Monthly Archive for July 2013

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All I Have Poem Silver__lining Jul 19th
Rise From The Ashes of Roses Poem Silver__lining Jul 19th
She Always Reappears Poem Silver__lining Jul 19th
Teased & Pleased Poem Silver__lining Jul 19th
Afraid of Saying Hey Poem Silver__lining Jul 19th
Minds Fuzzy, Memories Clear Poem Silver__lining Jul 19th
I Can't Live Without You Poem Silver__lining Jul 19th
the man i love Poem golly_mz_molly 1 Jul 19th
One Girl Made Me Feel Alive Poem Silver__lining Jul 19th
i want you Poem golly_mz_molly Jul 19th Poem golly_mz_molly 1 Jul 19th
its just a question Poem golly_mz_molly Jul 19th
dear heartbreaker Poem golly_mz_molly Jul 19th
I see Them Poem HuliganFish 2 Jul 19th
The Smearing of the Queer Prose beliefshifter Jul 19th
out of sight ,,out of mind Prose golly_mz_molly 1 Jul 19th
Adhere To Prescriptions Poem Anonymous 4 Jul 20th
Lizard Green Poem Anonymous 2 Jul 20th
Maple Tree Poem Anonymous 2 Jul 20th
how to deal with life Poem Nadine_18magdy Jul 20th
Moving On from Douchebags Part 1 (Love Drunk) Poem Ceeclod Jul 20th
gone but not forgottin Poem golly_mz_molly 2 Jul 20th
only a dream Poem golly_mz_molly Jul 20th
The Edge of Fear Poem richardwing aware, Fear, heart, listening Jul 20th
Blight Poem Desperado 2 Life#changing#endless#searching Jul 20th
MERCILESS MASSACRE!(Bihar Mid-day Meal/School Tragedy/ India) Poem pbenarumairaj 4 Bihar School / Saran District /Mid-day meal tragedy / India Jul 20th
Easy Poem jmill1206 1 Jul 20th
Fights in the nights Poem jmill1206 1 Jul 20th
Little plastic bottle Poem jmill1206 1 Jul 20th
Shutter Poem jmill1206 2 Jul 20th
The bridge Poem jmill1206 1 Jul 20th
In your eyes Poem Scandalofgrace 4 #love #dance #starving #cold #breathe #gone #away #sick #eyes Jul 20th
Cherish Poem jmill1206 1 Jul 20th
Beauty Poem bishu 2 Jul 20th
Timekeeper Poem bishu Jul 20th
Struggle Poem bishu Jul 20th
Closed Heart (7/15/2013) Poem Kaminskir17 1 Jul 20th
asshole MINT Poem Abraxiis 2 Jul 20th
Your Song Poem GOHIL48 12 Jul 20th
Pogrom Poem HuliganFish 2 Jul 20th
a morning prayer Poem sheridan_grilli 2 love Jul 20th
Beach Party‏ Poem Anonymous Jul 20th
Float With Me Poem Anonymous Jul 20th
Stand For Workers Equality‏ Poem Anonymous Jul 20th
My 'peace keeper' dog. Poem sweetwater 4 Jul 20th
The Wait Poem DarkLight 2 Jul 20th
Ice Flakes. Poem sweetwater 2 Jul 20th
your just desserts Poem 9inety 2 Jul 20th
Regrets. Poem sweetwater 2 Jul 20th
together Poem punkpoet Jul 20th
Footnote: Whitechapel, Autumn Poem Starward Jul 20th
I know you are out there Poem ADAPT Jul 20th
I have found my way. Poem ADAPT Jul 20th
Lemon Lime Poem allets 2 Jul 20th
A Sorta Limerick Poem allets Jul 20th
From Adam To Christ Poem trumpet7 Jul 20th
'Twas The Night Before Awareness Poem nightlight1220 3 Abuse, abuse of medication, big pharma, fairy tale, fullfilment, insight, Law Of Attraction, Pain, Peace, purpose for pills, Santa Claus, seeing beyond, self-esteem, shrew, system swallowed by itself Jul 20th
The Poor Man's Throne Poem FraXure 3 never give up Jul 20th
The gift of strength ties her to her destiny Poem SSmoothie 10 Jul 20th
Holding Onto Figments Poem FraXure 3 break-ups Jul 21st
Scared little girl Poem jmill1206 Jul 21st
And They Told Me I Was Catholic Poem nightlight1220 8 catholic, cross, Hope, knowledge, Life, love, pedestrian crossing, symbols, teach, understanding, universe Jul 21st
Untitle-able Poem allets Jul 21st
You got me upside down Poem jmill1206 1 Jul 21st
Vast is the Night Sky Poem FraXure 2 Imagery Jul 21st
Self Portrait Poem Bleu-Beat 4 personal, Reflection Jul 21st
Speed is my high! Poem jmill1206 Jul 21st
Material meets Immaterial Poem Madhatter007 1 Jul 21st
The Unconditional Condition Poem Madhatter007 1 Jul 21st
