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I started keeping my writing here in my early 20's and I'm now in my early 30's. I use this platform more as a place to keep my ideas and drafts that might make there way elsewhere.

I live in Nashville but was born and raised on a farm in the absolute heart of normalcy and conservatism. I needed fast eclectic explosions in my life so I moved to the closest biggest city and was a vocalist in Hardcore Punk Bands which is where my love of writing truly had a place. I'm no longer involved much in bands but I do love writing and will always keep it close to my heart where I truly want to set scenes and display emotion. I try to make the reader feel a certain way as they explore the words and create the images in their minds. My earlier works focused more on chaos and alliteration but I'm trying to work more into a specific style.

I don't have specific themes, only fleeting emotions that change.

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Black cavity--
long lost
flesh connecting
tube of sustenance
and my mother's penance
for her shame--
never had a chance
to see a menu then--
I'll have the same

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I truly love the older styles of poetry. I loved the idea that Emily Dickenson wrote her works to the tunes of old church hymnals. As a young man who romanticized drinking and imperfection I found Bukowski to match that mood. I'm always looking for new artists that will shine lights into myself. Camus has some quotes that feel like poetry, and I gravitate to him a little more now.


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