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Fall Leafs


As they change so do you.

Bright yellow green hue.

Oh how I will miss, you like a stormy night 'full of strength' just like Who.

Once fell a top of Earth's ground.

Splash the colors scatter threw the autumn breeze.

With a fury blown, wind the trees wave there branches again.

The trees know, bare no fruit as the Earth spins around.

Twigs once filled with color now brown noting to a blue yellow back drop.

Your smile is the bark, your Hair, is the trunk your Ears, are the leafs.

So girl riddle me this how is you change so easy.

Did you once seat beside a ("Wizard of growth") and spirituality.

Because, now as I see you, your glowing more by each flow of time.

So did you fill the sky with your delight and prized design.

I now you won Gold.

A Thin Line


 Too much passion

Not opposites-

a thread that separates

Could take you up so high

Yet with the slip of one word

Could bring you down so low

The slip of one word could make you fall

Or to your death as well.

We are not opposites

We cannot exist without the other.

Our only antonym 

Is Apathy.


Never Mine


"We love what we can't have." 


-6 word story



               As the flame grows I see the light in

your eyes.As i touch your arm i feel the burning

in your sou.I hear your voice and the music of the 

angels start to pay. You touch my being and all the

stars go out.You give me your love  and  God is standing

in front of me.

                                            CODEINE   14

Author's Notes/Comments: 


              It's all about love 

               After all the killing 

               What's left? LOVE

                                        E E Forde


To stand side by side night and day


Till the earth stop shaking, from this


Storm passing by us.






   I like  your rhyme ,I like your flo

   you go, you go,





The Shadow Of The Wing

The doors were always locked since he left me in a world 
With no keys and not a single hope to poem it for the right man. 

My life was almost like a newspaper were everybody reads 
What they want or needs but they won't read the deeper meaning. 

Until the day I was walking in the middle of windy and raining day. 
Holding my bottle of red wine, to drink it in my house to celebrate my birthday. 

Once I stepped inside stairs my old cellphone starting vibrating, 
I looked at the caller Id and it was my first phone call from heaven. 

I thought is my friend prank so I didn't mind answering but instead 
I started crying without making any sound so I wouldn't woke my saddens inside me. 

After having my last glass of red wine, the phone rang again with the same 
Caller Id, I answered it with my drunk language of rude woman. 

And it was a voice of someone I have never recognized from before. 
He told to me to be careful of what I want to wish for my birthday. 

Nothing came to my useless mind but perhaps my heart demand for 
A real love then the caller said thank you and have a beautiful night with him. 

The clock was finally hitting at twelve to watch the doors of my house 
Opened by itself so strongly beautifully and scary of whom might did that. 

Suddenly a man appeared and walking towards where I was siting on my sofa, 
He closer to me with a slight of wind, to describe him was like the shadow of the wind.

Nothing happened when we were close to each other but he did asked me 
For a mini dance so I shamelessly went on and started dancing with joys with him. 

We talked while we were dancing without knowing each other to have our first 
Kiss which my heart started beating different then he was from before. 

Truly and swear of behave of everything in life he was a really great kisser, 
His face once he smiled he turned my aches off for the night and pass me the key. 

He decided to take me to bed near by him together with one heart and one soul. 
We both enjoyed the real feelings of the passions we had in common. 

My love to him started growing slowly slowly and growing in between my heart. 
No one can judge me of what I'm doing a stranger still I'm drunk with the greatest lover ever. 

Once the sun arose I told him with a few tears in my eyes that he was the one who 
I was been looking for to enjoy the day of thinking of him and understand the darkest joy feelings. 

My two eyes woke up suddenly to look at the alarm clock whom didn't rang for the first time. I felt sort of same as before when I found out that was only a dream whom I'm working hard to Create it in real life. 


Space can be everything or nothing.

Nobody's listening to what I have to say,

I spoke my words bold and truthful,

I cried many days of tears just to fully feel safe,

Tears felt better than anyone's unfeeling words; they felt like an ice-brand.


Months I cried; months I felt so lonely not a spec of light,

I lost all my cares cuase they hurt me; I lost all my good sight,

I asked for it; All I got back was the feeling of living in a world alone,

No one can live in a world alone; it feels like wandering millions of miles with nothing insight.


I told myself I would never tell the only Man that made me feel like some thing,

My trust runs so thin; even paper doesn't fill the line of thinness,

I can trust any thing, but what knocks me off my feet is when you break my trust,

The whole wall of everything you care about crashes down; You have no were to go, gone is my trust.


I tried being brave; I told that Man what I feel, and what he gave me back,

Like out of no were comes light, safety, no more worrying; he shook my grief,

Took a hold of me; my friend, you mean something to me is all he said, like a wolf pack,

You will never be alone as long as your mine; I finally, after months, stopped crying.


He gave me hope; something to reach and hold on to every day,

He never gave up on me like I expected him to; he never said a cruel word to me,

I cried of happiness; my light came back after being alone so long I was scared of it I say,

Once I knew what it felt like to be happy; I never thought once to let go of that feeling, that day.


Some times we fight; I never choose to give up, neither does he,

We're special in a way like no other; if I fell there will be a pillow for me now,

I can't lie; sometimes I feel like I suffocate like I did today, but he doesn't know I do,

I never keep lies; whether I like to keep them or not, he knows me so well he knows my soul.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem doesn't have to be real, if you have the deep emotion its even better.

Right Now

How far do you think we can go

Miles and miles until we can be alone

Staring into your eyes

Holding your hands in mine

Making me realize what this really is 

I can't help the way I feel inside

Knowing that one day our love will collide

I don't want you, I need you

The missing part of me is found

Sitting next to me looking down 

Shaking rapidly, turning red

Thinking about the things I should've said

Wanting to move forward,

Lean toward the new life we'll have 

Hate to pity

Pity turning to like

Like growing to love

Loving where we are right now 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First posted poem