he took off his briefs


and threw them over
by his jeans
she breathed out
deeply and slowly


he put a hand
on right breast
felt the softness
ran his fingers


over the dug
she smiled
and touched his pecker
then she lay down


on the bed
and he lay beside her
his hand touching
her thigh


and she saw
the sunlight
the uncurtained window


in the bright
midday sky.

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