I keep on running

and still my feet don’t hit the ground

I should be out of words by now.


I don’t stay for the singing, I stay for the beat.

I stay for how hard my heart pounds as the sun goes down.

I stay for the feeling

whether it lifts me up or chokes me on the ground,

we need to burn like fire or we could burn out.


Take it in

take it in

bring it out

this is your song,

I want you,

I don’t want your mind to pull you away

so I will listen to it with you.


I think

your voice is the one singing in my throat,

I listen and write and

it gets clearer every day.


I think

love is a choice

and I am choosing you,

I am knowing you no matter what.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/18/18

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Something Wonderful


Have you ever looked at some one

and known that this person would change your life?

I don’t know what it was about her

but I knew she was something special.


Maybe it was the way her face lit up

when she smiled.


Maybe it was the way she looked at me

that completely melted my heart.


Maybe it was the way she said my name

like no one else had before her.


Maybe it was the way she was so carefree

so unapologetically herself.


When I looked into her eyes for the first time

I saw what we could be

and in that instant I knew it was something wonderful.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/2/10

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Band Lyrics


Verse 1:

Always on the outside, looking in.

I never knew love found me here.

Until you take me on,

Babe, I cannot do it without you.

For, you are my heaven.

Eternally your’s to keep,

You have my spirit.

Lead and guide me.



I am just an outsider looking in.

Do not judge me if you do not know me.

I have had my shares of issues and trauma.

Don’t break my trust

Once it is earned.

I can see no one but you.

Only you will do.

It’s you I see in my dreams

And in my future.

‘Cause I know, we’re better together.

‘Cause we’re better than ever.


Verse 2:

Since you were away,

Everything has changed.

Only the distance between you and I has increased.

Yet, it’s never enough.

I keep on wanting and needing you in my life.

But, now, it’s time to say our goodbyes.

For, this relationship of ours could have been something more

If only you’d given us a chance.

If only you’d make the first move.

If only you’d let me in.

If only you’d told me how you really felt for me.

You know me well

But, what is it that you feel?



If I already knew that 

You were mine to keep,

I wouldn’t have wasted time.

Now, it’s time for me to put myself into your hands.

Don’t let me go.

For, the grass is not greener on the other side.

I’ve been there without you

But without you, is something I cannot be or do.

‘Cause I know, we’re better together.

‘Cause we’re better than ever.

Always on the outside, looking in.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

New song 2018. 

Reciprocated Love

Band Lyrics


Verse 1:

Even while I’m gone:

 Where’d you go?

When someone will take my place,

Wherever you will go, I will go there too.



 Whenever we’re alone,

Our song plays in the background.

You’re swimming in peace for so long

‘Cause I’m drowning in your tears.


Verse 2:

‘Cause babe, the possibilities are endless.

I surrender, I surrender my heart to you.

Been living a lie for much too long.

I’ll see you again once the stars fade away.



While waiting for you,

I see you again

In the parking lot…

It’s where we’re finally free



 It’s just only my heart

Wipe those tears away.

I know that this is how you feel

Now that I realized what you feel,

I’ll reciprocate them for you.

Though, it’s a little too late. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2014. Will share more from 2014 since I wrote 50+ songs that year in a few months time

Simply Forgotten

Can I please stop thinking of you?

Leave my thoughts,

And take my insecurities 


What you left in your wake,

As you simply disappeared


No words


I'm just left to wonder why


Fuck this inner ache

Fuck this forever pain


I wish you'd come back

Swoop me up

And tell me this is all a joke 


I wish I could hold you

Lay on you, or

You could lay on me


What did we even have?

Did any of it have meaning?


Here I am again



Fuck you for hurting me

Fuck you for the gut punch to my heart


Thank you for ruining a piece of me

As you remain silent

And I am simply forgotten

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Siren From The Depths

I am nothing

To you, I am deceased 

I sensed freedom

Maybe reciprocation


Finding out the truth 

Seeing you behind your disguise

I wasn't expecting this

I crave love


And, so, here I am


Eyes popped wide open

Fingers feeling numb


Justice is never met 

Those like you always end up free

No retaliation owed to you

You just walk freely


Skip away from your problems

Feel you owe me nothing 

Sense a bit of freedom

But always let a thought linger


I will remain in the back of your mind

I will be your "what if"

Sinking deeper within you

And I will laugh, maniacally


For I have forgotten 

I am a siren

A beast from the depths


I will take your soul

Sing your sorrows

And leave you empty

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Not Soon Forget


She is

for better or worse

someone you will not soon forget.

She is trying to make me

someone like that too.


I stand in all her ways

I straighten my shoulders I cover my arms

I make my lips a muscle I know I can control

not like the mess the weeks after when I could still hear his footsteps under mine.

She makes me think in the good ways,

she keeps me from thinking the bad ways

it’s like I suddenly notice I have not thought about how much sleep I’m losing

any night I lie with her whispering.


When she asks a question I want to be able to answer without thinking

but thinking is not something I can leave by the roadside

especially when it comes to her

and as I walk by

she says

you thought I wouldn't notice that slaughterhouse inside your window.

You thought I wouldn’t notice how you were standing here with too many words

waiting to be pried open.


Oh, how I wish you wouldn’t notice.


How I wish I could make these memories only the past and not the present

but it is hard to pick up the pieces of yourself

and build them into something you never were.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/13/18

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The silence strains and bends and breaks

the distance more than a lifeline…

you are

someone I knew once.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/12/18

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Band Lyrics


Track #1: California

Verse 1:
I’m ready to bury my secrets

If only for a chance on you.

This California weather

Has me falling for you.



Beaches in the winter,

Christmas in two mountains,

Snow on the mountains,

I want to kiss you tonight.


Verse 2:

Take my love,

Hold me tonight,

It’s not just the California weather

That has me falling for you.



It’s everything about you

That has me falling for you.

Yeah, it’s true love.

But, you got me singing

These songs of love to you.



When the time comes,

I’ll find you.

Did you go faraway

Because you did not like me anymore?

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long

To realize it’s more than

The California weather


That has me loving you. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

California weather symbolizes loving all sides to your significant other. Another "love" song that I started writing over a month ago but just finished today.