Obsessed with Control

When the man of the house threatens to put a leash on you,

The best step now is to see yourself out to force him to rue.

Solitary night

Solitary night
tears of dissatisfaction
choking on memories
a torrent as the dark presses in
Searching, seeking
the long-awaited slumber
of each miserable, useless regret of yesterday
Yet, afraid to face the uncertainty of tomorrow


I crawl crack cower 

In the morning white 

With my eyes lips skin 

Cracked. White. 

I stand dormant 

While steam pervades

My self. My wall. My grime.

And thought does it matter 

In this or that time

But I can't think on that now 

I've got to go to work. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Constructive criticism encouraged. 

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Uncertainty is like the dark cloud in the sky,

During the rainy season,

It does have its own whim,

It does have its own reason!


As long as there is uncertainty,

There is an unseen pressure,

Which keeps on going up,

Like the market’s share!


Uncertainty is as troublesome as Iago,


We feel tense unless tranquility we move to.

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Promts I Completed

Fast paced words that recount our love in anger
And in that anger
I find the tiniest bit of melancholy to call my own
Since then stripped of an emotional state


To escape your feelings
As well as mine
Which you’ve seemed to help yourself to
I soar to the color of the sky
And the sound of crashing and ocean depths


Left in silence that takes away the anger
I hurl myself towards safety
Away from the cruel clutches of you


But as I sit
My caprice takes me
With such certainty I felt
That this ocean blue I felt I relate to
Has yet to sooth me

And with every time I run to my azure
From your displeasure
I have to come back
Such as the squawking gulls overhead
Must come back to land


With your sustenance
You sustain my being

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem doesn't really have much of a format.

And I guess it doesn't make much sense either.

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Off to obscurity

Don’t get lost-
That’s what I've been told.
A lot.
When I was very young.

There are paths to choose from ahead
Like many others there were before
There are milestones left on the way
(My hopeful heart says)
There will be milestones ahead

But there never was such standstill moment,
like this one.


I cannot go back.
Never did.
I don’t know where I’ll go.
Never before too.

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To Her

Do my words find you? Do they speak?

Better question, is your answer the one I seek?

Do you care or do you just not see,

That without you I am not me?

Or maybe I put it all in something fake.

Something only real to me, built up to one big break.

Or is what I hold really true?

That the one i'll always love is gonna be you?

These are just the thoughts of a hopeless Romantic.

A guy who believes in fairy tales no matter how dramatic.

Someone who believes in the power of love, no matter the cold hard facts

The guy who doesn't sit and think before he acts.

Am I wrong to care that much? 

Is it wrong that I haven't known anything like your touch?

I may not be perfect, you know that well.

Past actions you may always dwell.

Maybe my meaning in this will be lost, over your head it flew

And if so I'll make this easy and just say it, I love you.

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"To a Certain Someone"

I think you're afraid

Of mostly heartbreak 

To be alone, maybe you fear

But I know you NEED someone near


Either you can't admit it to yourself 

Or everyone that's tried has changed the way you felt 

I'm not most guys, but I'm not perfect 

I'm less of the same, I'm different 


It's up to you to see that and make the effort 

Of trying to keep me, or let me go right now

I hate wasting my time

The anxiety fucks with my mind


I don't expect you to be in love with me

But I would think that all this time you'd have seen

That either you wanna waste with this

Or I'm just an obstacle in your way shit! 


I don't why I'm writing this when we don't even know each other 

But I feel the need to clarify, am I a good thing or am I a bother?

Think this through and let me know 

Or call me right now and just say "you can go"


I won't blame you, since you told me everything upfront

But I can't help but get irritated, I guess I just I give a fuck

But it would be easier now that we either never meet

Or you say something meaningful and say you like me....


I'm sorry for putting these stupid thoughts in your head

They're also dumb in mine, empty hollow pointless threads 

Sorry you met me, sorry I'm like this

I should've told you from the start, I get attached too quick 


I'm not in love, no way in hell

But I did see something here, but I guess I'm by myself 

Let me know if this scared you, tell me the truth

One thing I gotta say before I leave, I never once lied to you...

??? Who Am I Now?

Once was a

free-spirited child.


I ran on all fours

like Spirit* and Rain*,

galloping through the grass,

soaring over sidewalks.



Once I was a

free-spirited child.


I could run around naked

without a care in the world.



Once I was a

free-spirited child.


The world was mine,

and I was invincible!



Once I was a

free-spirited child.


But now, I am....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'd like to know what you guys think of this... I have been writing it for some time now...

I also don't know 100% about the title.... open to suggestions!


*From the movie Spirit