Monthly Archive for March 2014

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SPRING, RAIN AND TEARS OF LOVE Poem emmenay A love poem tinged with sadness Mar 24th
I'm an Artist Poem thisisme789 4 Mar 24th
It Began Like This. (And will end like that.) Poem DesertDreamer 2 Mar 24th
Ordinary Day Poem nightangel Mar 24th
Written In Blood Poem DesertDreamer Mar 24th
L O N E B I R D Poem poewhit 1 nature Mar 24th
Do Vegan Prisoners Have A Right To Nonviolent Food? Poem saiom2 Mar 24th
The Spiritual Soul Poem Mar 24th
Redneck Angel Poem Mar 24th
Flamingo Flight Poem saiom2 Mar 24th
pink columns Poem saiom2 Mar 24th
Dream Here No More. Poem sweetwater 2 Mar 24th
Molly Delight Poem MyHumanity 2 Addiction, Drugs, party Mar 24th
to accept and to refuse Poem MyHumanity 2 feelings, Molestation, secrets Mar 24th
Hunters' Extinctions Poem saiom2 Mar 24th
the final frontier Poem dead11910 Mar 24th
i'd rather Poem dead11910 Mar 24th
ill Poem kendralavine Mar 24th
regret Poem kendralavine Mar 24th
Daddy's Girl Poem MyHumanity Dad, hurt, issues Mar 24th
Page 565 #1-6 Poem mmonty 1 adolescence Mar 24th
The Battle Poem MyHumanity 2 Battle, freedom, help Mar 24th
empty space Poem tallsquirrelgirl 1 #love #sex Mar 24th
My Earthly End Poem trumpet7 Mar 24th
This Lullaby Poem Lydiamx3 2 # love # relationships # sexual relationships # romance # forever #couple #miss #us #perfect #sexy #intimate #sex #together #inlove #beautiful #cute #summer #memories #heart #trust #faith #special #dream #kiss #body #boyfriend #girlfriend Mar 24th
Driving on the North Side Prose Chadical Mar 24th
Should Hunting Be Allowed In National Parks? Prose saiom2 Mar 24th
Lock Nessman's Words Poem q.v. Mar 25th
Footnote: Inventory Without Articles Poem q.v. Mar 25th
Caroline Poem Jacob_Scot #RYLA Mar 25th
Too late Poem TranslatedIntoWords #death #suicide #selfharm #hell Mar 25th
thoughts Poem rkomadori 1 affection, deep affection, long distance, love, relationship, stars, Thoughts, universe Mar 25th
Felt Tip Poem wisdom Mar 25th
WITH NORMA JEAN (MARILYN MONROE) Poem emmenay 1 Inspirational life hope faith dreams Mar 25th
Ditch The Mental Shackles Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 25th
lliving the mind Poem wisdom #confusion #frustration #try #scared #alone Mar 25th
Why Listen To Hate Filled Lies Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 25th
Quiet Poem theLittle 2 Mar 25th
DREAMED Poem Dadio dead, dream, father, son Mar 25th
Miracle Mermaid Poem bishu 4 Mar 25th
INGRID AND BREAKFAST. Poem Dadio 1950S, boy, girl, london Mar 25th
FIRE Poem elliott # addiction # love #learninlove #theone #hate #pity #like #relationship #relationship #firstpoem #new #younglove Mar 25th
Long Live An Innocence Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 25th
THREE FRIENDS Poem joy Mar 25th
THE LONG AGO Poem heatherburns35 1 Mar 25th
Man of Fire and the Sea Poem timbiondollo Mar 25th
My Emancipation Poem cathycavalcante 2 Mar 25th
the fucked-upness of it all. Poem SSmoothie 1 Mar 25th
the girl,the alien Poem dead11910 1 Mar 25th
P O E M B O Y one Poem poewhit Mar 25th
Mr. Sandman Poem Chadical Mar 25th
What We Do Poem workm Mar 25th
Wildest Dreams Poem DesertDreamer Mar 25th
The Best Person I Know Poem MrAlexKidd Eternity, perfection, person, World Mar 25th
I will Miss… Poem KingofWords 2 #Love #Missing #Anxiety Mar 25th
For J Poem theLittle Mar 25th
For and To Poem MajesticDravon Mar 25th
Cross Roads, Our Goodbye Poem MajesticDravon Mar 25th
Shining Beauty Poem MajesticDravon Mar 25th
Everything Is Illuminated Poem tallsquirrelgirl 3 Life Mar 25th
maligned nigerians Poem saiom2 Mar 25th
This Fear Poem not_an_addict Abuse Mar 25th
Paul Ryan Calls Himself Prolife Poem saiom2 Mar 25th
Little Fishes Poem saiom2 Mar 25th
Shift Change Poem saiom2 Mar 25th
Who or What are these People? Poem Prince1995 Mar 25th
The Dream Machine Poem Prince1995 Mar 25th
Listening to life. Poem Prince1995 Mar 25th
Deforested Mountain River Of Mud 1.5 Miles Wide Kills 14... 176 Missing Prose saiom2 Mar 25th
Not Worthy of Dirtying... Poem grahf 2 Mar 26th
Basset Hound Poem grahf 1 Mar 26th
Decadent White House Poem saiom2 Mar 26th
Futility in motion Poem Untalented frustration, futile, helpless, love, Pain, sad Mar 26th
EL JATILLO Poem elliott Q Mar 26th
Foreword, and Again Poem millyardo Mar 26th
Fairies Wheel Poem millyardo 1 Mar 26th
The Mole and the Vision Poem Raul Mar 26th
Said You Loved Me, But You Lied Poem ramonathompsont Mar 26th
ponder Poem kendralavine 1 Mar 26th
roommate Poem kendralavine 1 Mar 26th
Devoid Poem bishu 4 Mar 26th
cross bow Poem kendralavine 3 Mar 26th
Forever Blessed Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 26th
Embrace Truth Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Mar 26th
Finally Strong Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 26th
MORE ON MEMORIES Poem joy Mar 26th
Dream Poem Moscadini #dreams Mar 26th
Ourselves Poem Sgt_hatman 1 Mar 26th
REMBRANDT:AWAKEN FROM SLEEP. Poem rosalind #Culture And Economy. Mar 26th
CHINA:President XiJinPing And King Alexander Poem rosalind Power and Politics Mar 26th
Bayer Bee Bomber Poem saiom2 Mar 26th
Surviving Is Not All Poem mariogamez 1 Mar 26th
The Eye of The Poem giajl Mar 26th
A Tale of Hope Poem danielavg94 Mar 26th
In Cupid's Sights, Tell Me.... Poem giajl Mar 26th
Do You Know How Poem giajl Mar 26th
Forever Unbound Poem Wryter death, Depression, Escape, freedom, hurt, Pain, sorrow Mar 26th
bill gates going vegan Poem saiom2 Mar 26th
Small Remorseful Song Poem Wryter regret, remorse Mar 26th
These Walls Poem Wryter barriers, friends, isolation, rescue, walls Mar 26th
A Song Sweetly Poem Wryter Song, Sonnet, sweetly Mar 26th
Endless Spiral Into the Night Poem Wryter Beauty, form, galaxy, stars, Villanelle Mar 26th
How do You Know? Poem Wryter Cold, emotion, Lonely, roads Mar 26th
Dark Sonnet Poem Wryter Darkness, Depression, Sonnets, strife Mar 26th
Time For Poem giajl Mar 26th
P O E M B O Y two Poem poewhit POETRY Mar 26th
The Fading Sun Poem luismf01 animals, Earth, end of the world, fable Mar 26th
No Bullets came crying, though I know........ Poem giajl Mar 26th
Love Openly Poem mrsboone Mar 26th
The Mole and the Vision Poem Fernando animals, fable, mole Mar 26th
Weightless Poem Wryter Empty, free, hollow, lies, Words Mar 26th
The gather of the planets Poem Alvaro 1 Mar 26th
A Brotherhood Poem giajl Mar 26th
People,People Poem Wryter breaking, hearts, People, soul Mar 26th
fire Poem dead11910 Mar 26th
My Girl Poem Lydiamx3 #Father #Daughter #Love #Relationships #hurt #broken #poem Mar 26th
complaining Poem dead11910 Mar 26th
REDUNDANCY REASSESSED Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 26th
Chills Poem Sky Fear, goosebumps, scared, the chills, the creeps Mar 26th
WINTER Poem chris Mar 26th
unmagnetic gold Poem saiom2 Mar 26th
Legacy Poem MrAlexKidd fight, legacy, Life, Remember Mar 26th
You Want Your Life To Be A Highway Poem ramonathompsont Mar 26th
Gas Leaks and Explosions .. 4 by Chevron, A 5th In Galveston, A 6th In Ohio Prose saiom2 Mar 26th
WAS IT Prose Dadio death, mother, son Mar 26th
Of dog and man Prose hfv01 Mar 26th
alleged killing of bin laden Prose saiom2 Mar 26th
Killer Antibiotics Prose saiom2 Mar 26th
Winter Poem Adam아담 1 Mar 27th
Stupid Baby daddy Poem babe1233 Mar 27th
False Awakening Poem JustMeAgain Mar 27th
Richard Poem giajl Mar 27th
Here's ..... Poem giajl Mar 27th
ILLUMINATION BY CONTRAST Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 27th
POETIC FIXTURES Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 27th
Dallas Misses Missouri Poem ramonathompsont Mar 27th
life through a book Poem lovingdaisys Mar 27th
If I lost myself today. Poem Disgusting 2 Mar 27th
My Most Boogery State Poem Chadical Mar 27th
You're coming to your end. Poem Disgusting Mar 27th
Denizens in Dire Straits Poem Chadical Mar 27th
LONG AGO Poem Dadio 1974, sex, woman, YOUNG MAN Mar 27th
DARK DOOMER DAY. Poem Dadio 2 father, mourning, son Mar 27th
Wheeled Poem bishu 2 Mar 27th
FULMER Poem joy Mar 27th
Snare Poem Beavis 5 Mar 27th
Glass Poem Beavis 3 Mar 27th
WAR Poem Sgt_hatman Mar 27th
Source Poem Sgt_hatman Mar 27th
A Poem of dates Poem Sgt_hatman Mar 27th
Problem Poem Sgt_hatman #haiku Mar 27th
Night divide Poem Sgt_hatman 1 Mar 27th
Spring's Song. Poem sweetwater Mar 27th
Flowers Poem Sgt_hatman Mar 27th
Grace Poem jj_sanchez68 Mar 27th
Hands Of Fate. Poem sweetwater Mar 27th
Reincarnation: Dulce Et Decorum Est Poem Wryter death, lies, Propaganda, sweet, War Mar 27th
Pigs in Drag Poem Chadical 3 Mar 27th
Repent, Repent Poem darkpool Mar 27th
Hellfire Poem darkpool 1 Mar 27th
Set Me Free Poem DesertDreamer Mar 27th
blurred line Poem darvid22 Mar 27th
TRAIN SPOTTING WITH LYDIA. Poem Dadio 1950S, boy, girl, london, Trains Mar 27th
Screams. Poem Disgusting Mar 27th
butterfly nightmare Poem saiom2 Mar 27th
The way we used to talk. Poem Disgusting Mar 27th
Become one with this infection. Poem Disgusting 2 Mar 27th
when your single Poem AirAm Mar 27th
P O E M B O Y 4 Poem poewhit Mar 27th
Of dog and man Prose Ana.Barbara animals, fable, Humans, Lessons Mar 27th
A Brief Dream in a Short Slumber Prose humanpulse Mar 27th
kundalini Poem saiom2 Mar 28th
Bamboo Blossom Poem saiom2 Mar 28th
greensward Poem saiom2 Mar 28th
jane fonda Poem saiom2 Mar 28th
To: Melissa Lundeen Poem humanpulse Mar 28th
I don’t live there anymore Poem SSmoothie 2 Mar 28th
Different Poem xcusememama #different #relationships Mar 28th
Memories Poem xcusememama #thoughts Mar 28th
F U Poem xcusememama #feelings #thoughts #freestyle #poem Mar 28th
Single Forever Poem xcusememama #single Mar 28th
Stop Poem xcusememama #feelings #thoughts #poem Mar 28th
Compare Poem xcusememama #beauty #poem Mar 28th
Untitled Poem xcusememama #thoughts #sex Mar 28th
Cake Poem bishu 2 Mar 28th
Fade, fading, just fading away. Poem Disgusting Mar 28th
Work Together (Despite Different Views) Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 28th
no choice Poem darvid22 Mar 28th
Be The Master (Of Your Own Destiny) Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 28th
the tree on the hill. Poem joshth alone, dream, Failure, Hope, Suffering, tree Mar 28th
Seek Not The Ordinary (Learn From The Unique) Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 28th
