Alzheimer's Disease


She once smiled and laughed 

But that's been replaced

She now sits and stares

No expression on her face 


She once knew our faces

And knew all our names

But life has a way of playing

Cruel games


She once loved our company 

She couldn't get enough

Now she sits quietly 

Talking to herself

She sits amongst us

But she's not really here

How much does she remember?

How much does she hear?

We love Mom so much

It's hard to let her go

While memories fill our mind

Tears fill our soul

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Remember Me

Did I love her enough when she knew me.  

Did I show it every day

Did I tell her how much I cared

Before her mind slipped away

Did I take her for granted

As children often do

Did I show her love and hold her dear

Did I think Mom would always be here

So now I sit and wonder

How much she understands, life for her is not the same

Does she feel the love I give her 

Since she's forgotten my face and my name 

So many wonderful memories

I just close my eyes to see

But I have hope way down deep inside

That she still remembers me


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Lightning can’t fix us, smoke fills lungs faster 

than a blink holds.

See? I know every senseless thing.

Compulsion closed her in,

echoes of a popped branch and dust gathering

heart are parroted back

swaddled by arms, firm signs that there were helmed fierce

early hugs and bygones caring that tucked

itself between the vanishing

now spare the time to ask in simplicity

call me child again  

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Treasures In the Sands




As far back as she remembered,

Every Sunday night they came,

She'd sometimes wait at the window,

In fair weather or in rain,

They'd do the same thing every week,

Sometimes one scoop, others two,

Grandpa would get some water ice,

And Grandma would get that too,

From three years old til seventeen,

It always made her smile,

Those Sunday nights so special,

Made hard times growing up worthwhile,

When she was seventeen years old,

Dear Grandma passed away,

In her and Grandpa's heart they knew,

Her memory forever would stay,

She received her sixteenth birthday card,

And in it was a note, that sweetly read,

"My dear these years, so treasured,

Are ones I'll hold close for the rest of my life,

But Grandpa, saw the doctor today,

And what he told me I must now say,

I was told I have Alzheimer's Disease,

And so I beg you, my love, oh please, please, please,

Always know if I were to forget your face,

The times walked together will keep up our pace,

The days and weeks and months and years,

Will last forever through our fears,

So always remember and cherish those days,

If I were to seem as though lost in a haze,

See through the pain and changes in store,

And please know that I'll love you forever and more."



8:44 AM 7/21/2013 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Alzheimer's Disease.

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