I have found my way.

I finally have time to myself to reflect on how things have been going in the past few months. I don't remember all the good times. But once in my life I have the good outweigh the bad. I am going through old photos, and I must say. I am truly happy. This feeling of joy just hit me right now all at once its overwhelming. I must say I have never cried tears of joy until this day. Not afraid to even say it. I have came so far in the past few years. I wont even reflect on the bad or even go into detail of everything I have had the face. It doesn't matter anymore. I have the best friends I could ever ask for. I am meeting more and more everyday. From everyone I see everyday to everyone I have met at shows. You have all made a positive impact on my life. and no drug has ever felt as good as this feeling right now. I see I am truly setting out and becoming who I have always wanted to be. Its astonishing. How much stuff has happened lately. and I am excited to wake up every morning to see what life has planned for me. I am starting to believe in fate. I never felt so alive. This is by far the best I have ever seen me. Life is truly becoming a very beautiful place. I believe so because the way I looked at it has changed. My name has been tossed around everywhere and I am becoming very memorable. Its a crazy feeling. Being recognized everywhere. I truly feel the love and respect from everyone I know associate with. I just want to say thank you to everyone I have crossed paths with at any time in my life and say thank you for believing in me. I am truly on my way to great things. I wont let anything jeopardize this feeling. Because this feeling right here Is truly what I believe what love, passion, motivation and hard work paying off feels like. This is truly the meaning of life if was ever to describe it. So here is to many many more crazy nights. Hard long days at work and too many future memories to reflect on and remember. To everyone I already know and everyone I still am destined to meet. friendship is a powerful thing and I am honored to stand by all of you. and have all of you stand by me. "When the power of love overcomes the love of power The world will know peace." and today it has. and it is beautiful.

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