Lisa Looks To Life Beyond Boston Poem PeterChristophe... 5 Mar 28th
Forget Ordinary (Go With What Is Right) Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 28th
Facebooker Poem KingofWords Facebooker Mar 28th
A Message For The Bullied Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 28th
Own Who You Truly Are Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 28th
that sound that makes it more than a plop less than a splosh... Poem SSmoothie Mar 28th
Soma Monophysitism --- soma minosisomo Poem SSmoothie Mar 28th
Kidultnap Poem KingofWords Kidultnap Mar 28th
CASTLE IN THE SAND Poem joy Mar 28th
The Divergence Poem RylandA Mar 28th
Its not the way you smile, its the way you dont. Poem Davin Mar 28th
I'm Sorry. Poem DesertDreamer Mar 28th
Desecrated Eyes Poem MrAlexKidd fight, freedom, future, War Mar 28th
don't ask keeves Poem saiom2 Mar 28th
NEVER KNEW GRIEF. Poem Dadio father, mourning, son Mar 28th
Today I wrote Something. Poem EdwardBenz27Times Mar 28th
Why Is She Always In The Picture? Poem ramonathompsont Mar 28th
A Fool For You Poem ramonathompsont 2 Mar 28th
SNOW DANDELIONS Poem AquariusMoon 2 Mar 28th
The leopard, the monkey, the mouse, and the frog Prose karlalaf Mar 28th
Too Many Things To Be Done Prose humanpulse Mar 28th
In a small world Prose gustavo94 Mar 28th
Monologue of the Chicken-man Prose leo Mar 28th
David Steiner Of Waste Management Prose saiom2 Mar 28th
Ted Turner Turn Your Land Into A Nature Sanctuary Prose saiom2 2 Mar 28th
Off his hand Prose arpit Retributing Mar 28th
I'll believe Poem DarkLight 2 Mar 29th
You're No Friend, You're A Monster Poem ramonathompsont Mar 29th
Numbers in my Phone Poem xcusememama 1 #thoughts #poem #freestyle Mar 29th
filaments of ragments kissed by lovers unmarked Poem SSmoothie 1 Mar 29th
Learn before you lie. Poem boardergirl #anger #betrayal #unrequited love #lies #love #secrets #relationships Mar 29th
SMEARED Poem AquariusMoon Mar 29th
"Sister Poem" November 17, 2014 Poem tsprings Mar 29th
Otters Poem HayleyShaver 2 # earth, #gods, #nature, #otters Mar 29th
Is There a Place Poem AngelofDarkness Mar 29th
Sag Valley (Whispering Questions) Poem eternalpoet1389 nature, Spirituality Mar 29th
Cryptic But True Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 29th
We The People Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 29th
Let’s Step on the Cloud and Touch the Sky! Poem KingofWords #Flight #Sea #Sky #birds Mar 29th
NUMBERS DO NOT LIE Poem joy Mar 29th
Princess of the Flowers Poem cevance 10 love Mar 29th
drawing crazy circles of ink that look alot like offal rendered from a chest cavity such as my own. Poem SSmoothie 2 Mar 29th
Portraits of Pain Poem breaking_the_cycle Mar 29th
Secret Place Poem ervinwaters Mar 29th
A Fickle heart Poem nat_w_dogg Mar 29th
DREAM LOVER Poem AquariusMoon Mar 29th
A FEW STOLEN MOMENTS Poem AquariusMoon 2 Mar 29th
love lost searching Poem darvid22 # addiction # love #learninlove #theone Mar 29th
WHAT Prose elliott # addiction # love # disappointment # brokenhearted #learninlove #theone #life #secondchoice Mar 29th
Share A Moment.... Poem giajl Mar 30th
A RED LETTER DAY Poem AquariusMoon Mar 30th
From Here To.... Poem giajl Mar 30th
Pianos U Had Poem Astral_Tides 6 Mar 30th
Hank Poem theLittle 3 Mar 30th
Eventide Poem Conundrum #dreamer, #soulsearching, #Thailand2012 Mar 30th
Forest of October Poem Conundrum Mar 30th
A Fair Judgement Poem Conundrum Mar 30th