Brief Poems Vol VII: 38



 Dawn's gift ribbons pinken the sky.

 Soon unwrapped is the present

 of the Sun's alllighting presence.

Horses need their nostrils cleaned so that they can breathe. It's hard to do with hooves.
How can pigs scratch their backs..They can't reach them with their feet.
Voiceless lambs bound for slaughter can't say that they have thirst
Dogs given laryngectomies in labs
so that they can't cry their pain
Forest animals.. their homes bulldozed...Where can they go?
The crabapple tree weaves her
fruits for many a day
only to see them drop onto the
pavement and be smashed. But the streetsweeper

gathered them and tossed them into the woods

behind his home.
"Beware of Greeks bearing gifts"
was said of the Trojan horse.
Ignore cats bearing dead mice,
lest they think one approves.
The cheerful lift spirits
Bubblers are doublers.
The high tide recedes
Presents to all he deeds
He will return soon
with 'gifts from the sea'
"Beware of Greeks bearing gifts"
was said of the Trojan horse.
Ignore cats bearing dead mice,
lest they think one approves.
The crabapple tree weaves her
fruits for many a day
only to see them drop onto the
pavement and be smashed.
For the Good Shepherd's pie
no creature did die




In the European Union there is much less


privacy violation by government, phone and internet


corporations. There are more free health care, fewer food ads


and lethal pharmaceutical ads on tv and radio,


lower drug costs, healthier more slender people,


no immoral illegal wars, no prisoner murdering executions,


better animal rights and environment laws.




God bless the eyes of all sentient beings today and always, every way and all ways




There is a grocery store in our neighborhood.  The price of the reusable bags the owners sell is beyond the ability of many.  The store chose to have no plastic bags, only deforesting paper ones which cause more climate change, habitat destruction, drought.


If the owners had environmental consciousness they would stop selling animal flesh and sell the reusable bags at cost. 




The FDA's black box warnings on antidepressants is in regard to their correlation to homicides and suicides. Perhaps antidepressants should be called prodepressants.




Daily newspaper writers, magazine editors, etc. do not have their initials carved into trees as a sign of love, but as a notice that they are guilty of arboricide.




Robert F Kennedy lost his faith for a while after his brother was assassinated, but after pain, faith came slowly dripping in.




 The lambs are shorn before they are shiv'd


Soldier children have died before they have lived




God bless you each way and all ways


God give you a painless path today and always




 The Tibetan monk lay weak on his deathbed. Numberless times his servant the Wind turned his prayer wheel.




To the candle the flame gives entire yet never diminished is his own fire.




 The sun does not set. It is the earth which turns away.  God never rejects mankind. It is humans who reject God


Beach footprints by tidewater erased. Snow footprints
by the sun melted away. Sooner or later God forgives all transgressions.








The Gita states that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.


 We need not seek the sun. He comes to us.






Nearly all the fountain's water falls but some drops are lifted by the evaporator sun  Sooner or later all souls merge in God.\




Faster than God answers when His Name is invoked are His
responses to cries of agony whether silent or sounded.








From their hidden cloisters untimely ripped are oysters


For their flesh or pearls shells thrown away


where there's no moisture








Near the hickory there's skyblue chicory. Beneath the grey cloud cover,
   gold grain fields radiate. Sky and earth reversed




Discarded pieces of a quartered baby lamb are thrown into the lambsquarters


How did the words of the Peaceful Master
become the tirades of warmonger pastors?


The sunset dyed red cloud like Jesus' Turin shroud
rinsed by night of blood in purity shines outloud.


With the most leaks the boat
of democracy best floats




Hurricane Kate forced proud palms to take padnamaskar of the humble ocean.


As the sea everywhere has feet it's not hard for the trees to show devotion.


In World War II, did God select a thorn to remove a thorn?
Churchill the bulldog to remove Hitler the attack dog?


(Neither country was a true democracy. Both leaders were
involved in the bombing of millions of civilians)






He plucked a daisy from her plant and began to tear off
petals one by one..saying 'she loves me she loves me not
she loves me she loves me not she loves me'


but the daisy felt he loved her not






Dick Van Dyke, Sally Jesse Rafael, Wayne Dyer
for a while they lived in cars. Jesus Christ, Buddha,


Krishna.. for a while they lived neath stars.




