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I like the exercise of exploring words and word connotations. I use really odd metaphors and so sections of my writing may be personal or otherwise indecipherable. I sing of the world as I perceive it, I rejoice in its triumphs and cry through the gloomy times. I have had four philosophy courses that really shaped me and messed me up big time. I had simple values before that: do well, do your best - it was enough. Now, egotism and narcissism are the rule and I refuse to play. Perfection is the expectation from imperfect humans - go figure. We write the imperfections, we write the successes and all that lie between birth and last gasp. I sing, because I want to hear myself sing. You are invited to listen.

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Love those bellbottoms and cocky white hats. :D

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Flower gardening, Wallace Stevens, Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkorsigan series, and re-reading my favorite novels (especially one really well written Star Trek: The Final Reflection.) Love a good period romance with lots of action. Jane Eyre. We The Living. Dragon Riders of Pern. and Game of Thrones (the period may be real or imagined). Fav poem would be a too long list beginning with: Rime of the Ancient Mariner.


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