Accepting Me Poem Madhatter007 3 Jul 21st
On This Day- (36) Poem SoulKritiC 1 #birthday #36years #happiness #love #newborn #father #first #time #hope #faith #fate Jul 21st
no more you Poem ashishpruthi deeply upset, very sad Jul 21st
The world Poem Heather96 #sucide #betrayl #forgotten Jul 21st
Disgrace Poem bishu 8 Jul 21st
The dream.. Poem jmill1206 Jul 21st
Sarcasm (Red, white, and blue) Poem Shawnisbeast1 Protest Jul 21st
Autorickshaw Driver Poem bishu 2 Jul 21st
There Was a Time Poem RoC 1 Jul 21st
Love, the essence of beauty Poem Scandalofgrace 2 #BreakUp #Relationships #Love Jul 21st
Scandal of grace Poem Scandalofgrace Christ Jul 21st
Grey eyes Poem Scandalofgrace grey Jul 21st
dear love Poem sheridan_grilli Jul 21st
Shannon Poem Scandalofgrace Shannon Jul 21st
Water Poem Scandalofgrace a drink of water Jul 21st
Sun Poem Scandalofgrace About the sun and its capacity to make the world so wonderful Jul 21st
Rain Poem Scandalofgrace a walk in the rain Jul 21st
Sometimes [Experimental] Poem HuliganFish 2 Jul 21st
Brightly Black Poem 9innail Jul 21st
For You... Poem 9innail Jul 21st
A New Standing Poem 9innail Jul 21st
Sans Concealment Poem 9innail Jul 21st
Gaia, Mother Poem 9innail Jul 21st
Soar On Poem 9innail Jul 21st
You Were Poem 9innail Jul 21st
For You, And I Poem 9innail Jul 21st
U.I. Poem 9innail Jul 21st
Feel Poem 9innail Jul 21st
Latent Prince Poem nightlight1220 Arizona, cocaine, country, court, cowardice, dead, death row, Drugs, Faith, fears, fingerprint, freedom, gossip, graves, Hate, Hope, injustice, innocence, justice, killer, Larry Joe Prince, lies, love, Murder, People, prison, Reality, Revenge, robbed, sad, society, son, sorrow, stolen, story, tears, victim, wimps, wrongful conviction Jul 21st
A Summer's Ditty. Poem sweetwater Jul 21st
Treasures In the Sands Poem nightlight1220 3 Alzheimer's Disease, footprints, sand, time Jul 21st
American Troubadour 1978. Poem sweetwater Jul 21st
The American Troubadour. 2013. Your 'words and music'. Poem sweetwater Jul 21st
Forever Poem cevance 8 attraction, Devotion, love Jul 21st
who say, i say Poem alkaharuno lyric Jul 21st
Bury Me Deep. Poem sweetwater 4 Jul 21st
Insuring Love, With a Beautiful White Dress Poem FraXure 1 inspirational., relationship Jul 21st
The Other Side Poem nightlight1220 Hope, Life, love, other side, soul, souls in unison, unity, Writing, written word Jul 21st
When You Look at me, What do you see? Poem shakiratee 1 Drama, Life, Looks, seeing through Jul 21st
I am beautiful no matter what people Poem shakiratee 1 #beauty #language #surreal, being strong love Jul 21st
tough decision Poem nightlight1220 Children, foster parenting, growth, Hope, hospitals, Illness, love, medicine, nurses, Pain, Parents, People, tough love Jul 21st
Cease Poem alive-living Jul 21st
Caluminator Poem alive-living Jul 21st
Highway To Happiness Poem alive-living Jul 21st
Dry Poem b4i8islept #depression #emo #sad #expression #personal Jul 21st
Craven Poem life_used_to_be... 1 Jul 21st
The Red Rain Falls Poem b4i8islept addiction cutting pain blood Jul 21st
World Within Poem MrzLove Jul 21st
Living Dead Poem b4i8islept Zombies Jul 21st
Anticipation of Loss Poem metaphorist Jul 21st
The choice of your intent Prose MatthewWayne 4 Jul 21st
Angry Demon Prose 9innail Jul 21st
'13 What A Fool Believes Poem Joel 2 Jul 22nd
wailing undertones Poem nightlight1220 5 approaching, clouds, microbursts, rain, rumbling, sheer curtains, storm, sun, thunder Jul 22nd
It’s A People Problem Poem trumpet7 Jul 22nd
Self Destructive Poem DarkLight 1 Jul 22nd
timebomb Poem nightlight1220 1 anger, angry, burden, Dark, Depression, loss, lost, Pain, PTSD, sad, snapped, timebomb Jul 22nd
Snake! Poem pinkdot7 1 Jul 22nd
