Self Destructive

Pain in the soul

Sara was just thirteen

Her daddy was a drunk and only cared about the green

He put her out on the street

Got raped by a man and at home she got beat

She couldn't go forward, couldn't go back

Didn't want to be a whore, so she stoped with a gack


Poor little Mikey was only 5'2

95 pounds and glasses too

The other boys, they hurt him

the girls, they ignored him

His mamma had a needle and his daddy a cell

25 to life didn't look so well

He went to the closet and got the .45

Went back to school and 22 died


Jamal Jones was all of 6'3

250 pounds and full of mean

D1 skill

And looks that could kill

Star linebacker, beat all the scols

Thought he was better than the rules

Went to a party with a friend

Tried cocaine, put his life to an end


Those who don't know

This can happen


Author's Notes/Comments: 

These three people are loosely based off of poeple I know.  Their deaths "inspired" this poem

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I didn't know what to say

I didn't know what to say after I read this. Child abuse is a never ending cycle, sometimes. The child is abused, or sees abuse going on, he/she grows up, abuses their kids or their partner. But sometimes they grow up right. And I don't understand why people don't stand up for bullied kids. What's even worse, is sometimes teachers see it but they pretend they didn't and they don't do anything and argh. i hate them. and cocaine is dangerous. why did he have to do cocaine. couldn't he have tried, i don't know, some other powder. like crystal light powder. that isn't dangerous.