Monthly Archive for March 2014

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Hurt Poem justsomebody Mar 17th
Sorrow Winds Blow When Death Is Near Poem pinkdot7 Mar 17th
Too far gone. Poem Disgusting 1 Mar 17th
If this is love... Poem Disgusting Mar 17th
Mom and dad Poem joshie #parents #mean #sad #depressed #scared Mar 17th
My story Poem Christina16 Mar 18th
You Poem exthias1983 Mar 18th
Astral life Poem Scarface # addiction # love # disappointment # brokenhearted #learninlove #theone #life #secondchoice Mar 18th
Footnote: T---y M., Thirtynine Years Ago Poem Starward Mar 18th
Into The Sun To Die Poem Silver__lining Mar 18th
Rough times Poem Tina3987 Mar 18th
Wake Up Don't Make Up Poem Silver__lining Mar 18th
Don't You Forget About Me Poem Silver__lining Mar 18th
I Should Try Being Quiet Poem Silver__lining Mar 18th
Hard To Sleep Poem Silver__lining Mar 18th
Move Alone Poem Silver__lining Mar 18th
/+/ Hosanna, 2: Long View Poem Starward Mar 18th
Then Again, I Wasn't Perfect Poem Silver__lining Mar 18th
When Does It End? Poem Silver__lining Mar 18th
Shit Happens On This Journey Poem Silver__lining Mar 18th
Just Her Smile Poem Silver__lining Mar 18th
Remember the Storm Poem Silver__lining Mar 18th
Please End Poem Silver__lining Mar 18th
Only You Can Move My Pen Poem Silver__lining Mar 18th
Yet To Get Over You Poem Silver__lining Mar 18th
More Then Just Some Dumb Fling Poem Silver__lining Mar 18th
Get A Smile Out Of You Poem Silver__lining Mar 18th
To Even Be Able To Ask Poem Silver__lining Mar 18th
To be Young Poem lukekelly94 1 Mar 18th
Make The Impossible Possible Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 18th
A Wake Up Call Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 18th
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN Poem joy Mar 18th
YOUR OLD WRIST WATCH. Poem Dadio father, mourning son Mar 18th
HELEN AND BUTT-ENDS. Poem Dadio 1950S, boy, girl, london Mar 18th
Old Chapter, Evolution of Character Poem MajesticDravon 2 Mar 18th
60 Armies Poem MajesticDravon Mar 18th
Keeper of the Storm Poem MajesticDravon Mar 18th
Laughing Eyes Poem shelandrazee Mar 18th
The Man in the Mirror Poem MajesticDravon 2 Mar 18th
BOTTLE-BRUSH Poem pbenarumairaj A bush that looks so shy with it's droopy leaves Mar 18th
Pfennig Poem Atramentous 2 Mar 18th
The Unconquerable Soul Poem Karanaghi Mar 18th
Grief Poem Karanaghi 1 #Dark #sadness #love #fear Mar 18th
sprit and matter Poem smooth Mar 18th
dimensions of the mind Poem smooth Mar 18th
placed and misplaced reality and imagination Poem smooth Mar 18th
Devil In Disguise. Poem MusicMyLife Mar 18th
tricks or truths of the senses Poem smooth Mar 18th
shall I die again Poem 9inety 6 Mar 18th
one part of thoughts Poem smooth Mar 18th
I know, he is nowhere Poem myworld94 #relfection #desire Mar 18th
18 March 2014 Poem shawon1982 Mar 18th
Laughing Fit Poem MajesticDravon 1 Mar 18th
This is Growing up on Grand Poem Davin 4 Mar 18th
The Pain in Our Tears Poem Daniel_Simp # love # hope # relationships #alone #depression #sad #lonely #pain #tears #waiting, love, sad Mar 18th
Cost Poem crimsonangel24 cost, feelings, love, Pain Mar 18th
Wanting Love Poem JustinJamaal Mar 18th
What is Joy? Poem WiseWolf # happiness # sadness # depression # love # life # sorrow # joy # side-effect # hardships # hope Mar 18th
Someday Poem metaphorist Mar 18th
Do you hear the drums? Poem WiseWolf # madness # war # insanity # future # past # darkness # hell # justice # terror # celebration # drums # music # heart # soul # life Mar 18th
The Sentient Serendipity Prose darklaser888 biology, Hard questions, Life, Philosophy, Science Mar 18th
'Till all Cedes Poem cevance 4 A love poem Mar 19th
Just ask Poem miguelhongkong 3 Mar 19th
Incomplete Poem RoC 2 Mar 19th
The story re-wakens... Poem dolphin 3 Mar 19th
