Insuring Love, With a Beautiful White Dress

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Insuring Love, With a Beautiful White Dress

I was always

Considered the “nice guy”

Caring, compassionate, Respectable.

Yet still with no one to fancy

My friends all too impatient shouted:


“Go talk to her!”

They chimed, eagerly jabbing their

Thumbs in five different directions

At five different



“I’ll pass” I reply

And take another sip of my jack on the rocks.

“I’m just not interested in anyone

At the moment,”

I lied.


“You’re such a chicken”

“You need to move on”

“She was years ago”

They all poked at me

Just like in college.


It was true,

I was in love once.

A beautiful red head

With cherry blonde hair

And an innocent stare.


I fell asleep that night

Thinking of you, we, us.

How I tried so desperately to hold onto you

But you simply walked



My heart shattered

No medical center could

Ease my pain.  No settlement

Could erase the shame

Of losing you.


They were right.

I needed to move on

But I kept thinking

Maybe you, we, us

Could be together…again?


Morning dawns and

I ready for work

Still feeling the

Stinging sensation from the nightmares

Of last night.


The pain stopped; however,

When I saw her.

Long dark curly hair

Cascading down beside her

Beautiful face.


I saw her in the

Car ahead of me-

Reflection from the

Rear view mirror

Grasped my attention.


The dimples around her

Mouth perked up as she

Mouthed the lyrics of a radio song.

I could tell she was fun,

And out-going.


I had longed to find

The perfect woman

To share my life with

And there she was,

But still out of reach


There was nothing I could do

To reach her. My heart beat

                                                                              Fast, and my eyes winced

As I knew there was no way

For me to get a shot with her.


I thought of my friends

How they always badgered me about being too nice.

I thought of my life,

My hard work and how I never do anything

For myself.


I thought of you

And how you walked out on me.

I did everything to hold us together

And you didn’t care, you just

Up and left.


I gripped my steering wheel tightly.

The light turned red and my heart like the traffic

Paused for a brief second,

Acknowledging my crazy



I punched the gas pedal.

Flew my car right into her car’s back bumper.

The screech of metal on metal,

And plastic cracking as well as

People honking.


I raced out of my car,

She bolted out of yours.

“Are you crazy?” she yelled.

“Are you alright?” I stammered.

I fell in love.


She was a fiery one

I stared at her only acknowledging

Her beauty and passion, ignoring her

Incessant remarks on my careless

Vehicular incident.


Police showed soon enough.

We exchanged telephone numbers

And insurance information and left it at that.

There was no way I could bring about my

Truth to her at that time.


After work I called her and asked

To meet at a coffee shop downtown.

She agreed and it was planned.

I don’t know what I was thinking

But I bought flowers…


I showed up as she was sitting down

And walked up behind her, heart racing.

I almost bolted, almost ran away.

But she turned around and saw me

“You brought flowers?” she questioned.


After a few drinks

I told the truth.

She looked simply mesmerized

At what I had just



“But why?” she asked.

“Because, because I never ever

Wanted anything so badly.” I replied.

“All I wanted was a chance to fall for

Someone again.”


She chuckled and grabbed my hand.

“You’re crazy... but cute.” She stated.

We parted ways soon after

But with a second “date”



That was four years ago,

And now I am standing next

To the same long curly dark haired woman

Who captured my heart and caused me to do something outrageously dangerous.

Except today… she is wearing a beautiful white dress.


*Note To All*

Take advantage of what life offers.

You are all beautiful, amazing and talented people.

If something or someone makes you happy, tell them.

If that someone of something is out of reach (like in this stories case)

Then chase it till it is within your grasp.  Life does not wait for you to make moves

If something is worth chasing. Go for it! 




Author's Notes/Comments: 

P.S.: No this story is not real =D.


When the rain stopped,

And the storm ceased,

The wind calmed,

And the weather cool.

Then appeared up in the sky,

An arc of colours,

Spread over the blues,

A sign of hope.

The cloud is clear,

The firmament clean,

The mountains glow,

Reflecting the colours of hope.

Leaves dance as trees move,

Grass clap as the birds sing,

Peace is still,

As shown by the rainbow.

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