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-saiom shriver-

As dead gold leaves in the fall
smother living green plants
so does mammon's gold smother
all political parties with informants
and provocateurs
fire-fringed Lake Erie, framed by cooling towers of
nuclear facilities
in Michigan, Ohio, Ontario
Are self-described theocracies Israel, Saudi Arabia, Mormon
dominated Utah...Vatican City... truly ruled by God?
The artist's pain is in his painting
The writer's fright in what he writes.
2 stray cats came to our door... the 1st had been demeowed
(laryngectomy removed)
in a laboratory and could only squeak in a soft voice.... the
2nd was stolen and given to a local medical school..
through reward and extensive leafleting, the cat was returned..
but he had a square of bloody flesh on the top of his forehead
to which electrodes had been attached
That one burned pine cones in her treeburning stove..
igniting food stolen from the squirrels... burning occasional
stray ants... erasing the forests of pine potentially within
each... and iconoclastically smashing God-carved tiny
A self described atheist said he didn't believe in God but for some reason
his sister's prayers healed people and that he had seen an angel

Is God on this planet like
a sunrise of pink, gold, saffron and rose
breaking over killing fields of
green gangrene, grey death, and
the dead lying crimson in rows?
One thing we believe
is that love.
... liebe
can set us all
a cracked mirror distorts the
faces it reflects
as a sick mind onto others
its own sickness projects
a California friend buries dead flies.
Some might call her crazy. She does not like any creature, no matter how small,
to slip out of form without being honored.
A Southern woman said that when she had a breakdown she
began to name the beetles she saw by the front porch. Was that a breakdown or a breakthrough
to higher consciousness?
A tutor of Japanese was explaining to a student from that country .. the inconsistency of
saying 'in September' but 'on September 2nd'.
Both 'breakdown' and 'breakup' have negative connotations for some.
Some heal by the path of fire.. not receiving.. only giving truth. Others by the path of water...
by total listening. They become still mirrors. To interrupt someone with even a 1 word question
is sometimes to be like the wind which ruffling the lake's surface, fractures its reflections.
A one word question can break the flow of release of the past.
Could there be abbatoirs
without butcher abettors?
Could there be wars
if none would war?
Is killing for fun a form of black magic?
As they terrorize a fox and break horse and dog legs
in the chase
do the redcoated British idle rich
pretend the fox is the colonies?
There's cash in cashews, money in mangos..
land with fruit and nut trees, vines is real wealth
"Health" departments tell us to wash our hands.... but
don't tell us it is more difficult to wash corpse nuggets from
our bodies
don't toss pearls stolen from knifed oysters before swine innocents
kept in confined pens before they are murdered
The fox saw from the hedge
his British PM enemy
installed in power
by hedge money
and only evanescently
granted hegemony
Jews and Muslims agree:
avoid pieces of swine
whether or not swilling wine
Water is rare in expanding rather
than contracting in freezing...
as souls focused in loving
are paradoxically more unlimited
the lake fringed in October's many
tree hues of flame....
a Christmas wreath...
one does not find
juice in the rind
nor lasting joy
in the external world
Fish don't scream..
but lobsters dropped
in boiling water sometimes do...
whales do... dolphins do.