Burn Ms.Burns Poem kendralavine Mar 19th
03-27-2011 Poem kendralavine Mar 19th
Baby steps Poem AirAm Mar 19th
No Place Else Poem robincj Mar 19th
Need You Poem robincj Mar 19th
Love And Hope (Lead To A Better Future) Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 19th
Just Think About It Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 19th
HOW THINGS WERE. Poem Dadio father, mourning, son Mar 19th
Chelsea Who Shall Never Know Poem PeterChristophe... 8 Mar 19th
I am no more Poem cevance 4 death Mar 19th
never Poem burkej1h 1 Mar 19th
Discovery Poem dennehizzle Mar 19th
Devils Poem ADAPT Mar 19th
I see you and I can’t Poem running_with_rabbits Mar 19th
Are you panicking yet? Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Mar 19th
With a Little Poem workm Mar 19th
HTC’s memory Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Mar 19th
Leopards can’t change their spots Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Mar 19th
Flames flicker out, stars go supernova, and love is just lust living the luxurious life Poem running_with_rabbits 11 Mar 19th
Identity Poem running_with_rabbits 11 Mar 19th
یہ زندگی Poem ruby Mar 19th
It’s the shampoo Poem running_with_rabbits 4 Mar 19th
Thanks for the perfect Valentines Day Poem running_with_rabbits Mar 19th
To the arrogant, silver spoon fuck sitting behind me, mocking the prof Poem running_with_rabbits 7 Mar 19th
Overwhelmed Poem running_with_rabbits 3 Mar 19th
More is less Poem running_with_rabbits 9 Mar 19th
Letter to the future Poem phad future, growth, letter, money Mar 19th
Go to Sleep Poem phad calm, chill, night, relax, sleep Mar 19th
Life Begins Poem phad Life, Song Mar 19th
Time is money Poem phad money, time Mar 19th
Footnote: Tangerine LeapFrog, An Imprecation Poem Starward Mar 19th
I write Poem Christina16 1 Mar 19th
Brain fart Poem schmuckjones Mar 19th
Firs And Ferns Poem saiom2 1 Mar 19th
Outside of You, A Psalm Poem Seraphim 2 Apathy, atlas, broken wings, Cursed, death, Depression, doom, helplessness, Life, loss, love, Pain, Redemption, sadness, second chances, Seraphim, time Mar 19th
Unsubstantial Poem phad Mar 19th
Moormist Poem saiom2 Mar 19th
black pen grid Poem saiom2 Mar 19th
I Love You Poem Seraphim 1 Apathy, atlas, broken wings, Cursed, death, Depression, doom, helplessness, Life, loss, love, Pain, Redemption, sadness, second chances, Seraphim, time Mar 19th
WHAT Prose codeine # addiction # love #learninlove #theone #hate #pity #like #relationship #relationship #firstpoem #new #younglove Mar 19th
F*ck The Federal Reserve Prose GashMusic 2 #Political #Congress #Lobbyists #Defense #War Machine #Religon Mar 19th
Why Are Animal Flesh (Meat) and Fish Flesh More Addictive Than Caffein? Prose saiom2 Mar 19th
California Squirrels Prose saiom2 Mar 19th
Not Afraid Poem AngelofDarkness Mar 20th
Loveliest Shade of Blue Poem metaphorist 1 Mar 20th
Shatter The Sun. Poem ashes_twisted 10 Mar 20th
Flesh Is HIs Fantasy Poem ramonathompsont Mar 20th
I Have A Crush On You Poem ramonathompsont 4 Mar 20th
هوناً على هون Poem humanpulse Mar 20th
Battle Cry Poem jessie2376 Mar 20th
To my ex Poem AriesThePoet 1 relationships, short Mar 20th
Borderline Poem ramonathompsont Mar 20th
Reminiscing In Black Poem Le'Vasseur Mar 20th
For Once Be Honest (We Don't Know Everything) Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 20th
One day Poem humanpulse Mar 20th
Mango Poem bishu 1 Mar 20th
Blessed And Cursed (Just Wait) Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 20th
Strive To Be The Best You Can Be Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 20th
YOUR FOOTBALL SHIRT. Poem Dadio father, mourning, son Mar 20th
REPETITION Poem joy Mar 20th
Talhaiarn At The Brink Of Suicide: Prayer For Him Poem Starward 2 Mar 20th
