From Adam To Christ

The Nation Israel





From Adam To Christ


God revealed Himself to Adam and Eve, the first souls to believe,

In The Creator of all this earth, Who through them, conceived birth,

The birth of all souls created by Him, in a world now cursed by sin,

But, of those Adam and Eve left, God had continued through Seth.


First Noah had encountered God, prior to Him flooding earth’s sod,

For, Noah was righteous enough, to save man’s seed from a flood,

Along with man, all life created, by that flood that Noah anticipated,

As God had revealed to him, the destruction, because of man’s sin,


As God resumed populating earth, the wife of Terah had given birth,

To the son they named Abram, from who the nation Israel had come,

God changed his name to Abraham, the spiritual father of each man,

As God revealed he’d be a nation, that would bring God’s Salvation,


First, came Isaac then Jacob, who was Israel, by the decree of God,

Who spoke to the nation of Israel, regarding God’s plan and His will,

Revealing the future time to come, for God to reveal His Eternal Son,

Speaking through Him in our time; revealing to all Salvation’s design.


Speaking to all through Jesus Christ, about the cross and eternal life,

As fallen man could be restored, through God’s salvation in the Lord,

Revealing the only way back to God, for man, on earth’s cursed sod,

When His Son you find and believe, that Eternal Life you can receive.


(Copyright ©07/2013 Bob Gotti)


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