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It is the unremarkable familliarity of the usual suspects that haunt my mind.

only this time they seem a little more aggitated, a bit more coarse.  Like I can barely contain their intentions!

My face distorts, my insides even more mangeled...an explosion any second! Let me find something to hide behind!

Alcohol? Drugs? Food? Pornography...what's nearest to my finger tips?

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She's my everything

Your in my thoughts every day
every moment your away.

i miss your smile, laughs and energy you had
without your presence everything's so drab

we walked, we talked, you held my hand.
when I first met you, it was like finding diamonds in the sand

things were dark, all black and white.
in walked you. The colors, they became so bright

like life itself that needs the sun
you entered my life and it became fun


u were prefect for me, everything great
I thought this was it, i called it fate


i wanted to grow old with you and build a life
i never thought i would do it again, but wanted u as my wife.


Your family thought I was odd and didn't seem quite right
Truth is I cherished, adored and loved you, night after night


It saddens me, things will never be the same
this thing called life, it's all a game


a game of what others think of us, what we say, look like and do
they can think what they want, for my feelings will never change for you


you were my best friend, the one I loved, my everything, days upon days
I will never be the same since we parted and went our separate ways


I hope I find a lady that is just as nice
for there are only one of you, Mother Natures only slice


The time we had and love we once did share
You'll forever be on my mind, I'll always care.

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I'll follow you


"Till Hell" I say,

but I'll give no more

names, I'm mad and confused

derived from logic and feeling.

I don't want what I want,

but its not a new sense.

Awake until rise, so 

its more than before,

I smile but its a lie

I'm the drama king guys!

Not depressed just insane

I try to forget,

but I'll follow too,

To Hell we go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of my earliest poems, created due to how crazy i get from the girl i love.

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