I believe in me!

I believe in me!         

they said that i was slow and not so very bright

they never once thought that i 'd put up a fight

to them i have no chance to be happy or carefree

but no matter what they say i believe in me

in school i was put down because i didnt fit in

but i was so determined to never let them win

they were all so very cruel  and never once letup

but still i carried on never once did i give-up

then i married him with his oh so angry hands

he was so very violent with all of his demands

and then one day it happened i had been set free

and no matter how you slice it i still believe in me!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one because i realised that i did believe in me and no matter what other say all you have to do is believe in yourself  it thats all that matters, hope you like it!


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Let me be just me!

               Let me be just Me!  

Im trying to be happy and live life the way I want to live

But sometimes life can be stubborn and wont ever give

And it seems the progress ive made has gone far away

Why does this keep happening to me how can I convey

But as I get older I realize its me who needs to make them see

That I want to be only me so please let me be just me

Some try to boss me and some try to make me feel blue

But now they do know that ive changed and have bid them ado

I have taking a stand and have let them all know to let me be

I know who I am and again I say let me be just me!!!!!

                    Zoeycup 16

Author's Notes/Comments: 

some of my friends and family try hard to help me but it ends up turning sour in the end!!!

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I Manipulate By jfarrell

I Manipulate

By jfarrell


(“From the cover of Heaven’s gate, I manipulate” great lyrics from steve taylor)


Rasputin is me, I am Rasputin;

I tell you my story, show you my scars

I share my pain with you

And you will jump to my defence

Jump between me and the bullet

Take the sword thrust,

In my stead.


I frown and lower my gaze

I show you the pieces of my sundered heart

Let you hold and feel this dead thing that is my soul

Let you dance in the dust that was my dreams

And you give your heart to me

In tender whispers you pledge your undying love

To me.


Amongst tears, with nastiness running from my nose

I tell you of the wrongs done to me

I tell you of those that hurt and ridiculed me

To show the truth, the strength, of my pain

I take the knife and slash my arm, over and over

My pain angers you to kill,

For me.


Rasputin is me, I am Rasputin

A manipulative, conniving…. monk

Dead many years (executed, I think);

I want you to like me

I’ll say anything you wanna hear.

To keep you here

I manipulate

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is about me, not christians.... just loved steve taylor's song "I Manipuate", great song, great title

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Be seven minutes, five or three;

in frozen zone time stops it's spin.

It's you and me...just you and me...

melting epochs in carnal kiln.


I'm here to scorch your sodden woods,

but soon to douse your every leaf

and bloom with gushing rapturous fluids,

till tremble you on crazy cliff.


Don't think all this a looney spiel

of one amnestic bard with crushed

psyche under the clocking wheel

or whooshing sounds of carnal rush!


You know, behind these stirring woos,

there's calmly love, as comely ruse!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a sonnet in iambic tetrameter. 

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Discovering the Holy Spirit in Me




Oh, what a revelation!

Jesus’ gifts are not from this earth.

They are an

uncontrollable quintessence

that radiates into my soul.

God’s love dresses my mind

with golden skyscrapers

that pierce His heavens.

There is no need to own things in His home.

I look deeper into His treasures

and see what I need.

Spiritual waters—the Holy Spirit—take me to Him.

Gold has no value in heaven,

nor do diamonds.

They are just trinkets that sparkle.




and His presence are what’s there.

My mind cannot confirm this,

only my Faith accepts what’s there.

There is no need for words.

There is no need for thoughts.



and spiritual gifts are there,

and I have just arrived.












Author's Notes/Comments: 

From my book, entering the Holy Spirit.

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Music that impacts

I heard the sound echo through me 

like electricity throughout my body.

A sound that hits the inner thoughts

of peace and passion.

I wonder and I ponder

of the wonderful creation.

How can you talk of now

like it even exsist.

through this passion there is only 





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not much to say about this poem, just a passion of mine. 

A little side note, I was listening to Phantom of the Opera while writing this. :)

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Compartmentalization and categorization are such crucial aspects that dictate how we engage our reality

Is that a bomb or a clock?

A beloved or a stranger?

The ability to categorize is surely a primordial mechanism that enhanced one primal objective

Survive and reproduce

This means that

That is, or is not, a threat to my survival

I ask myself

Does this compartmentalization… this categorization, permeate my personality?

My me.

Is who I am at any given moment an amorphous, dynamic transition from one category to the next? or is who I am a cast that has not yet cured by the apathy of time?

If the latter, is there time left to influence this structure that will gradually, but inevitably, relinquish its malleability? If the former, am I frozen in a perpetual state of limbo - an individual, but dividable?

Am I discrete or am I a spectrum? Am I both and neither? like the very matter that comprises me?


This juxtaposition only recapitulates the riddle. It does not answer.

This is an irony that me, me and me, marvel.

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Hear my words

I don't say this a lot of times so you can consider yourself lucky to hear me saying this,
I'm not going to repeat myself though, even if you ask me to.
So listen well,
Look to my lips moving,
See my mouth open slowly,
Hear my words.
"I'm staying".

Author's Notes/Comments: 

English version 

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I wanted to be strong, but I'm not

I wanted to be strong, 

But I'm not. 

I wanted to be strong enough,

To don't cry with the words that you said to me. 

But I couldn't, 

After I read them, I felt destroyed.

As if my world was destroyed in that moment. 

I wanted to be strong enough, 

To tell you that what you said was only a lie that you created, 

But I knew that it wasn't a lie.

I wanted to be strong enough, 

To go talk with you, 

And say you that I didn't liked the way that you said what you said, and even worst, in a fucking text. 

I wanted to be strong, 


So strong that in this moment you would be insignificant to me. 

But I'm not.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

English version 

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