The wind rustles the pond
surface fragmenting the mirror
reflecting crimson, saffron,
orange and gold trees into
a mosaic of many rippled pieces,
gently blowing
fallen leaves into a fringe
of limegreen algae and beige reeds
The chatter in the audience hushes
that the lines on the stage may resound.
The house lights dim
as the curtain rises to reveal its radiance.
Night and day reverse roles.
The actor comes slowly from the wings
as the dawn sends rays before the sun it brings
The dusk sun paints all in gold.
Snow blankets all in offwhite purity.
The dawn mist covers all in gray
while the allarching sky is blue most days.
The fearful thought the moonbeams
stalked him.
The egotist thought them
stagelights of his advent.
Said the dying waning night
.. how dare sun trespass
with his light
Invasion of Afghanistan...
may it no longer be
but postposterous
Like Jack Nicholson
who masterfully plays a murderer in
one film, a sad man in the second,
a gifted comedian in a third,
a charismatic crazy man in a 4th
so we play different roles
in our different lives
Don Juan, as dawn stirred
and with light swords spurred,
the latest bed spurned
and to new conquests turned.
Grace has cruel destiny
and away demons driven
Who's fair game? No mammal, bird or fish.
What does one call a Republican at a masked ball?
a Tea Party operative attempting to use white supremacy
as a tactic to win elections.... (Republicans want to hide
their connection to the 8 Bush years of war and to call themselves
fiscal conservatives while working to continue the mass hemorrhaging of trillions of dollars into killing innocent people)
As it is easier to paint
the sea
.. (across the canvas
draw a straight blue line)
than to paint the land
so it is easier to focus on
when empty of desire
it is harder to find
for a great colossus
Exterminators are paid to
snuff out the Godlights
of fireflies and glowworms,
humans and termites
(Interestingly termite and
exterminate may have different
The stars.. an infinite Rorschach test..
onto which some project the archer,
the virgin, the sphinx...while others
see different icons.
on the berry bush a cluster of
berries... pink red and white..
looking at first like a spring bloom
how cruel of the maple leaf to
drop its leafshrouds onto the children
of the oak, causing heavy boots to
crush the acorn babies
Alcohol, psychiatric meds,
great anger.. cause brain lesions
through which unawares
some admit demonic legions
like the cocoon wrapped around
a twig, which will explode forth as
a sparkling new butterfly,
the Times Square ball surrounds
the pole of New Years Eve ready
to burst into a brand new turn around
the sun
It's easier for Lady MacBeth to
wash the blood off of her hands
than to wash out of her body
blood of the consumed lamb
The drug company vivisector...
surrounded by mice specters
There are more who will help
lift one out
then get down in the muck and
mud and push one up
Blackbird resting on
a cattail..
when she flies away
trackless her trail
Blessed are those through
whom miracles come...
for them shall
miracles be multiplied
the yelloworangegold
hair of the mango seed..
each strand can catch
the field dew which
wands it into life
acorns have thrown
off their caps... graduating
from the University of The
Trees... now each can
have his own contact with
the fire of the sun, water of the rain,
breeze of the wind, nestling Mother
The gernaium in fright
releases her pleasant aroma..
her olfactory defense mechanisms
less harsh than those of the skunk
God is merciful.
When we learn our lessons..
return karma God does erase
through angel carriers of His grace
Many say that Peter was cowardly
after Jesus was arrested, and that
he wavered in fear and began to sink
when Jesus beckoned to him to join
him in walking
upon the water.
But few say that before Jesus told
him to put down his sword, it
was courageous of him to confront
the soldier and cut off his ear.
The world shall defeat
the shills for Shell
and give pure water shelter
to burrowing shellfish.
We keep building walls and
locking doors and then many
exclaim: "I'm so lonely"
Below the waves..
in the depths of the sea
there is unwaving unwavering
Above rainclouds
at the mountain's peak
there is visionary
unwavering peace.
a flock of birds separated..
some wheeled in circles
some clockwise...
putting on a celestial
ballet for us below
As it is easy for scalpseeking
prosecutors to frame innocents
through transfer of fingerprints
with scotch tape, so
projection of each's motivations
onto others is automatic for
the mind's wiring
there's always poison
in each poisson
does evil begin with abstraction..
which separates the mind from
each individual human being's
unique situation?
Vegetarian spam is an oxymoron since Hormel's spam is made
of snouts, lips, eyes, intestinal linings, placentas.
When parents harshly and unfairly restrict children's speech,
the anger of the little ones often comes out of their eyes.
The fact that Molotov who lived into his 90's was a vegetarian
gives a different meaning to "Molotov cocktail"... perhaps
a mango coconut smoothie
Mother Earth has here exposed
a mine of opals... apple ovals..
over there uncovered one of pink rubies...
peaches lying on her green carpet
When a US president pardons a turkey...what was his crime?
Why do people get angry with the spiritually younger souls.. the souls
who are sour hard new green fruit, not soft and sweet and multicolored
with compassion, wisdom and courage
Night stealthfully stalks Day, first tossing kidnapping lavender ropes,
then throwing his Dracula cape over her.
It is no paradisical Camelot
for the abandoned of the camel lot
Terrorized they're transported, murdered
thorwn to stove's mammal pot
They've spent their lives humans-serving
only to be made into feasts' main servings
It is the nature of the sun to give
and not to receive
Fire signs heal not by listening
but by inspiring, enkindling
In the frozen ice he made a fissure
and crouched with his pole, did the fisher
Into the trap he'd made for the fish.
Into the ice he fell, did the fisher
The Flaming Ice Cube restaurant opened in Cleveland ...
making one think of a transparent icicle glowing in
the pink light of dawn... or of someone aloof on the surface
but intense internally... or of the squares of ego melting
in the warmth of universal love
Alleged political democracy
without economic democracy
is plutocracy.
Monarchies are
hereditary thiefdoms,
hereditary fiefdoms.
Can one rob a robber?
Mangos are only one
of many
manifestations of manna.
Worse than women-abusing Taliban
are the bombs of the invading Calibans
My friend said that she put the Thanksgiving meal turkey
in the oven... looking out the window she saw for the first time
in her yard 2 adult turkeys
and 3 little ones illustrating 'the bifurcation of ethical vision'.
The fortune cookie said 'your power lies in deciding' while
the Tao Te Ching said in effect 'take no action... keep all options
As the slaves who fought for their freedom were crucified by
Crassus, the richest man in Rome, so
the lots of the crucified poor are being divided by the
obscenely rich who siphon up for pennies investments which took
billions to develop. When knowledge about the billionaires
reaches critical mass, they attempt to start wars to divert attention. The solution: end the wars... and renationalize the
people's gas, oil, railroads, transit systems seized by privatizing
When Jesus took his disciples into a privately owned field
and they ate of the orchard, he was affirming that the right to
eat trumps private property.
It is the rich who make us believe that we need money
to eat when we have the sun, seed, soil, and rain.
Over Wheeling
Oer Darjeeling
birds are now
ecstatically wheeling
Mother Earth is dreaming
of a green Christmas, her
firs unmolested in the forest,
starred at the top by unevicted squirrels' nests
Film the exquisite snowflake patterns before they melt into
a more powerful and flexible formless state... creating
a waterfall where there was only rock
Valmiki reformed hunter
gave this benison..
that the forest deer not
be made into venison
Winged wrens
waiting in the wings of the trees


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