Baruch liked
Yehudit's eyes
the smile that lingered
waiting for her


seemed an eternity  
being with her
always seemed
too short a time


the walk
by the wood shed
the memory
of their first


smoke there
she almost choking
that first time
the path


through the woods
the trees tall
sky above
hardly seen


she by a tree
that time waiting
said she wanted to
but they didn't


not just yet
he said
the walk to the pond
warm weather


unlike that first time
when the frost
bit them
he waited


by the pond side
ducks swimming
the water's skin


she lay once
beside him here
talked of sex
or what


she knew of it
what girls
at school said
what one girl


said it was like
he watched the ducks
smelt the weather's air
that first kiss


kisses followed
she and him
the moon shining
above them


he liked the way
she lay
on that bed
the sunlight


through the window
on her breasts
he watched the sky


the tall trees
clouds passing
he liked her hand


in his
warm pulsing
fingers touching


waiting seemed
an eternity
he often said


playing out
the last kiss
his morning time head.


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Judy lies
on the double bed
having made love
for the second time round


that early afternoon
Benedict lies beside her
gazing out the window
at the afternoon sky


she talking about
the grocery store
and the customers
and the bottom pinching


the creepy fart
she says
Benedict turns his gaze


to the profile
of her breast
knowing he shouldn't
but likes


her left one best
following the contour
of her ribs
and the pelvic sweep


the brown pubic patch
with semen leak
she eyeing


his hazel eyes
the quiff of hair
him laying there
his sleeping pecker


resting on the leg
he eyeing her thigh
the dark bite of love
the pantyline


still there
she saying
she'll have to go
her mother will wonder


why she wasn't home
on her half day off
from work
he saying yes


his mother'd be home
from work
on the next bus
from town


they share
a deep frown
no more love making
least not that day


she laying back
her skirt hitched up
around her waist
her blouse open


all the way down
her panties on the floor
by the bedroom door
one more kiss


before we go
she says
lips soft waiting
and meeting touch


she wanting to
but time running out
he wishing time
would stand still


to allow one more go
she noticing
the sleeping pecker
beginning to stir


their lips press
and tongues touch
soon to be going time
to stay too short


the afternoon sky
a cloudy grey
he kissing her
once more


wishing she could stay
not now
she says
another time and day


and so they rise
and dress
and she takes her leave
walking out


the back gate
and home
and he waving
her goodbye


goes back in
to make up
the double bed
carrying her image


and their love
in his afternoon head.

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