To have only a paucity of the fullness of life 


Due to an impediment, or limitation,


Lacking to accost inner fragilities,


Can be an unconscious act


Born through


An inability to accept adversity, 


We are suffering 


From it as a species


In epidemic proportions,


But cognitive dissonance


Can be an uncomfortable 


State of mind.



When we were babies,


We liked crapping our pants, too.



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Author's Notes/Comments: 

cognitive dissonance, adversity, comfortable....vs spoiled.

My Apology





I apologize for my lack of tact,


And I know this resolve not easy, in it's fact,


You, so cute, in your anger of this,


So innocent and sweet, in your pain, so amiss,


But truth is, whether it was a stick or a baseball bat,


Makes not a difference, from where you sat,


Pain inflicted, is still pain, in-deed,


The best part, is that you recognize this seed,


Oh, my little darling...cry hard, and cry deep,


It is not in vain your tears, they weep,


You've opened doors, and possibilities galore,


You are now free!!


Now live some more!





5:25 PM 7/8/2013 ©



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my ode to abundance




I defy you to define

A word that’s so sublime

Abundance the word is

In defining it what gives?

Sounds like a lot of something

In reality its everything


It is internal, not external

More than just epidermal

Every inch of your body

It’s anything but shoddy

Like a tide, in and out

But within range no doubt


Abundance is a state of being

Certainly not a state of doing

There simply is abundance or not

Yours to stop or adopt

All abundance is total too

Its either in or not in you


Are your glasses half full or

Half empty and wanting more

Abundance is in everything

About your life; feeling

About life feel good today

Have nothing to be dismayed

A billion on earth with no food

Betting this don’t include you

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