TUMBLEDOWN Poem mack619 2 Falklands War, infantry, SCOTS GUARDS, TUMBLEDOWN, UK Mar 20th
LOVE Poem elliott # addiction # love #learninlove #theone #hate #pity #like #relationship #relationship #firstpoem #new #younglove Mar 20th
A Mother Poem joshie #Mother Mar 20th
GOD Poem joshie #God #Life #hope Mar 20th
call it quits Poem snailtailz 1 #BreakUp #Relationships #Love Mar 20th
LVE IS Poem elliott # addiction # love # disappointment # brokenhearted #learninlove #theone #life #secondchoice Mar 20th
MOLLY Poem chris Mar 20th
Over the Moon Poem randyjohnson 1 death, Dedication, grief, memorial, mom Mar 20th
In Love with Nature Prose humanpulse Mar 20th
The Air That I Breathe Poem ramonathompsont Mar 21st
What We Resists, Persists Poem ramonathompsont Mar 21st
Renewal laweneR Poem darkpool 1 Mar 21st
Sweet, Blue Poem giajl Mar 21st
Life's Journey Poem giajl Mar 21st
I'm Poem giajl Mar 21st
What I Believe Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 21st
Solid love Poem sjuddin hanging tough, hard relationships Mar 21st
Over Looked Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 21st
CHOOSE HAPPINESS Poem joy Mar 21st
Helpless Poem SH95 9 Love lust life hurt needs eyes feelings helpless Mar 21st
The hill street blues Poem Jonny1979 Mar 21st
Sublime Poem darkpool 1 Mar 21st
My Melody with my drawing Poem Dimitriand Mar 21st
Day Dream Poem Desperado love Mar 21st
When they tell you everything will feel good again. Poem GreenGreenGreen Mar 21st
Legion Poem grimfate Mar 21st
Chess Poem saiom2 Mar 21st
Freedom Poem unknownever Mar 21st
Focusing On Goodness Poem saiom2 Mar 21st
jealousy is a Poem saiom2 Mar 21st
From Waterfall To Delta Poem saiom2 Mar 21st
TAKEN. Poem Dadio father, mourning, son Mar 21st
A Lack of Words has Been Poem giajl 3 Mar 21st
swallow life whole or spit it out Poem 9inety Mar 21st
Growing Number of Indian Apartment Buildings For Vegetarians Only Prose saiom2 Mar 21st
Rats of the Sky Prose miss_marie phobia alone love uglybeauty poetryday Mar 21st
its been a __________ of a time! Poem SSmoothie Mar 22nd
I Love You THIS Much Poem LovingLovelace 2 Mar 22nd
Please don't leave me Poem Tina3987 Mar 22nd
Giigwishimowin Poem eternalpoet1389 beauty nature spirituality Mar 22nd
The Four Got Ten. Poem Astral_Tides 9 Mar 22nd
conclusions Poem burkej1h 1 Mar 22nd
Fair One Poem Adam아담 3 Mar 22nd
Out of the Strom Poem MajesticDravon Mar 22nd
See The Good (All Around You) Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 22nd
Just Stand Up Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 22nd
Commitment Poem humanpulse Mar 22nd
The Shadow Poem 48daniel 6 Mar 22nd
HOW HUMAN WE ARE Poem joy Mar 22nd
TWO SHIPS Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 22nd
Dad (Twenty years on.) Poem Fiorella1948 Marika Mar 22nd
A special Mother's Day. Poem Fiorella1948 Marika Mar 22nd
AMERICA Poem chris Mar 22nd
Alone Poem Fiorella1948 Marika Mar 22nd
To my daughter Poem Fiorella1948 Marika Mar 22nd
untitled (1) Poem burkej1h Mar 22nd
To our Dear Lord Poem Fiorella1948 Marika Mar 22nd
MY FIRST TRAIN Poem chris Mar 22nd
My hero Poem Fiorella1948 Marika Mar 22nd
Time Nips At Your Heels Poem sweetwater Mar 22nd
Why? Poem sweetwater 2 Mar 22nd
Like Steel Poem WiseWolf # addiction # love # disappointment # brokenhearted #learninlove #theone #life #secondchoice #youtwo #fool # disease # depression #heart # life # scars # emotians # steel # fragile Mar 22nd
I Am Poem PureLight 2 #Emotion #Alone #Unloved #Love #Sadness Mar 22nd
I Am In Love Poem ihavethehiccups Mar 22nd
Living Poem Jedition # addiction # love # disappointment # brokenhearted #learninlove #theone #life #secondchoice #youtwo #fool # shakespeare # Impossible #life #gay #ego #grow #strong #learn #tear Mar 22nd
Racism and Prejudice Poem schmuckjones Mar 22nd
