Hope is a candle in a sea of darkness, eagerly awaiting the sun. 

Trust is a drop of the purest water, in an ocean full of desert sand.

Loyalty is the assurance of your own two feet, that you will stand.

Love is a bubbling geyser; filling, and rushing to overflowing. 

Empathy is a mother's love, from someone that you don't know.

Peace is an ocean of glass-like water, that ripples of war cannot move.

Honesty is a pure wine, with no dregs to ruin the taste.

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I have a real problem with trust

I've just been disappointed too much

Author's Notes/Comments: 

WPOM poetry prompt...write a poem about trust...

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Cry In My Sleep


 I Lost My Ability To Cry
I'm Hurting So Much
I Feel Hurt
I Feel Pain
I Want To Cry
But Theres Not Tears
Theres No Emotions
Hold Me Please

Because I Can't Feel My Arms
I Can't Feel My Legs Anymore
I Feel Like Crying
But I'm Dying In My Sleep
Waking Up With Dried Up Eyes
I Don't Remember Crying
I Don't Remember Sleeping
Chill Runs Through On My Skin

Crying Out In Pain
I Wish I Could Cry
For My Body Can't Take It Anymore
Is This What It Feels Like
Why Must I Feel So Cold
Why Must I Feel So Emotionless
Pieces Of My Heart
Tears In Pieces

I Wish Again
I Could Cry
Just Once More
If I Could Hold You
If I Could Hug You
And Tell You One More Thing
I Just Want To Cry
I Want To Cry On Your Shoulder



Just me

I won't apologize for Being me I know that I'm a Queen, oftentimes I laugh and 
It's funny to me because I get ridiculed by Men because I wont change my standards, NO never again to not please a man, I wont settle by no means, Never again! I was raised from a different cloth, absolutely and I'm not perfect but no means, but I am Old school and love COURTSHIP, the Appreciation of A Woman tbat matters to me. I remember when men really took you on a date, so ladies I can't get with the new age and being a Sideline, or a Sidepiece, thats MEANINGLESS that is of NO VALUE TO ME. What happened  to Morals and standards I know my WORTH AS A QUEEN PRICELESS ~ If you're Single be Single, if your married and in a relationship value that, however if your not happy, look in the mirror and see things for what they are. My Motto is if I can't get everything I need from one man, I'll  be by myself.


As a Women I Love me, yes trust and believe as a Queen  my Discernment is keen. So I won't apologize for my Happiness and Loving me. 

Some people Love things, however material pieces of matter Dont excite me, the newest IPhone or the latest Handbag y'all can have, that... Trust when I say if I was a millionaire I would still look for the Red clearance sale tag. I know Marketing is part of brand, and having worked in that industry knowing the Wholesale price that is being paid then what they sell it for is beyond disbelief  so I don't get caught up in the foolery.

Even if I didn't know the industry that has never been my forte, really not for me~
I Look for things with meaning a Beautiful Mindset, and intellectual  being, a dynamic Auro or chemistry, that is fascinating it intrigues me. A Simple conversation with meaning.. Trust, and Loyalty, A friendship with no measure, Unconditional Love that is really treasured.
Call me what you please but those things in this Day are rare and should be treasured...
Some say I'm living a fairy tale or a dream, I say no that's what's in my heart and its embedded in me.

Im Just me a Unique being~


Author's Notes/Comments: 

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People always say

“Don’t put all of your eggs

In one basket”


And here I am standing

With one basket in my hand

While my other hand holds yours.


I look at my basket,

And I see all my eggs

Spilling onto the ground.


You pick them up,

And help me put them

Into other baskets.


I like only having one basket.

It’s easier to handle.

But you help me juggle more.


I want you to be my only basket.

I don’t need anything else.

But people say not to do that.


I know why they say it.

Because if you lose your one basket

You lose all your eggs.


Losing your only basket

And all your eggs would hurt.

But I’m willing to take that risk.


So be my basket.

I’ll put everything that I’ve got into you


And hopefully you can hold it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/12/17

Depths of Darkness

Verse 1:

Through the dept of darkness,

I saw our love shine through.
All it took was your stare and smile,

which captured my heart and soul.



Melt my soul and spirit

For, I'm already too far gone.

These arms ache to hold you.

Won't you take me home?


Verse 2:

Through the depths of darkness,

I will rise from the ashes.

Like a phoenix drawn to the flames,

I will be reborn again.



Though, reality scares me to death,

Our love shines

through the depths of darkness.

Take me home tonight

'Cause I'm eternally your's to keep.


Through the depths of darkness,

I have seen heaven and hell.

It is real.

I will be your guiding light

If only you could let go. 



Preconceived Creativity

Simple Thoughts

"You're free

to be

as creative as you are;

or so they say. 



Every time, 

the artist guided,




Why is the artist

so restricted? 

IS it concious? 


Do those who commission 


know they can be stifling it? 



is it a lack of trust? 

Not enough of it 

to go around, knows 

the budding artist


with lack of portfolio. 

No trust 

goes to those

with no reference. 


So often are we told

we are free, 

when we are not. 

Their own opinion 


trusted first, 

unintentional or not, 

before the artist, 

the one who creates. 


When one asks another

to create, 

to stifle the flame

is to put it out completely. 


Trust is a must, 

we must learn to 

give our hearts and minds

and souls 


to others

to mold.


And that's the hardest thing to do."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So often am I told by other artists they are held back by those who ask for their art, creativity. 



You put your life in the hands of others.
You trust them,
You believe them,
And in turn they fail you.


You hope that they will take care of you,
You know deep down they will,
They will never do anything to compromise you…
Until they do.


It is amazing the lack of trust in our lives,
But who can blame us,
Nobody can be trusted,
Especially those we thought we could trust the most.


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Somebody's Pain


I Know How You Feel With Tears
But I Can't Understand Your Past
For Shoes Can Walk So Far
I Dont Think I Can Walk This Far
These Bones Ache
This Flesh Is Killing Me
Please Save Me Again
Im Losing It
How Long
Must I Wait
How Long
Must I Feel This Pain

I've Been Waiting A Long Time
I Can't Get Over The Fact
That I'm Still Weak
I'm Broken
And That I Can't Pick Up The Pieces
Especially Not By Myself
I Know I Need Someone To Lean On
I Can't Really Reach Out
And I Don't Feel Like
I Have A Voice In This World
But Honestly
I Don't Really Speak Out
Because I Have
No One To Speak To

I Really Need Someone
Somebody To Talk To
Someone To Lean On
Someon I Can Cry To
Someone I Can Laugh With
Someone I Can Be In Love With
Someone I Can Be Myself With
But In All Of These Times
I Just Feel Too Alone
I'm Just Too Sad