Different And Same


I know that faith and trust

Are completely different

That they always will be

I think in this case

They are one in the same


I know that you have a difficult

Time when it comes to trust

That anymore you can't

That way too many times have

You been filled with uncertainty


Well I have a difficult time

With having faith in anything at all

I have been hurt, completely decimated

So many times that it seems

That I am incomplete


But then I found you

And I found that you were simply existing

Just like I was so we decided to do this whole

Thing together and it has been so awesome

That never will we go astray



Written on

November 24, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About Chad. The love I was bound to lose.

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    Togetherness is a good



Togetherness is a good feeling and good things can come from that. Getting to know people is difficult so it is very nice you found your together partner and it is awsome. Wonderful.