lifeboat Poem huggybear Jul 22nd
Riddle Poem bishu 2 Jul 22nd
Roots Poem bishu 1 Jul 22nd
Blind Music Poem bishu Jul 22nd
The Star has Found a New Home Poem KingofWords 2 Genius Jul 22nd
disillusioned at the world Poem Daniel-59 Jul 22nd
Disgust Poem bishu Jul 22nd
I am a beautiful woman Poem shakiratee #beauty #love #free verse, Inspirational poem with a tinge of longing for my beloved woman Jul 22nd
I want to be this person Poem dmml 2 Life, love, recovery Jul 22nd
LIFE TIME SAVINGS Poem pbenarumairaj 3 What a person does during his life time and how much he saves! Jul 22nd
mother-in-law Poem inamorata 1 conflict between mothers-in-law and wives Jul 22nd
Relocation Poem nightlight1220 Acceptance, exceptions, Forgiveness, guilt, self pity. loathing, wallowing Jul 22nd
Eight Simple Letters, Two Common Words Poem Silver__lining Jul 22nd
Divide The Tide From The Bride Poem Silver__lining Jul 22nd
Trapped & Caged Poem Silver__lining Jul 22nd
Don't Blink Twice Poem Silver__lining Jul 22nd
Of Flesh and Bone Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Simple Things Poem giajl Jul 22nd
I Do...We Did, For Love... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
It's What It Brought Poem giajl Jul 22nd
There Was A Haze.... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
If You Search Deep Enough. Poem giajl Jul 22nd
It's.... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
An Emperor You May Be... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Alms For Allah Poem giajl Jul 22nd
To Capture an Imagination...or Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Everyday and Everywhere... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
It Made No Sound .... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
It's Only a Name......But It Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Itchy Feet And Summer Sun..... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
At Solstice Park I Asked... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Adieu Mon Ami. Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Open Your Mind Poem giajl Jul 22nd
A Mahdi's Palace Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Great Knights and Amber Nectar. Poem giajl Jul 22nd
ET, Called Home.... And So..... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Of Matadors and Coloured Bulls Poem giajl Jul 22nd
If Yea Know Me a Naught Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Memories of An Aldershot Weekend Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Autumn Alterations Poem Anonymous Jul 22nd
Fielded Friendship Poem Anonymous Jul 22nd
Skegg Beard Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Red Violet‏ Poem Anonymous Jul 22nd
Ambitions Sometimes Are..... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Snooze .... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Graced By Blue‏ Poem Anonymous 2 Jul 22nd
47/3 Poem giajl Airborne, Falklands War, Parachute Regiment, War, War Poetry Jul 22nd
Emsembled Soul-Mates‏ Poem Anonymous Jul 22nd
Hip Hop Animation‏ Poem Anonymous Jul 22nd
Don't Kill Yourselves‏ Poem Anonymous Jul 22nd
Just Be Gone Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Who Now.......Brings Them Flowers? Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Unveiled Poem Anonymous Jul 22nd
Philosophy Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Where Lights Blade Thrusts... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
One Last Dance..... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Liquid Moscow.... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Stand Your Ground‏ Poem Anonymous Jul 22nd
