New Lyrics

Laying next to you

I just want to stare into you

Into your beautiful soul



Staying close to you

I just want to stay inside you

Yeah, until we become one



-I know what you want

You're all that I want

I've got all I want in you

You know what I want

I'm all that you want

You've got all you want, it's true-(chorus)


Coming up for air

I just want to breathe into you

And then I'll go back for more



Reaching out for you

I just want to grab onto you

And I'm never letting go

So tender


I know what you want

You're all that I want

I've got all I want in you

You know what I want

I'm all that you want

You've got all you want, it's true


Rolling in the sheets, I'm lost inside of you

When I start to dream, I just envision you


I know what you want

You know what I want...

I know what you want

You're all that I want

I've got all I want in you

You know what I want

I'm all that you want 

You've got all you want, it's true





Author's Notes/Comments: 

A newer one. This one is for my wife.  Finished 1-6-23. 

Comments welcome.

All I want is you!

                   All i want is you!

Day after day I wait for just a moment of your time

And night after night i spend crying oh what  a crime

Why do I have to wait for my time to carry through

I miss our time together. And all i want is you

We used to chat for hours andTalk about our lives

And we didnt  stop talking till morning light arrives

I don't know why its so but it's made me feel blue

The distance keeps us apart but all I want is you

I wish I could turn back time to when we first met

Cus that's when you talk to me with out any regret

One day we'll be as one right now all I want is you!!!!! 





Author's Notes/Comments: 

I haven't been on in a year but I'm back and here's my latest! It's about this special someone who's away for a while doing a job of making roads and he stopped texting me almost altogether hope you all like it!

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Preconceived Creativity

Simple Thoughts

"You're free

to be

as creative as you are;

or so they say. 



Every time, 

the artist guided,




Why is the artist

so restricted? 

IS it concious? 


Do those who commission 


know they can be stifling it? 



is it a lack of trust? 

Not enough of it 

to go around, knows 

the budding artist


with lack of portfolio. 

No trust 

goes to those

with no reference. 


So often are we told

we are free, 

when we are not. 

Their own opinion 


trusted first, 

unintentional or not, 

before the artist, 

the one who creates. 


When one asks another

to create, 

to stifle the flame

is to put it out completely. 


Trust is a must, 

we must learn to 

give our hearts and minds

and souls 


to others

to mold.


And that's the hardest thing to do."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So often am I told by other artists they are held back by those who ask for their art, creativity. 

Another wish

If I only could

I would make

A wish 

For things to be

The way they should

For you to be

The way I want

If I only could

But now I can’t

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On Faithfulness

Simple Thoughts

"Don't get so frustrated, 

it's only a book, 

or a few words

that you threw,


hoping they might stick.

Sound familiar?


especially if you've stuck with it.


Life can be funny like that,

in fact, it is,

that the same things

seem to alwaus happen


to people who may wish

it wasn't the case;

assuming it's negative.

Once you give it a second


to process,

it's wild to think

the same exact advice

you give


is the opposite

of how you live

your own life.

Some advice...


Twice now I've had to step in.

To stop the golden desires

of sundrops on skin,



when there has already been seeds sown,

a tree has been growing,

and now there's doubt,

the axe lays on its side


nearby. Nearly every time,

it can hurt to cry,

but not if infidelity

is the reason why. At least,


let's hope 

that's not the case.

I'd hate to see the fallout,

it'd be all over the place."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just some thoughts on my ever-increasing number of friends who have yet to reach relationship goals... 

*I Want*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


I want you to want me for who I am

And for you I'll do the same

I want to make you shine brighter then a gem

So you understand I don't want to play this mind game


I want a chance to make you forget your past

I give you my word I won't break your heart

I want us to build something special that'll last

Promise if I agree to be good friends 

Nothing will tare us apart


This is the next to hardest thing to do 

The way I actually feel

Nobody ever really knew

My heart the guys always steal

The next day you talk to them about me 

They'd say "who"

It's like my feelings weren't a big deal

I wish no more of being down and blue

It is taking me so long to heal


God could it really be

That this time I found the perfect one

I guess we will both will have to wait and see

Your heart I hope I won



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think this poem could be longer. it doesnt seem to me that it is finished 

*Live Your Life The Way You Want*


  Trisha Barrek Hopkins


When you awaken

After the sign has risen

The time you have for today don't mistaken

The life you are having may not be the one 

You really live in


It may be a picture from the past

Or a memory you believe in

But dont blink because that image could disappear

Real fast

Because what seems real

It forever won't last 


Be careful on what you dream

Because you'll get caught in the dreamers net

You'll be stuck in there

So do the things your heart is driven to do 


Live your life the way you want 

Trust your feelings from your heart

And do the things you do best

Because if you don't the "what if" will haunt

And all depression will follow the rest

Everything you havewill part


From this fall you won't beable to start

Put your mind,body,and soul to the test

And don't satisfy for anything less

Ignore that bratty pest

Let God bring you to a higher place

Keep your head above the rest

Put your heart in it and anything you can face


Mainly when you're at your deepest mess 

With God he can help you with your fear

To him you can always confess

He can help you with grace

Live don't try to beat lifes' race

God...He can protect what's most dear

Your life

So pray to him or a loved one

Because you they truely can hear


Live your life the way you want always

Reach to the stars

Experience each new day

Let your memories haunt

Because you never know how far

God will let you live the life you want





Each of us has his own need,

As long as one breathes,

The want never leaves,

As does the shadow indeed.


Some sacrifice their dreams,

Fulfilling the need of the progenies,

Yet others don’t seem to know what the want is,

The extremely dejected one screams.


Yet life like the earth is ever busy, blind and dumb,

Doesn’t bother about anyone, continues to be numb.


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I eat what I want, when I want

All About Me

It doesn’t mean I over eat, and it doesn’t mean I under eat


It doesn’t mean I always eat three meals a day


It doesn't mean I never eat three meals a day 


Some days I eat nothing at all


Some days I eat more than necessary


Some days I eat Mcdoanlds and some days I eat salads


I love the taste of steak


I love the taste of fruits


I love drinking water and I enjoy a good beer


I don’t fit into your bubble


I don’t care about what you consider healthy


I don't need your diet advice or whether my eating habits are “good for me” 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love my life and I always lived by the "do what feels right" mentality. If I'm happy, what else matters?

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