On This Day- (36)

The 20th of July, 1977 at 2:40am I was born. Today,

36 years later I am reborn with a newborn on the

horizons of the New Year and a life full of

commitments and maturity…

One life to live for two hearts beating for three spirits;

four months have passed, five more till delivery…I

work hard six days a week; I rest on the 7th.

Eight hour jobs with extra hours added; my offspring

will be the new 9th wonder of the world…I was in

tenth grade when poetry starting blooming; eleven

years I’ve been self-promoting my work.

The Twelfth Disciple of the spoken word. Thirteen

is my lucky number. At 14 I smoked my first joint.

At fifteen my life began in Fresno, Cali in the midst

of the San Joaquin Valley.

Sixteen candles on my first girlfriend's birthday cake;

her wish was to find a better man. Graduated from

general education at seventeen; I turned 18 with no

bullets and my DL’s; now I drive…had my first car

at 19

…DUI at 20; a license to drink at twenty-one; in jail

at 22, one week later I turned 23…returned home at

twenty-four; Sex in Sin City for my 25th birthday. At

twenty-six bankrupt and entered alcoholism like

everyday homework.

I let my hair grow at 27; I attracted different girls 

from different races, I dated an Armenian and two 

Punjabi ladies; an international lover I’ve become.

Something was missing, so at 28, I went back to 


I wanted to quit my education at 29, but a counselor

turned dear friend helped me stay on the right path.

(You know who you are!) When I turned the big 3-0

I fell in love for the first time; every month had 31


at 32 my heart was broken and I felt the pain of love;

called rejection and abandonment. I resurrected at 33

with a degree of new found views in family, friends,

and love. Thirty-four years later I established the

SoulCriticpoet image…

35 years passed before I was able to visit my family’s

homeland; the motherland of their birth; El Salvador,

Central America; I came back reformed and to the

news that in the new year I’ll be a father for the first


Today, I begin my 36th year of existence; I greeted 

the night with an exceptional friend, woke up in her

arms, stayed in bed until two in the afternoon; for

the first time my birthday was relaxing and pleasant,

with comfort and a sense of reality being

nonconformist to how things should be only because

others say so…

I will follow my heart, and the words of no man!

SoulCritic-Poet Rise and Reborn!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wouldn't change anything; living with no regrets!! I'm doing it my way!! until the end!!...

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Enjoyable!! ~peace~ .........




...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "