what is wrong with me

What do you want from me

What future do you see for us


I want to know what you want from me

I want to know what I can do for you to see me


I hate the feeling of being vunerable 

Why does my feelings feel invalid 


Why can I not express myself to you 


Why can't I open up to you 


What is wrong with me

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Our relationship

I am standing in front of you

You stare right through me


I am looking at you

You are looking down at your phone


The gratification you receive from social media 

The addiction you have developed 


How do you see me

How do you feel about me

Am I attractive enough 

Am I funny enough

Am I not emotional 

Am I good enough


Where do I stand with you

I never know


Your words mean so little 

Your actions show me more


I am disheartened 

I am dissatisfied 


I feel insignificant 

I feel empty


I wish you werent distracted by everyone but me

Will I ever feel good enough for you


What do I need to do


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I Keep Building Windows


I am the physical form of things I don’t want to feel

I wake up with the world’s tears on my shoulders

and yesterday’s sweat in my eyes

when half the world is asleep

I am callous and cruel and a million more things

as the ghosts keep throwing me questions

I don’t have the answers to

please see me as more than a pile of the

shit I put you through

cause when the walls burn down I keep building windows

I keep trying to see you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/6/21

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Short love quotes - what to know about them?

Love Quote - Life without you is gray, long and meaningless. QuotesBook



Very often, people who read different sayings and quotes about love, are befuddled about a specific circumstance in their sentimental relationship, such as questioning their accomplice or being in love with the off-base individual. They are frequently desolate in their enthusiastic hurling and raving and they need to feel better by realizing that others comprehend what they are experiencing. By perusing different quotes and references on love and romance, they feel more joyful and substantially more secure in the idea that they are not the only one in their individual encounters. So, lets try to understand how short love quotes may be useful for all kinds of people in relationships.


Love Quote - Tell about your feelings and never regret. QuotesBook


It's valuable for people to output and peruse the lines of sentimental quotes. They are encouraged profitable exercises in regards to love and the several puzzling ways on how it functions. Individuals are diminished when they run over quotes that are loaded with astuteness, direction or even funniness. They feel progressively empowered in illuminating their sentimental or not all that sentimental issues. This is the motivation behind why grieved individuals are generally snared on things like that.



Love Quote - I licked it, so it's mine. Unknown Authors




One can discover parcel's of fascinating and amazing platitudes about love and relationship, however I lean toward perusing the ones that were stood up of anguish or genuine delight - they convey the best worth and can acquire an incentive to the peruser most irregular ways. For instance uncovering what genuine affection resembles. You simply need to ensure that you translate the quotes in the correct manner; else, they will be pointless.




Love Quote - Just love me. Unknown Authors





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The Prince of Darkness Faces His Executioner

Are you ready for it?

I shouldn’t have to ask you that question after all that you have done.

It would’ve been rude of me not to give you a heads-up like this.

Your reign of terror is steps closer to its endgame.

If I do not draw my sword and face the ghosts of my past, checkmate is guaranteed.

I did something bad long ago, but can you blame me?

I’m just a human being that made a mistake because I was not in the right mind.

Anguish and love do not mix because both made my life worse before.

If you respect that my situation is delicate, why do you keep poking the hornet nest?

If you crack it open and the wasps sting you so much their poison burns,

don’t be surprised if I say, “Look what you made me do.”

Your empathy is lacking so why should I care if you are put to rest the next day?

Princes don’t negotiate with paupers like me.

So it goes because fame and violence are always placed above justice and peace.

Isn’t it gorgeous to be the one in control? To run a country or a sect without a care in the world?

Doesn’t it feel amazing when your subjects obey you unconditionally as if you are an almighty god?

These questions reveal to me that aristocrats and celebrities use their authority

for insolence and seduction. No wonder we can’t have nice things.

You are not entitled to my throne even though a liar was the king of my heart before.

What was “yes” today could be “no” tomorrow so I keep fewer promises.

I’ve heard enough empty platitudes from your devotees to realize that an oath is not to be made lightly.

Anything else you want to preach about before I take the getaway car to escape additional agony?

Go ahead and dress your possessive wiles by telling me you love me

And shower me with material goods to let my guard down against my better judgment.

But when you try to use your tenderness as leverage, it is all the more reason for me to leave.

The longer I stay here, the more certain it is that my life is in danger.

My hands are tied keeping the darkness around me at bay for as long as I can.

Fortune is never on my side when I dance, but my sword will always be my partner.

Call it what you want, but the battlefield is my ballroom.

If dancing alone is the only way I can retain my individuality, so be it.

Happy Raʼs as-Sanah al-Hijrīyah, Vlad Dracula.

I’ll see you in Hell.



sometimes I think

the necklaces inside me

have written my story.


every word I will ever say

every handshake

every stranger.


in a snapshot of memories

he laughs at my lines.

my soul, written down in strands, screams

take me when you go.

I know somehow he will be a stranger again.


when I can’t sleep

the strands will blink a million eyes


a mental breakdown

(like all of them)

that can only be seen physically

on the inside.


when I am breathless

they can breathe for me


purer oxygen than I would

be able to ever flirt into my veins…

they have so much to say.


maybe that’s why I just watch.


when I can’t scream

the necklaces will come apart.


what a way to come undone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/5/2020

cause I don't wanna be your friend


touch my heart when you miss me.

give me one more word.

one word that can compete with every letter

I’ve ever thought about writing to you.


what is sleep anyway?

besides time passing in a place we can’t be seen

balconies, fingertips,

things we shouldn’t be doing.


what is sleep anyway?

cause I don’t wanna be your friend


you can tell me something’s wrong

but I don’t know wrong from right


just that the timing of my heartbeat

gave me away


and now I can’t tell time

without your hand on my wrist

your taste in my mouth


let me love you like I have always wanted to love the world

let me write for you like I can’t think about anything else

let me be here and not have to keep wondering what it’s like


what is sleep anyway?

besides time passing in a place we can’t be seen

long drives, longer sunsets,

forevers we can’t define.


what is sleep anyway?

just the cover of darkness for

things we shouldn’t be doing.


what is sleep anyway?

cause I don’t wanna be your friend

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/14/2020

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I Fell


I fell in love with couplets and started to wonder when

My blood is sweating sonnets- can I ever sleep again


Love in rhymes is seasick, I can’t tell up from down

I can’t find any of my pens and toss this heart around


Love in rhymes is chaos, I can’t tell down from up

I crumple an empty notebook and hope it is enough


I hate my fingertips they keep writing you down all wrong

I hate my tears my sweat and I can’t find you in a song


Love in rhymes is tired, I can’t tell you what I feel

I can speak in sunshine droplets but it’s not a way to heal


So I fell in love with learning, I keep learning you new

Write down my happy ending and hope it fits with you


The years run past me smiling I don’t say the right words

How you came and how you kept me close and loved me first


I fell in love with you and my heart knew it was the end

I memorize your patterns, we fall together again


If you wonder why this ending is the same thing as our start

I want the symmetry to find us when we’re far apart


I fell in love with couplets and started to wonder when

My blood is sweating sonnets- can I ever sleep again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/6/20

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Obsessed with Control

When the man of the house threatens to put a leash on you,

The best step now is to see yourself out to force him to rue.