Broken Hearted

Still Broken



I took one last trip down memory lane

I revisited a folder I still had of you, brought me so much pain

All the pictures I had saved

And all those beautiful messages I didn't wanna erase 


As I was reading every letter, every fucking word

I realized only then, how much I got hurt

I felt a tear fall from my eyes

Boiling with hatred from reading your lies


Reminiscing of all the promises you had made

All those memories we had built just to break

Every single moment 

With a few words, stolen


I felt like crying so fucking hard tonight

As I read along like a spiders venom, it hit me hard, I wanted to die

I regret not saying a few things to you

I regret doing things I should've never done

All those nerdy voices I promised I would never do

I regret most of it, but mostly letting my heart be strung


You were so young and so hopeless

I was older, I knew how to cope with this

I wrote so many songs for you, and you didn't appreciate 

Now you'll never know I still write you songs, but songs of hate


If I ever see you again, I can't say what I'll do

But it can't be anything nice or evil, but I will go talk to you

I will let you see me smile and even though deep down I'll be still broken

And maybe for a second you'll want me back, just for a moment 


But I won't be foolish this time around

For a while I was lost, but tonight I've been found

And I will never be sure of where I belong

But the next time I say those three words, I won't be wrong


Thought We Were Friends

I thought we were friends,

you acted like

we were friends,

but now I just don't know!



Someone we both know,

someone who was first your friend,

told me about you.


She told me how you've

been talking about me.


You've been saying how

you're not fond of me.



Then you smile around me,

act like we're friends,

sending my head into

a tornado spin!



I get so confused,

don't know what to think,

don't know what to do.



I thought we were friends,

but maybe we're not,

maybe I'm just a friend of the moment...




I've been here

each time you need me,

needed me to be there for you.


And once in a while,

you're there for me

when I need you...




I don't know what

I'm supposed to do...


I don't know what

I'm supposed to think...



I don't know what

I'm supposed to feel...



I thought we were friends...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Let Me know what you think!


I wrote this because I found out through a mutual friend, that the girl I thought was my best friend has been talking about not being fond of me behing my back...

This is the 3rd friend I've had who's like dropped me..

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A Message...(Poem#2)

How long has it been since anybody has seen us talk?
How long has it been since anyone has seen us walk?
Everyday people say that we had something that they always wanted
Not to make jealousy to the people, but i think we over vaunted
I did what i did to make it clear for you of who i am
And Because of me it ended up with both us saying "Damn!"

I tried my best to put us back into each others hearts
I tried my best with all my heart to put us back on the charts
For everyone to see that we still care for each other, i mean nobody's been through our parts
But why do they act like they do? I'm sick of their drama, i mean this ain't fucking Theatre Arts!
I don't know about you? but it had to stop, so right now is where it starts
With a BANG! No more drama, save it for ya mama, don't think too much ya fucking brain farts!

But seriously we need to make us last till the end
As long as you still believe in our relationship, i'm still waiting for you my friend
Don't believe it? Ask anybody you're sill the only person that i Intend
Don't get me wrong, I still think of you as the friend that i deeply recommend

How long has it been since I've told you something like that?
I know that i haven't been greeting you kindly with the welcome mat
And i sincerely apologize, if you still feel unplease, please just please hit me with a fucking baseball bat
Because i know thats all i deserve from you, Hell i won't even put on a safety hat

What was the last thing i ever said to you?
All i know is whatever it was its not gonna be the last thing i'll ever say to you
But it's one of them that i'm glad that i told you

How long will it be before and if i ever see you again?
How long will it be till we're out of this baring pain?
Ahh! too many things to think about! to even worry about! its hurting my brain!
All this stuff does is just remind me of the good old days in Maine

Without you i feel so drained
With you my life is finally sustained
What we had was something unrestrained
Meaning we had "something we could never replace"
So right now lets retrace

It's time to see each others faces
It's only a matter of time, before our memory erases
Lets fill in these untouched spaces
Our hearts brought us together in so many different places
Let them connect to bring back our friendship, Embraces
Normally this never happens tous on a regular basis

We have alot in common, i won't lie :)
I swear without you, I'd probably die!
So why is it now that we aren't so fly?
You by my side we can get so high!
Into the Sky!
That no fucking hater can get by
See? I'm not a bad guy :(
You think that i don't care about you anymore...why? :(
Wait!...this isn't a goodbye! :'(
Its more like what i did every morning, when i see you i would always walk up to you and say"Hi!"
Why would you ever think like that? I never wanted to make you cry! :'(!
No! i'm here for you anytime, to hold you hand, so Miss May I?
Come on, at least"give me a try"
Just because i don't pay attention to you, doesn't mean that i don't see you at the corner of my eye

I will never again"cross my heart" let what's happening now like how it was back in Junior High
Fuck that! my feelings for you are so strong! they'll never run dry
So strong, i'll make, shake and bake you a pie
So how about it, Small fry?
Will and can this wish of mine comply?
Please i will keep you attach to me like how i put on a bow tie!
No!scartch that! fuck ties! your priceless! nothing in the world could ever replace you, not even money i could ever use to buy
You're someone anyone could rely
Wait...Shit! lets retry!
Na nevermind, this will definiely apply

I wrote this for you because i miss you!
And no this is not about something to diss you!
And to prove it to you, i will pay you back with what i owe you, I'll kiss you
If that's ok with you? i hope that we pull through
I never told you how much you mean to me, i can't live without you
Neither of you...

Because you and i both know that we can't live without each other
Ask your mother
She knows all about it even ask your own brother
I really hope you haven't found another
I hope you're alright
I pray for you through the night
Look into the night sky light
Right next to that kite
You see it? it's in flight
So lets be polite
Because tonight
We're filled with delight
Hang on...Rewrite
Opps i guess i'm running out of this to write
Its time we incite

With our problem together, so lets talk
Hell lets take a walk
lets see this right
Please...I don't wanna fight!
Eh...i hope you think this poem is alright
So please, take this invite from me, I hope you won't think this poem doesn't bite
Together We'll indite
This Problem we have may not me too bright
Its not even that white
Its a fright
Its Black and white
It'll be put behind us
Oh look! it finally caught the hater bus!
See, right there... next to Gus.

Just at the right site
In the city of light
Right in sight
You see it?

We're happy again, and it'll stay that way, I Promise :')

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The longest poem i've ever written, when it comes to liking someone but there your friend, it sucks, this is about me finding about she still had feelings, this was my response to her.

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