Be seven minutes, five or three;

in frozen zone time stops it's spin.

It's you and me...just you and me...

melting epochs in carnal kiln.


I'm here to scorch your sodden woods,

but soon to douse your every leaf

and bloom with gushing rapturous fluids,

till tremble you on crazy cliff.


Don't think all this a looney spiel

of one amnestic bard with crushed

psyche under the clocking wheel

or whooshing sounds of carnal rush!


You know, behind these stirring woos,

there's calmly love, as comely ruse!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a sonnet in iambic tetrameter. 

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Suicide isn't a Thank You - Collaboration Work

Suicide isn't a Thank You


SachikoMochiko & SinisterPotatoe (Jack)


“Jack!” my heart falls into a deep, dark, cold abyss as saltwater crystals rush like a waterfall down my cheeks. He ended it. Officers held me back, refraining me from attending his bloody body…his soul has left.


Three months’ post-Jack’s departure, I scuffle his belongings. The old apartment was dewy and rusty at the same time. My calloused fingertips hover past a dusty paper. Hidden. Hidden behind his mirror. I carefully unfold the dust-magnet flat. A poem:


From the hollow pit of my emotions, I’ve reached the end


The end, that determines my fate…


I’ve reached the end, my only friend


The end, that leaves me bent



Around the bend, regards have been sent


The very bend left the very dent


As I fend off the reality…I’m bent




O’ since the blood drips to my fingertips


We struggle…I struggle


I know it’s hard, we’ve come so far, but everything will eventually be over


Like a story…all stories end, eh?


So, I’ll be the one to end it




What goes up must come down…it’s the law


But the law isn’t any determinant…


We protect the law, right?







Before my empty shell is found dead


Before my empty shell, where my soul left, morphs back to the Earth…where I belong


 I promise not to frown


 If you’re still in town, I beg you visit my grave,


 but I’m sorry my sadness wasn’t a faze


And if your soul is more than grazed by my departure


Know that through all the torture and the pain,


Through all the blood, the tears and the wails…


 you were the one who kept me sane




Surely, this is an excuse


Well, my only friend…


I am mistaken, I am not bent


I am not dented


But I am broken…unable to function anymore,


in this beautifully rotten world




Sunshine or rain, I beg you to refrain from crying,


 because at least, I am healed through death


I’m biding my holy time, with every new rhyme it’s a struggle. I can’t smuggle happiness back into my life…


It’s against the law…the laws that I wrote inside my young, naïve mind


The very laws that kept me in this cage


With all this baggage and luggage, I act like I’m at peace


At heart, I’m being weighed down by myself


I pound at the barrier between me and others, my prison,


I’m chained and bound, pulled down, buried in the mud, I was forgotten


But I’ve risen above it


I love it, life, and every knife in the back has brought me a crack in the wall,


however small, someday I’ll break free


I’ve brought forth emotions that have sought to honor the ones who never run from my side


I don’t abide by reasons to cry unless they are tears of joy or a new way to get stronger


When I rot, when my body is nothing but issue


a goner north of my goals, dead in my hole at least I’ll know my soul was honorable


And if your sad, don’t be


I know you think suicide isn’t a thank you, but it’s a sign of escape


Escape from this prison that binds me…


Twists me…


Bends me…


Breaks me…


Have faith, my honors always been a stake, don’t worry, fake words, tongues that lie will eventually break



After all, what goes up must come down



And when that happens you will no longer frown, stick around and keep your mouth shut until you have the right to speak


Because suicide may kill me, and weak freaks are fodder for lies, and propaganda flies its flag until the target dies, but words won’t kill the truth


And even though I’ll never know it, you will, write the story, and don’t worry about me


I’m already free




Once again, saltwater crystals flow down my cheeks. By not like a harsh waterfall, but like little fairy steps, tickling down my sullen flesh.


“May your soul be free”





This is an extended version of SinisterPotatoes (Jack) original poem Suicide isn't a Thank You. See it here:

Hope you like it! (especially you sir, SinisterPotatoe (Jack))

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is an extended version of SinisterPotatoes (Jack) original poem Suicide isn't a Thank You. See it here:
Hope you like it! (especially you sir, SinisterPotatoe (Jack))

Just added a little tang to it...that's all - SachikoMochiko

How I can improve: Quote from JayG

• “Jack!” my heart falls into a deep, dark, cold abyss as saltwater crystals rush like a waterfall down my cheeks. He ended it. Officers held me back, refraining me from attending his bloody body…his soul has left. 

