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Mike Anderson is a poetry writer that lives near Chicago. He enjoys writing on subjects such as spirituality, mysticism, nature, history, mythology, and the environment.

He has written 8 books, all available on Amazon:
"The Sun, the Stars, the Moon and the Sea"
"This Ethereal Garden City"
"The Pale Aura of Stars"
"The Silver Radiance of Ancient Moonlight"
"The Eternal Procession"
"The Effervescent Slipstream"
"The Hypnotic Trance"
"The Incandescent Prism"
He is currently working on his ninth poetry book entitled, "The Mystical Epiphany" to be released in late 2014.

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My favorite poetry is by Justine Ariel, it is called "Diaries From Old Egypt"
Tina Chang is amazing also.


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