Stolen Honey

Animal Rights


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Like factory workers are bees
who work tirelessly all day

only to have their labors' fruits
stolen with no pay.


Humans often queenwings clip
so that with their hives they can't away slip.
Worker bees often crushed in the racks
as the trays slip from their tracks.


Some 'owners' in fall wipe out
the whole hive
rather than feeding their own food
to those who strive.


They also often leave
their hives unprotected
so that remaining bees
in winter freeze


Chemical and insecticide multinationals
have been killing frogs and bees
butterflies and fireflies for money.
Poisonous is nonorganic honey.


The design for the brilliant
geodesic dome
came from the Goddesigned
hexagonal honeycomb.


How magnificent that
these architects with wings
trillions of times over
create this perfect thing.


-saiom shriver-



Buckminster Fuller, designer of geodesic comes.

A British rabbi writing in The Jewish Vegetarian wrote about the queen bee's wing clipping, the crushing of the bees in the rack, and the killing of whole hives rather than feed them their own food through the winter.

Fruit sugar, fructose, has polysacchariddes,disaccharides, and monosaccharides,, for a time released flow of sweetness, unlike cane sugar whose human growers burn ground esting birds and every mongoose in the field.

Thank you to Shelley W Williams for her poem information that bees sometimes freeze in their hives.

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