This has emotional impact when you read it because you know who "Jack" is. You know who's speaking, who's bloody, and what they are to each other. You know where they are in time and space, and what's going on.

In short, you supply the emotion content as you read, because the words act as pointers to images, information, memories and more, all stored in your mind.

But the reader has only what the words suggest to them, based on the words they've read to any given point. So for them, your words act as pointers to images, information, memories and more, all stored in YOUR mind.

You either need to point to triggers in the reader's mind, or include them in the narrative.

Because of that missing context, when you reach the poem section, it's someone we know nothing about lamenting a situation that's unknown.

The voice "telling" this to the reader knows what's going on because they have context. You know for the same reason. The writer of the poem—that bloody unknown who's quoted knows. Even the officers holding this person of unknown age, gender, and situation back know. But you wrote this for the reader.Shouldn't they know, too? How can it hold emotional content for that reader if they don't view the events as you do?

In writing, context isn't just important, it's the key to reader involvement, and the reason that we need to edit from the reader's seat, not based on our intent. When we release our words, our intent, and everything about us becomes irrelevant. It's our words and how we place them, and what they suggest to-the-reader, based on their background, not ours.

Sorry my news isn't better. 

Hang in there, and keep on writing.

Jay Greenstein

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When I Think of You

When I think of you,

I feel like being in paradise!

Visualising you ardently,

As the sun my heart does rise!  



Not a single day I pass,

Not thinking of you even once,

As soon as my eyes meet yours,

Like the wind my heart starts to dance!


You are life, tranquility, the origin of joy,


The beauty of the beauties, Helen of Troy!

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You Tried to Flee

You tried to flee,

Like the fearful Daphne,

Did I ever approach you,

Like the lustful Apollo?



You made a mistake,

Since you chose not to take,

My offer of love then,

And relied on the other men!


Time changed you much in everyone’s eyes,


As the caterpillars transform into butterflies!

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Hear my words

I don't say this a lot of times so you can consider yourself lucky to hear me saying this,
I'm not going to repeat myself though, even if you ask me to.
So listen well,
Look to my lips moving,
See my mouth open slowly,
Hear my words.
"I'm staying".

Author's Notes/Comments: 

English version 

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I wanted to be strong, but I'm not

I wanted to be strong, 

But I'm not. 

I wanted to be strong enough,

To don't cry with the words that you said to me. 

But I couldn't, 

After I read them, I felt destroyed.

As if my world was destroyed in that moment. 

I wanted to be strong enough, 

To tell you that what you said was only a lie that you created, 

But I knew that it wasn't a lie.

I wanted to be strong enough, 

To go talk with you, 

And say you that I didn't liked the way that you said what you said, and even worst, in a fucking text. 

I wanted to be strong, 


So strong that in this moment you would be insignificant to me. 

But I'm not.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

English version 

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That world where you hide

I tried, 

And tried, 

And tried. 

I tried to enter, 

I tried to see, 

I tried to know,

I tried to find, 

That world where you hide.

For a long time I have been fighting, 


Searching for a door.

When I realized that I couldn't come in, 

Simply because I'm stuck, 

Inside of myself.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

English version 

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Maybe it was meant to be

Maybe we are all lost.
Maybe we lost to this game called life.
Maybe it was meant to be us doing the same mistakes.
Maybe it was my destiny to hurt you.
Maybe I'm not even a human being.
Maybe God didn't listened me when I was crying.
Maybe my words were written to provoke something in you.
Maybe I was ordered to lie.
Maybe what's mine was never really mine.
Maybe your eyes were just a drug.
Maybe coffee it was not meant for me to drink.
Maybe the alcohol existent in the world was not enough.
Maybe the smoke that I smoked was not that poisonous.
Maybe our meeting wasn't a coincidence.
Maybe I was created to love you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Coffoos 2015 ®

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Where are You?

I keep looking for you,

As a lost child searches for its mother keenly so!

Where are you?

Please appear like the rainbow!


May be upset you are,

May be you are kidding as ever!

How can I be sure?

Please come now! I cannot stand anymore!


I would like to watch the beauty of the river,

With you by my side, my love forever.

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