Classroom teachers reported that


children who watched the 3 Stooges


were hitting others on the playground


like violent unaware scrooges.




The country will be better without


insider traders and insider traitors.






God bless the eyes of all sentient beings today and always, every way and all ways




He's positive about everything..
and so found a reason to be grateful
about insomnia... it prevents












Oysters are coprophagous or waste eaters... and as such are correlated to food poisoning incidents and anaphylactic shock


God is beyond gender. Men and women are equal



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Sun Versus Dracula



The sun speaks no words
but his rays are sharp swords
piercing the evil plans
of Dracula's dance.

saiom shriver

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Knighted By The Sun



When one waters plants

in the sunlight, each

drop is knighted by

the sun into a

magic wand

sending rays in all

directions like a sparkler.


saiom shriver

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First Smoke, Then Mirrors



Mist as incense rises

before the dawning sun,

each wave aglow

with his light


As slowly the sun

ascends higher,

every tidal pool

inlet and bay

all creeks and streams

image his face of fire.

-saiom shriver-



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Haiku and Hokku




Winter breathes coldly

A rose on new-fallen snow

Beauty in nature


White carpet without

Inside, the dog sleeps soundly

Dreaming of Spring days


Rain upon the window

Soothing, sweetly singing soft

As I write about it




Family stay near

Life's storms draw close together

What calm drives apart


Special together

As I concentrate on work

She watches TV


Fearing the future

She wraps her arms around me

And holds me tightly




Alluring water-front

Holding magnificent crafts

Warships now at peace


Men of foul language

Cargo brought ashore today

The smell of the sea


Moonlight on the waves

Horns of vessels passing by

A lonely gull cries


Yellow light


Too bright to see


Easing down


Preparing to sleep


A happy guy


Floating there


A lucky guy


Who doesn't ask why

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Esseence of the Moon (Sonnet 1)



Perhaps you are the essence of the moon,
Shine bright, cut through the darkest, deepest night,
Beware of day as sunlight breaks your loom,
Fear not, grab hold, endure the day so bright.
You bring with you the beauty of the stars,
But lose the greatness to your sister bold,
The planets greet your sky, with journey’s far,
Often forgotten by your friend so old.
No fault of yours has it become today,
The orbits last and fight for peace of mind,
For when it comes, this light, price is to pay,
Your debts are covered they will come to find.
Fret not the views of those you have to pass,
For you become the one who has to last.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first attempt at a sonnet, hopefully with more to come!

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Calan Mai Dydd (See English translation below Welsh language prose)

Seasonal Holidays:



Roedd gwl dathliadau Mai dydd;

Mae'r wyl uchod yn ddithlwyd, nghymru er mwyn arsyllwi. dyfodiad Haf. Nid yw Mai dydd yn coffau equinox neu hauldro'r.


Yn hyrach ei fod yn afeniad a ddefnyddir, Yn tan: tanua i droi buchesi gwatheg o chwater y Gaef; tanau i gynnau'r fordd er gyfer y gwatheg, tanau i lanhau ymaith clefyda a allai niweddio y fuches.


Tanau gyfer Baltan a elwir hefyd, yn Beltane: a fflam yn tan; ar ayfer defadau puro derwydden au Haf.


Gwyliau tan Mai dydd eu cynnal a rhwysg mawr a seremoni.


By Anita Griffiths (Welsh language translation)



Mayday Celebrations

The above festival was celebrated in Wales: in order to observe the arrival of Summer time.


Mayday in Wales is not to celebrate equinox or solstice.


The Mayday festival in Wales is a custom consumed in fire: fires to turn out the herds of cattle from Winter quarters; fires to light the way for the cattle; fires to cleanse away diseases that may harm the cattle.


Fires for Baltan also known as Beltane; fire and flame for the Druidic  purification rites of the arrival of Summer.


The fire festivals of Mayday celebrations were carried out with a lot of pomp and ceremony.


By Anita Griffiths






Author's Notes/Comments: 



The Welsh language is making a return in the country of Wales. Great. Although I am still learning.

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The Sun Rises


The sun rises

A puppeteer to the world

Allowing us to brighten ourselves

With itself, brilliant

The air lifting

A thieving sensation of sorrows

Allowing us to unwind

Unbind; resilience

The day faring

A warrior of progressive pleasure

Allowing us to dream

Supreme tomorrows