alfies Poem saiom2 adieu, bee, bloom, dew, do, nectar Mar 22nd
Flightless Fledglings Poem saiom2 Mar 22nd
Evening Concerts Poem saiom2 birds frogs bogs crickets free concerts Mar 22nd
Cold Darkness Poem nicolebostan 1 Free Verse, Humanity, Mirror, truth Mar 22nd
Dawn Poem nicolebostan day cycle, diety, evening, morning, noon, romantic Mar 22nd
LOOK Prose humanpulse Mar 22nd
Tight Rope Poem BearByNight #Erotica #Love #Desire #Fantasy #Sex Mar 23rd
she waltzes in like shes the greatest thing... Poem SSmoothie 2 Mar 23rd
Driving My Love Away Poem ramonathompsont Mar 23rd
GET A SHOVEL Poem AngryLaughter 2 Mar 23rd
Worth Fighting For Poem WiseWolf # addiction # love # disappointment # brokenhearted #learninlove #theone #life #secondchoice #youtwo #fool # madness # disease # depression # peace # joy # happiness # war # suffering # victory Mar 23rd
Human Beauty Poem ReilaMorello 1 Human Soul Spirit Immortality Mortal Relationships Perceptions Emotions Feminism Writing Words Strength Mar 23rd
This Poem is About Our Love Poem LovingLovelace 1 Mar 23rd
Deserted Streets, Railroad tracks, and a Car Idling at Midnight Poem eternalpoet1389 love Mar 23rd
Just Think And Be Your Own Person Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 23rd
KISSING PHOTOS. Poem Dadio father, kisses, mourning, son Mar 23rd
IMPULSE Poem pbenarumairaj 2 Longing to attain a life of perfect happiness Mar 23rd
a Burning Mind Poem humanpulse 2 Mar 23rd
THE GOLF CART Poem joy Mar 23rd
LOVE Poem light Mar 23rd
THE STORY OF MY LIFE YET AGAIN Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Mar 23rd
Black Moon Poem darkpool Mar 23rd
Broken up Poem JustinJamaal Mar 23rd
I wrote a poem about our love. Poem DesertDreamer Mar 23rd
Warrior Girl Poem DatDemi Mar 23rd
I am here for life in living Poem SSmoothie 4 Mar 23rd
Rebellion Poem MrAlexKidd 1 Angels, Demons, fight, Hope Mar 23rd
Nocturnes: Random Waves Poem Starward Mar 23rd
Flatmate Poem phad Mar 23rd
Really...Why? Poem DaphneeD Mar 23rd
Thorns Poem WiseWolf # addiction # love # disappointment # brokenhearted #learninlove #theone #life #secondchoice #youtwo #fool # roses # thorns Mar 23rd
LOVE ( HERE ,THERE, HERE) Poem elliott # addiction # love # disappointment # brokenhearted #learninlove #theone #life #secondchoice Mar 23rd
New to Me Poem ReilaMorello 1 Emotions relationships soulmates lovers words protection love soul Mar 23rd
Blood in my Ink Poem Dani-Elle 2 my husband Mar 23rd
The Waltz Poem Dani-Elle ducks /mallard Mar 23rd
Jaded Poem Dani-Elle Life Mar 23rd
In Bloom Poem Dani-Elle nature Mar 23rd
Mystical Shadow Poem Dani-Elle wild horses Mar 23rd
Throttle Rocket Poem Chadical 2 Mar 23rd
Resurrection Poem lcprettiboi83 Mar 23rd
Time Change ? Prose Daniel-59 1 Mar 23rd
Narrow And Wide Gates Poem trumpet7 Mar 24th
Three Cats And A Go-Between (reworked ) Poem sweetwater Mar 24th
My Miley Poem Dani-Elle horses Mar 24th
Welcome To My World © Poem ShannenWrass Shannen Wrass Mar 24th
The Red Riding the Hood Poem Dani-Elle Life Mar 24th
Burned Poem tallsquirrelgirl 2 love Mar 24th
I Do. Poem LovingLovelace 1 Mar 24th
Let No One Tell You How To Be Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 24th
Yourself Before Another Poem ctuan13 heartbreak, hopelessness to hope, love, Pain, self-discovery, self-redemption Mar 24th
I prefer Truth To What You (Tell Me To See) Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 24th
Trading Poem AngryLaughter Mar 24th
Be The Unexpected Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 24th
Great Birthdays Poem bishu 2 Mar 24th
Body to body Poem Benjatkinson # happiness # sadness # depression # love # life # sorrow # joy # side-effect # hardships # hope, heartbreak, love Mar 24th
Just Be Honest Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 24th
ONE PERSON AT A TIME Poem joy Mar 24th