"Alert" Lie Detector Millionaire Review scam giving fake promises!!!

Lie Detector Millionaire System Review What is Lie Detector Millionaire Binary Trading Software? Is Lie Detector Millionaire Scam Or Legit? Read My Lie Detector Millionaire Review Now To Make The Right Decision


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If you are looking for this Lie Detector Millionaire Reviews ”is Lie Detector Millionaire a Scam , then we are here to help with accurate review of Lie Detector Millionaire Software.


Product Name: Lie Detector Millionaire
Lie Detector Millionaire Website: LieDetectorMillionaire.com
Lie Detector Millionaire CEO: Daniel Wilkins
Lie Detector Millionaire Price: FREE

Read this important scam review of the Lie Detector Millionaire Software. It seems like a Hollywood production than to be a Binary Options Software. The producer must have spent a lot of money to make this fancy scam. This has gone viral over the internet and they are also spamming via email marketing. Don’t sign up with this App until you finish reading this article.


The developer of this Lie Detector Millionaire Software System claims that their signal software will make you $498,561 every month with a first deposit of $250. No matter if you are an expert trader or a novice. Let us look at this a little closer. With a $250 small deposit, can anyone really make $498,561 within a month! It’s just possible in fairy tales. Daniel Wilkins, the alleged CEO of that Lie Detector Millionaire Software App, showed that he turned the software on auto-pilot for one hour and went for lunch. When he came back and checked it showed a total profit of $12,000 within just an hour. This is more like magic than to a binary software. That’s why we call it Hollywood production. They should start making a movie instead of a signal software.
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Polygraph Test: Lie Detector Millionaire Software Drama

We searched over the internet about the alleged polygraph test examiner name Jonas Cane. He claims that he is a retired military general. We were unable to find him over Google or even in social media’s. Our question is why will a former general get involved in a software production! We have seen officer’s interrogate prisoners the way he was asking  questions. Actually, these scammers know that traders are aware of scams these days and they don’t believe any fake promises. So the producer of Lie Detector Millionaire Software system made this drama to make it believable to general traders. To make us fool this way.

The Lie Detector Millionaire Software: 100% Win Rate

They say their software has never lost any trades. Are you kidding me? Ask Mr. Warren Buffett and he will also disagree with that statement. Daniel Wilkins says that the software has a ‘Profit Protection’ feature which automatically place offsetting trades when it predicts a losing trade. We have never seen any software that can predict future and act so to stop-loss! Well, we can predict the future of the traders who have already joined this signal software. Want to know the future? One after another losing trade and so on  and on!

The Lie Detector Millionaire Software Signal: Live Trading

On the Saturday night we logged on to their website and saw a window which showed ‘Live Trade results’. That was showing that how much money their traders were earning in every minute. Wait, have you ever done trading on Saturday? Ha-ha.
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Verdict: The Lie Detector Millionaire Software is a SCAM.

We have observed that the 70% of the binary options trading software are either scams or failed to generate profits. Not every software or Apps are scams, there are some handy software out there also. Like Safe Income Inc. We are getting positive response from our valued subscribers and readers about it. Safe Income Inc Software won’t make you a millionaire overnight instead it can make you less but consistent profits.


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These people wearing faces

Leaving traces, of no truth

Of all the lies that slide

Down their tongues; no couth


My ears ring in a rage

This war waging, inside

Stop your selfish craves

So we can coincide


Your sordid aura haunts

Straining to flaunt, with my light

No waves of illusion immerse

My bold, green armored knight.











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Your Fake Tears

You are an actor,

You acted before,

Even now it’s no exception,

Your tears're nothing but deception.


You cry as if the sky fell down,

On your head, as if you were blown,

But the truth is that,

It’s acting which you’re good at!


I believe you more than anyone else truly,

Yet like a doll you play with my sensitivity.