Mines a..... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Do You Know....... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Hummmm........ Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Be Steadfast..... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Siol Nan Gaidtheal..... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
A Lack of Understanding? Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Chapel Man Poem Anonymous Jul 22nd
While Whispering Shadows Conspire Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Inadequate Words...... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Schooldays,Sunny Days and....... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
You Live in My Heart...... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Cameron's Orphans..... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Hey Tarzan, be Careful.... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
In For Penny......., Poem giajl Jul 22nd
It Once Filled Me With Joy... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Hear Their Songs, Those..... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
A Plaster, a Hug and a Kiss. Poem giajl Jul 22nd
The Road is Long.... Poem giajl Jul 22nd
Of A Brief Friendship Poem giajl Jul 22nd
52 card pick up Poem ADAPT Jul 22nd
It's Yet To Be Over For Me Poem Silver__lining Jul 22nd
Fortunate Child Poem cevance 3 childhood, Life Jul 22nd
Stuck In Colder Weather Poem Silver__lining Jul 22nd
I Want To See You Again Poem Silver__lining Jul 22nd
Little To Fear, Just Solve The Riddle Poem Silver__lining Jul 22nd
Just My Heart Hoping Poem Silver__lining Jul 22nd
Nick the Name Poem Silver__lining Jul 22nd
What Else To Do Poem Silver__lining Jul 22nd
Start Up The Spark Poem Silver__lining Jul 22nd
I Miss You, still Poem Silver__lining Jul 22nd
This is me Poem katinthecradle 3 Jul 22nd
Whatever Happened? Poem metaphorist Jul 22nd
So-Called Progress Poem metaphorist Jul 22nd
Already Forgotten Poem katinthecradle 3 love complicated Jul 22nd
Conspiracy Poem tlwalsh supernatural star trek religion Jul 22nd
Session Of Depression Poem Envy Jul 22nd
Penetrance Poem avecdieu penetrance surrealism God christianity politics america society observations life glory Jul 22nd
Compost (19 Lines) Poem avecdieu 2 surrealism god Jul 22nd
A Broken Paddle Prose roryboliver@gma... Jul 22nd
Jade Poem AquarianMale 16 Jul 23rd
Sacrifice Poem SoulKritiC #love #peace #heart #rain #thunder #summer Jul 23rd
Attention! Poem FraXure game Jul 23rd
Innuendo Poem SoulKritiC #feeling being #hurt Jul 23rd
Sympathy Poem bishu Jul 23rd
Venom: Part Six...Sex Poem SoulKritiC #sex Jul 23rd
Leaving You Poem life_used_to_be... 5 Jul 23rd
One on One Poem SoulKritiC 2 #fighting words Jul 23rd
Quaking Boulders Poem bishu 2 Jul 23rd
I hate titles Poem BayKaraMarie 1 depressed depression sad relationship friendship love Jul 23rd
Simple Things Poem huggybear 1 Jul 23rd
beautiful Poem readmy5tuff 2 Jul 23rd
Just Another Scar Poem MatthewWayne 2 love, Pain Jul 23rd
Lose Yourself (Find Your Dreams) Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 23rd
Civilized Poem nightlight1220 2 abundance, behavior, Civilized, Cognitive, cognitive dissonance, comfortable uncomfortable, fulfillment, human behavior, spoiled Jul 23rd
Again, Again Poem allets 8 Jul 23rd
Uninvited Poem Anonymous Jul 23rd
My Beautiful Full Moon Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 23rd
Fight the Love Poem SherielvyStarlet emotions, fight, love Jul 23rd
Christmas Eve Poem bishu Jul 23rd
Another Dimension Poem YellowCabs 1 Jul 23rd
Into your blue eye-oceans... Poem williamsji love lyrics, williams george Jul 23rd
Into your blue eye-oceans... Poem williamsji Jul 23rd
From the lonely sky ! Poem williamsji Loneliness, MAVELI'S LOVE POEMS, WILLIAMJI MAVELI Jul 23rd
A Woman's Value Poem YellowCabs 2 Jul 23rd