Jeanette looked
back at me in class
I was at the back
with Reynard


on the history lesson
as best we could
the text books open


before us
some colour picture
of a cave man
with a spear


and dressed in fur
and some cave girl
standing beside
looking butt ugly


Reynard said
in whispered breath
Jeanette’s eyes
were focused on me


dark looking
her hair long
and dark
thin hands


and frame
she looked away again
her narrow shoulders
full to view


the teacher
was chalking words
upon the board


after sentence
in a measured script
I thought about
the quick peck


on Jeanette's cheek
at lunch recess
just so
quick in and out


before she had time
to say or breathe
or feel the affects
to make her swoon


or sick or both
I scribbled
on the exercise page  
in untidy scrawl


Reynard muttering
about the cave girl's tits
about hair


under her arms
but I was focused
on Jeanette’s line
of curve


the way her
narrow waist
went in and out
so narrow


I’d get my arms
all about
dark hair
on her shoulders


well brushed
or combed
the head


at an angle
as if to scrutinize
the writing
on the board


take in the words
and sense
and write it down
in her (I imagined


far finer hand
than mine
going by the smooth


of her fingers and pen)
maybe I could
kiss her again
I thought


some place
some when.

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