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*Land Of Love*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Bring me to the land of love not far away

A true love fantacy

Lets pack our dreams and run away

It's time to start romancing


Love to land

Is where I want to be

Next to me I want a lover to stand

With this man the future I want to see


The gorgeous children we make

The memories we store

The mouth watering food we bake

This love we create won't be a bore


Because there are no mistakes

And no tears to cry

The best part none of it is fake

We can never be sad even if we try

We drowned our sorrow in the lake

Nothing can pass us by



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Writers block still. Will come back to it to change it up.

Streets Governed Criminal

Can you grasp something that's invisible
In the streets governed by the streets driven criminal
In the sheets, painted up with a face that isn't yours
and your hands tainted with the blood of others, and unopened doors

The sun has gone down, and the homeless are freezing
Some dancing around, and with food appeasing
While you and some others are in the room all alone..
and the air smothers you, and anxiety brings life out of the zone

A hand comes out of your thumping heart, and suffocates you silly
It comes out screaming, and dumping the pain of the world, and you get chilly
You wish you could save the world, and cradle the ill in your hands
Bring, pave and stretch out the curled, lost, to comfort the bullied trans

What is the world, when you walk around to live with someone else's blood on your hands
To live when you ignore and talk happiness but can't give and end the flood to the disappearing lands?
Don't you ever wonder what the world means when there's a bunch of so called nobodies?
Acting like a blunder is a murder and people just have a hunch who you are, and lay on our tragedies?

What is morality?
When we are bathed in brutality?
Laugh it off like we don't know,
While people are screaming below
and someone has to pay and die
and all people say is "I'm sorry, I can't, goodbye."

This is humanity.
We all try to ignore the insanity.
and someone's on the floor crying for someone to be there
and others just seem to kick, scream and glare
but for their sisters and brothers they'd probably shed a tear
But for anyone else they say they can't be here

It's truly disgusting
Respect is forever rusting
Screaming "Equality!" yet fighting and burning homes in it's name, adding blood to the unnecessary sea of issues of gender and "race" and the others trivial differences we try to hold
Through actual frivolity of rewriting and turning around simple non-offensive words like its a game, yet somehow determining what you are by shape of your face, through privileged or how old
When we both share the same organs, the emotions, and planet
breathing the same air, through the grass and granite
and still we fight which status, and hands matter the most
Competing with our apparatus and plans, that catch the eye to bleed one of our fellow brothers as a host

What's the point if we stand on dead bodies to live?
To disjoint lives that are so much more meaningful and bite the hand that gives?

This must be the meaning of our lives
To bleed a poor soul and find the next one that arrives.

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Wake up today
With a beautiful display

The smile on your face
Carefully placed
To make you seem
Like the worlds a bit brighter
Like the world inside her
Isn't a disturbing
Twisted ambitious
way to live

The girl cant get away
Because she lives in her head
Her body alive,
her mind is dead.

She wakes up today, but shes still asleep
Living her nightmares in her mind she weeps

On the outside a frozen smile appears
Between her tears.
Until her sanity

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dont write poetry much, but heres a thing i made like two days ago. Just a quick thing really. Enjoy

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Short Poems

When we hear our names,

We light up

When the world is dim,

We try to escape

Maybe I don't want to escape

Because Sarah is Misery

I'm not me when I'm not faking my smile


So many tears,

Shed along that day.

so many fears,

That will always stay.

Though looking out,

With a smiling face,

I need to shout.

Where joy should be,

There is only doubt.

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Stuck with your soul that's lost. 

It's gone forever.

It sucks mine in everytime.

You can't have mine I abolish it.

You devour what I am.

You steal what's inside of me

until I am dead. You take it all.

I can't have a fucking drop.

No one can. So how will you live now?

How will you go on?

Who's soul will you take captive?

You survive off the pain and hurt you inflict.

You watch it before you.

What you have created.

And you want more...

You take awe in what you've created.

You know what you will make next with your deceit.

But tell me now, when you know I love you.

And you take everything I was.

But I kept that drop.

You couldn't fucking suck because you were so goddamn lustful.

That drop is mine and I will always have it.

Because you didn't fucking kill me.

Im alive and you're dead because you're lost without me and your precious drop.

You will watch.

I warned you.

You picked your pills.

Have another.

So tell me now what the fuck do you have?

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