'13 What A Fool Believes





My mind pounded away, feeling every beat of my heart

you were never there... even in heat we were apart

everyday that passed, I'd tear the memories to shreds

everyday in pain, I still stumbled to find your threads

I can not take this anymore and I can not breathe

The very thought of you is a razorblade beneath

These harrowing steps I take send me to my knees

I try to plea to be rid of you like an unwanted disease

I do not want this anymore...you are no more!

Let me be, let me be... why can't I just ignore?

I cried every ounce of passion or lack thereof

and I bled every ounce of your artificial love

"If you really love me, you'll let me go," I said

Let me go you did, within seconds you had fled

Drag me off of this floor or please drag me away...

Cast me into that bottle like you've done everyday...


"So tell me, why did you have to touch me...

when you never intended on keeping me?"


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"get over it loser"

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What a fool believes:



The intesity of your pain and desire and confusion is well portrayed in your above poem. I felt quite upset reading it, I hope things improve for you. This poem is a good read.




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Oh God...I've never cried

Oh God...I've never cried over a poem before.

Beautiful Mr R...Just beautiful.