American Troubadour 1978.

You'd stood upon the stage and sung,

For over an hour and more,

And when we called you back again,

You came back through the door.


This time we'd thought you'd really gone,

But clapped and called again.

But though the light's had been turned off

Our shouts were not in vain.


Some of us, had begun to leave,

But when they heard your voice

They stopped and stood, just where they were,

As if they had no choice.


Without guitar or banjo,

You sang your song so sad,

Eyes half closed, hand's clasped in front,

You gave it all you had.


You touched my very Soul just then,

I could not move at all.

It seemed as though you'd cast a spell,

On all within the hall.


When you had finished singing

About the way love sometimes goes,

On the floor in front of you,

There lay a bright red rose.


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