Dark And Dim


Dark And Dim


When my journey gets dark and dim, I look to only one, that’s Him,

My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Author and Sustainer of my life,

Through this time, I cannot afford, to not, lift my cares to The Lord,

He, who knows the beginning and end, is my Lord, God and friend.


One, Who sticks closer than a brother, is my Lord, God and Father,

Not only walking with me each day, but comforts me along the way,

Especially in the middle of my plight, as the day turns dark as night,

He’s there with light and grace, to help me through the darkest place.


I think of God not just on a whim, when the trial seems dark and dim,

But I consider God all of the time, as Christ gives me peace of mind,

That peace, beyond what I understand, as God holds me in His hand,

Holding me up while sustaining me, as my comfort along this journey.


Through the darkness of this plight, God indeed, is my Guiding Light,

Comforted by The Spirit of Christ, through these darkest times of life,

All those dark times of uncertainty, as God my Savior, walks with me,

Journeying on every valley and hill, this, as God guides me in His will.


God, my Savior and my friend, is there on every valley, hill, and bend,

So, I lift all of my cares to Him, not only when times are dark and dim,

For, even before I see a darker bend, my Lord, already knows the end,

So, I continue to follow His lead, as God takes care of my every need.


(Copyright ©03/2014 Bob Gotti)


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