I did it again

It's a sin

Father forgive me

For I know what I do

I know what I choose

Time and time again

I choose Me over You


The first man condemned me

The last Man redeemed me

The inner man damns me

The new man reviles “Me”


I give up again

It's all I can do


So take “me” away

And fill me with You

For I know once I am more like You

I'll be the best Me I can be

I am not a sinner

I am not a sinner

  By jfarrell


To hurt another is wrong;

Known that as long as I can remember remembering;

And lotsa things I might do, can hurt;

So, I try not to; I don’t always succeed.


You ‘know’ god - you think I less moral than you?

By what right?
I brought me up; no god; no parents;

Think I did a pretty good job.


I am not a sinner;

I was not born into sin;

I am a nobody; nothing;

Ask your god.


He’ll tell you.. “Don’t get near his shoes; don’t even smell his shoes”;

I dare you, walk in my shoes 5 minutes…

“smell it… smell it… now TAKE it!” (adam sandler should be a god)

I am a nobody with very, very bad smelling feet.


Please don’t judge me. You don’t have any right.

So, I don’t shave often as I might; I swear more then you like;

And I fantasise about killing my neighbour; very, very slowly;

But you have no right, wotsoever, to judge me.


I wish you all rainbows ;-)



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happy rainbows all

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ode to original sin


My Ode against Original Sin


Tell you about Original Sin
Please stick it in the bin
Your not guilty from the day you were born
Organized religion needed you to adorn


You with weights they could only lift
To keep you in religions grip

In two hundred and fifty six ad
Long after Master Jesus’s Christianity


A college of cardinals was convened
Invented original sin for power over you and me
The beloved mother of mankind
Became the blamed for us to be blind


Those cardinals placed evil everywhere
And tagged it so they could be the answer
They needed to get us from the day born
To rack us with guilt and keep us scorned


To convince us we've sinned from an early age
Press ganged into the flock come what may

The true state of affairs is far different
You can fly higher without original guilt


You are not guilty of being not guilty
And this truth sets you free absolutely
Take all doctrine with a pinch of salt too
It’s all designed to maintain control over you

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Sin, as a seductress, attracts,

Sin, as a Satan, misguides,

Sin, as a lunatic, destroys,

Sin, as a Pharaoh, divides!


Stay away from sin my friend,

From its downbeat impact,

Save your skin,

Never let it contact!


Know that damned you will be!


Once you fall a victim to sin wittingly!


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Long time

Been feeling pretty uninspired,

The irony my life has been spiraling,

Taking notes about my meditations and dreams,

Going back and forth with myself 'it isnt what it seems'

Even now, writing but not feeling the words,

'How do I feel, how do I feel'  no adjectives, no verbs, 

To describe my daily illusion, 

All the sick as fuck things ive been doing,

These thoughts and white bitches ive been consuming,

Jesus make me believe in you again,

I wanna believe my future could change if I could just see the light through you again,

These crystals around my neck are heavy but im not grounded,

Obsessing about all of the things around me,

Be mine, someone,

Ive lost my contentment,

If I dont feel another body against mine soon I might betray my commitments,

Light eyes give me hope,

I hope she never reads this,

Im an alien, on a terrace, just standing for what I believe in,

These silly words,

These silly words just giving you feeling,

I have none,

Empty but filled with so much expression,

The church would say your blessed and,

You are satan, for including your love for a woman within the same statement,

Im rambling now,

Lucifer the gardian angel of mine who wears a crown,

Send me down a blessing from the sky,

Perferrably a bitch with nice tits, pink lips, and a smile as sharp as a tooth pick,

Make her love me unconditionally even when im acting stupid,

Unconditionally even when im disillusioned...

Oh, and send me a bag of money.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Because its been a while...

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Christian "Sin" From a Former Christian/Current Atheist’s Viewpoint

by Jeph Johnson


1. What do you understand the Christian doctrine of sin to be?


The Christian doctrine of sin is that the creator God's will of what a human should be (as represented in the first man Adam) was not fulfilled precisely, due to the serpent in the garden of Eden tempting Adam to eat of the tree of knowledge and Adam giving in to that temptation. The effects of sin became twofold: a "spiritual" and a "physical" death. The spiritual death separated humans from the "perfect" God (who is "sinless"). The physical death separated humans from life. Jesus (the Son of God, and God incarnate) came to earth to live a sinless life as a man, and suffer and die for the sins of the rest of all humans. It is believed by Christians that due to this sacrifice, eternal life is granted to those who believe in him. Two problems I have is that the physical death that is supposedly "conquered" is still apparent: Christians die and are only "saved" from death in a mysterious "Heaven" that is promised but never shown. In regards to the "spiritual re-birth", Christians still sin, and acceptance of Jesus does not really help in that area either, as I personally am a much happier, nicer and well-liked person since abandoning Christianity.

