Southern Gothic

Tales and Fables

I can't tell where I'm going

Don't know where I've been

But I feel I'm moving quickly

And I guess that's all there is


I've gone round in my head

Side to side within

Reason had too much sense

Foolishness left me behind

Walking to a dirt-road crossroad

Guess I'll say hello


Whiskey from the heavens

Daniels in my veins

Traveling to hell on that southern gothic train

Baptized my humanity in the river

Left my soul with the morning star

Guess I've lost it all


They say that those with nothing left

Have nothing left to lose

Well hell, I'm far past that

With no future, and no past

Don't mess with me, son

Or my face will be your last


Whiskey's long gone now

But the moon's still shining bright

And there's heaven to gain

But hell to pay

The brass is still warm

But I'm cold as the grave

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Without Christ we are Deadmen

Without Christ

we are dead for

we are only half a man


Without Christ

we live in our own

immorality not thinking

much of it


Without Christ we are

asleep and continue to sin

and be slaves to demons


Without Christ, ultimately,

we shall burn forever and ever

in our own suffering


Without Christ we are lost sheep

led to the slaughterhouse


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Only You can pick up the pieces

Of my shattered past

And make something beautiful from it

Gathering the shards and placing them

Into an amazing and wondrous design

Like a stained glass window

Each piece meticulously positioned

Into a picture only the designer could see


When I give to You my best

I try so hard to make You proud

My feeble attempts

Like a bruised and broken flower

You hold it gently, press and mount it

Hanging it high for all to see


One day I pray that I can look back

And see my whole life laid before me

All the hurt and pain I experienced

Interwoven with the joy and happiness

A blanket that I can wrap my heart up with

And the knowledge that my life wasn't in vain

That I could see every stitch You made

How You carried me all the way

And brought me home to stay

The Dao: The Way

I once said "love does not exist"

I was wrong and doubtful of what

we are,


We can love, because we are love,

out of love we were created by him

who loves us the most


Each one of us struggles every day,

it is hard not to be hateful of everything,

to single out particular things for our problems,


But we can choose to think differently,

we can choose to believe in meaning,

to treat others like actual human beings


Without love there is no meaning,

because love is meaning,

hate is the destruction of that meaning


Without him, we are just empty shells,

just nihillists, going through the motions

with no real understanding for why we 

should even be alive.


Look around you, do you not feel the hate?

do you not feel the suffering? These impressions

on our consciousness, can we not change this?

Why should we give in so easily? why not resist

this evil and show strength?


Without him, there is no evil, there is no good,

no spiritual bases for why things happen the

way they happen, it  all seems so absurd.


It is easy to give in to egoism, moral relativism, etc

because you feel like nothing matters anyways,

so why not just live life as you choose? 

"Do what thou will shall be the whole of the law"


When you take your head out of the sand

and stop ignoring the negative force, you can actually see how it has

taken control of your very life,  how the devil has gained a strong foot hold


All because of doubt, and the lack of will do what is necessary,

so much easier it is to give in to the parasitic influence of the world,


He becomes your god,

you just don't realize it until its too late.


 All that doubt sucks at your being like a leech,

you feel dead inside,

you feel hopeless, in the darkest hole of dispair,

all because you think it doesn't matter


The evil is there, so acknowledge it and exorcise it from yourself,

pray to christ to expel the parasite from your system,

cleanse the negative energy,

fill your heart with love and  always keep on your guard for hate


Or otherwise continue to be a slave to him who controls the world,

only the son of man can help you transcend this material mockery;

he is your key and your  door, surrender yourself and stop trying to find

another way, because there is no other way but through him.


He is "the way though truth and the light"

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The Source of the Spirit

We will not be silenced,

we are the spirit,

the collective unconscious,


Despite all material attempts

to disconnect us from ourselves

we have found the source,


Through the door and the key,

we shall dictate reality,

the wisdom of him who is timeless


One heart, one soul,

together as one,

in the body and the spirit

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Peace be With You

May you sleep in peace tonight

And have happy dreams without fright

When you wake to the suns new rays

And the stars sleep as you start your day

Know that you're blessed and I hope you see

I'm thinking of you, so think of me

In troubled times you may not always see

But I am he one who calmed the raging sea

I'm always there with you hand in hand

To carry you through the sinking sand

So cast your fears to the Lord above

So that you may know that I am Love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote this poem.

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Requiescat in pace


The feeling of rest

After a hard day's work

The weightlessness of relaxation




No reason to fear

No longer any worries

My mind is happily blank

White like new-fallen snow

While I sit by the fireplace

On a Christmas morning



For my spirit is calm

My soul no longer pains me

I'll soon fall asleep

To waking dreams

And an eternity

Of sunrises  



For at the bottom of my heart;

The dregs of my emotions lie

I'd given all to you

And you drank without satisfaction

I filled your glass over and over again

Yet you could not be content


I had nothing left to give

And then, like so many before

I was thrown aside

Cast out like a leper

But the thing about barrels

Is that they can be refilled

And someone wanted me to be filled

They poured their heart and soul into me

They completed me until I overflowed

They granted me a purpose, and a meaning


So now as I look upon you

Inebriated in your unfulfilled grief

Wasted in your past iniquity

I pity you

For we cannot be connoisseurs only

But we must be barrels as well

For we cannot drink alone

But must be drunken from again


Light and Dark

Men of Iron, Men of Smoke

Red hands hidden in their cloak

Helter Skelter in their hearts

Silence people, so they start

End beginnings, death of life

Pleasured pain, calming strife

All their “truth,” is but lies

Hide the demons in their eyes

Propaganda lead the people

Separate the laws and steeple

All who speak against them die

Total darkness soon is nigh

All of those who live are dead


In a white world made of red