I said it, never meant for it to be taken to the
heart, but we talking about innuendo and 
feeling a stir, emotions are a blur…yesterdays 
post was innocent but taken out of content;

“Could have been the guilt inside mistaken for 
sugar coated words.”

As you know I critique and proud of it, not 
every critique written or spoken by me has 
sentences in between for you to read; 
yet somehow an innuendo was created from 

I realize some of my critiques are bold, and 
heavy like stones, but never out of content; 
to the reader maybe spoken out of line, yet I 
walk the line and dance in a ring of fire like 


Take no offense if I do not bring it to your light 
and careful in the way you approach me with 
constructive criticism or concerns about your 
feelings being hurt; by now my words shouldn't 
be questioned, just like some stones should be 
left upturned, just let it be, let me be me….

but maybe this piece will be taken as an 
innuendo by many, in which at this point, 
"I don’t give a damn!" True poets are envied and 
ridiculed in silence, like me…


I've decided that after my next show I will 
dedicate my time to publishing and editing my 
work, but only in grammar, because my words 
won’t change for anyone’s feelings. 

If subconsciously I've offended you then 
consciously I will agree that whomever takes 
assumptions to my work will only be hurting 
themselves, and is a sign of weakness of their 
guilt that maybe, Yes! Maybe they have 
subconsciously offended me and consciously 
labeling me the offender….

”Take that for an innuendo; keep your complaints
and don’t disrespect my words as being about you 
or you or you!! I have the rights to be narcissistic, 
and those catching feelings question yourself before 
bringing your tears to my attention;

“Get a hold of yourself!” Innuendo…please!!!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't assuem my poetry relates to you!! You have to earn that right first!!

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