2. Do you think the Christian doctrine of sin is in any way true? If so, explain. If not, what are your objections?


No, it is a made up doctrine intended on giving some explanation for evil in the world. We all do bad things. We all do good things. Morality is relative. Certain actions are just relatively wrong to more people than others.

3. Do you think that you sin?


I do bad things some times, yes.

4. If you do sin, why do you sin?


Because I want to. End of story. And even when I was a Christian, I thought it was a silly cop out to blame the "sin" I committed on Adam. The better explanation is that I sometimes choose to be selfish and put myself first. Christians actually NEVER take responsibility for their actions: Before they accept Christ it's "Adam's fault" and after they accept Christ it's "I'm not perfect, I'm just forgiven." When does a Bible believer ever need to take responsibility for their actions? Okay, I know "repentance" is preached, but is it really necessary? Shouldn't repentance occur because you want to be a good person, and not to "please God", appease for "Adam's sin" or "because Jesus had to die"?

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The rain cleanses us;

Cleans us of impurity;

Clears us of our sins.

Many try to hide,

But even stone starts to crack,

So why try to run?

Face the cleansing rain.

In the end it finds us all.

None can escape it.

Carnal Minds

Carnal Minds

There was a time henceforth when I had ten thousand dollars to spare
Happy with what the Lord hath already blessed me with, I decided to share
Having no need for the money I called two local men to mine house
Rumor had it the second man had the reputation of a cheat and a louse

The first man whose name was Greed, came in and sat near as could be
Behind him was a man named Wisdom, but he sat far, as he smiled at me
I told them both that I had five thousand dollars to give to each
Then said Greed, "give it here now!" as he leaned closer so as to reach

While I counted the money I looked upon wisdom's silence as wise indeed
For I knew he was patient, and of life's carnality he did heed
I counted aloud the words "Five thousand" and then quickly did Greed snatch away
His half of the money, so in life's pleasures he could foolishly play

I looked up expecting a gracious word of thanks from the greedy wretch
But he was already gone without a word; it was Satan's lures he did fetch
Then I looked over at my friend Wisdom, who was never reeled in by Satan's lure
He always appreciated the life that the Lord hath given him which in itself was pure

A very uplifting man that always a smile for me and all that did pass by
For he was happy knowing our Lord whom graciously arose in the sky
I handed him his share and he quietly tucked it away
Then he went on about his business until a later day

A week later Greed ran Wisdom's old wagon off of the road with his new car
As he laughed about wisdom spreading his money to the poor afar
Then without notice the man in the sky did call
He said “The books are open, now come one, now come all!”

Greed waited in line continually bragging about his carnal things
Until he learned that he had traded them for his heavenly wings
He went to a place not fit for a man as he looked up at Wisdom flying by
He pleaded "Just one sip of water I beg you bring me from a cloud up in your sky"

Wisdom smiled and said "Dear friend, I stored my money in Gods eternal bank"
It was your earthly treasures that did demote you to a sergeant in Satan's rank
It was only yesterday that you passed a starving woman in your car so nice
I stopped in my tracks, gave her food and shelter, I didn't have to think twice

Now I am here with her in paradise, the place the Lord set aside
For those with a conscience and a heart, who in his laws did abide
Though I did have a thirst for life's carnal things
I knew that I couldn't fly up here without my precious wings

Speak to me no more from the pits of Hell
For justice is served, and I chose well!

By: Wayne Hoss

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is scarey... Beware!

Conscious Mind

Guilty Conscious eating at you? Don't let it. Guilt is a good thing, it was designed so as to make us ever aware of our shortcomings and/or faults. Once you have acknowledged your sin and asked for forgiveness, you are forgiven... so let it go. Some people allow Satan to use that sin against them by turning guilt into condemnation. Do not give Satan the pleasure of torturing you, once again... once you acknowledge that sin that gave you a guilty conscience and ask for forgiveness, you are forgiven... Read this poem!

Conscious Mind

Fear not a conscience that brings forth guilt
For upon that conscience is salvation built
Guilt is merely acknowledgment of a life of sin
Guilt brings out the monster hiding within

Put not this guilt, or its pain aside
Confront and acknowledge those sins that do hide
For guilt brings repentance and a life anew
Confessing those sins will open a door for you

To ignore this guilt would be a mistake
So confront that guilt for heaven's sake
If your pride makes you put it away
It will be back to haunt you another day

All men sin and fall short of the glory of God
But woe unto him that gives guilt not even a nod
Go up to an alter and pour out your heart
Give God that guilt and in heaven take part

By: Wayne Hoss

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