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Red Moon The Sentient Icon

red summer moon sentient instance
iconoclast momentine  frailty of a torn heart's severant croon
noon day sun all in torn the lost one how it gravitates in soon decay momentum
a lops across the valley of egoless stars loss the sentient icon settles in cross delay foment ancillary faust cost of life light of love heartless grey
ancillary summer moon days across the weeks in starlit decay
visit me or talk to me soon please heartless you rail one day in freeze we derail
Augustine divide iconoclast trust the valley of the stars the regions of lust 
our heads facial retrusion a lost week in sleep retribution can we catch up or are we faust in windswept seclusion
take me out here to fields of the skies everclear
the regions of divide the retrusive ever near
Augustine trust the valley of the stars windswept in heavens summer red moon the sentient icons severant croon visit or talk to me soon the cost of life the light of the moon a heartless grey shadow a love that never bloomed a momentine iconoclast thrust into june a sentient instance a summers red moon the valley of stars over the regions of bloom lay me there heavens door faust in the windwswept seclusions moor



Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

a shudder,
to frolic in the dire ambiance
a spiritual awakening
a peace that passes all understanding
the go between
the comforter
a heart saturated with truth
in order to withstand the true test of time
angelic premonition
a deep longing

to seek deep into the heart of the manifestation of God
Jesus came to open are hearts
to turn us from Satan onto God
that we may have forgiveness of sins
inheritance among us which is sanctified within thee
the soft pitter patter of sandaled feet
a breath of wind
to light to sun set amidst the day
a humble need to bow the knee to pray

Holy Spirit I surrender take me where you want to go
help me daily in your presence so that I may grow
with tempter on fire with blazing eyes of vengeance
daily my portion will be just to be with you
love is the essence of my inner existence
God is not a man that he should lie
comfort my heart may you never depart
live your light through us
give us wisdom therefore with all thy getting gain understanding
keep us by the power of your spirit
give us the strength to over come sin, self & Satan
a challenge to be free is a question of time
light of illumination
sought to be with us to the end as believers.

How Beautiful Is Thee

How Beautiful Is Thee

How sweet thy name
I speak it and your voice calls
I hear wonderful whispers from your lips
Followed by the smile bestowed upon your face

How beautiful is thee...
When you cry, a tear strikes my eye
When you laugh I roll in it
How beautiful is thee....

When you gaze at me
I feel alive
When you touch me with your tenderness
I feel alive

How beautiful is thee..
What magic do you possess
How do you spark the fire
That holds me within

What do you see in me
How beautiful is thee...

Love's Light

Love's Light

through the duration in time
we have created a rhyme
finding solace amidst the quest of nature
now is the expectant hour

a pull at the heart will light a spark to what we need to know
love has won yet it also has lost humanities heaviest cost
yet these are desolate times yet we settle for ill faded rhymes
The night sky is dark, the stars
and moon can not be seen, the wind

blows cold over my dark and creepy grave,
The roots grow deep into my coffin of death
the dirt is heavy and hard to breathe under
the weeds grow tall above my tombstone,

my name is not readable my face is
forgotten my body is decayed my soul
is yearning to be joined with my master
but I am afraid of the great light I

have to pass through to get to the pearly gates of heaven.
I lie in the dark solemn slumber
of death and life, in a forgotten world,
A world which I once lived in,

a world that forgot me, my dreams and my undying soul
I am the forgotten one, and it grows
harder and harder for my soul to breathe
yet in the distance a portal a glimmer of light

Love at last appeared out of the duration of its illumination
a beacon of light to a much hurting world in need of hope

Cutting Off

Cutting off my entire family, they're not

Helping me. Only my mother, forget the

Friends too. Everyone I came across do-

-ouble cross me, I am watching out for

The people who say they love me. I was

On the road of tranquility and that journey

Ended abruptly. I may never reach peace,

But that's how it is. Still I'm living this thug

Life without regrets, and I can say that with

My chest. Yes, I am filled with hate! So much

Hate it made an evil doppelganger by the

Name of Garther. I am enslaved by this

Cold world and being selfish will be my

Finally resort. When I reach success, I

Bet my mama and I will reside undern-

-eath money trees sipping the finest

Juices of tranquility flowing through

Our wine glasses of purity.

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From loving love to fearing it



You had my love, you had my trust.

Feld your touch all the way in my guts.

I long for your calls stay awake at night

Thinking if i charmed you enough you just might,


Think of me as the one, that you need in life

I know now that love cuts like a sharp knife

So i avoid feelings, and everything nice

Don’t dream of walking the aisle and the rice


Yet i hold on to love at the very least inside….

While you walk the aisle with your new bride


The Conscience

What's the deal now ? Are we still alive with blind eyes ? 
And ears not ready to listen the truth that would wake us up ?. 

Before if a friend went into a mini fight his best friend would help him. 
Now if a friend gets arrested because of his way to describe the freedom, 
We can easily find that he was captured by his best friend who helped him. 

Sometimes I looked at the moon and asked him, if it was our fault or our parents 
Fault when we were kids they have always bought us a gift such as plastic gun and 
In Halloween we or they buy us a full custom of a solder or any gun holder custom. 

Even a great father walked right by any market, he surly say "peace upon everybody." 
Sadly now the market is closed down, he would ran without sharing a bit of 
Peace to the little homeless kid, who kept asking for something to eat. 

That is why we grow up with not much of coins in our saving, while that kid gets to 
Get to have more then we did simply because he sold the love of his homeland for 
The enemies with no cost perhaps we never did so because the conscience kept us to believe in a better coming day. 

There isn't any deal left since they our soul are ready to defend our homeland. 
We might be blind because love never appear to us with a real emotions. 
Our ears were never ready to listen because hope walked away from our daily life. 


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How Roses are born


I'll hold my pansies.

I'd like to give them

to you, but I'm afraid 

you wouldn't know what

to do.


Ever since you threw away 

the lavender you once held dear, 

so dear in fact, 

you'd water it everyday. 

Until you realized that 

all of your violets were 

dying because of the lavender.


Your still mending your garden

but what you dont know,

is that i'd give you all my violets,

in fact take my pansies too. 

If it would put a smile on your face

I would not mind, 

but grow them together

and one day you'll see

my true gift bloom.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Took a little longer than usual to make than my other poems, but its a way of telling how i feel without using direct words.