Elements of Love

Elements Of Love

Come be with me
We will talk
If you listen,
I will hear

Come walk with me
We will move
If you touch,
I will feel

Come share with me
We will learn
If you receive,
I will be blessed

Come stay with me
We are one
Apart we will only

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Simple Thoughts


tragedy can be, 

with repeating sounds of words, 

or screams and cries;


pain is a universal language.

Everyone knows it, 

this I believe. 



even then, there's plenty

of discontent for which has and has not

been felt, 

as though suffering is to be measured.


I've seen it, you have, too, 

the pain of the neighborhood, 

tires slashed throughout, 

just another siren,



at my end of the city. 

Such a pity, and then

the loud clash


of the car crash, 

one having smashed into the other,

and in this moment of pain, 

this tragedy,


comes unity, 


The unprovoked question

of the desire of assistance,


the rush to the scene 

seen by me

of the people who live on this block, 

calming the sobbing mother,


bringing the young ones out from the cold, 

the old man sweeping the broken glass,

no police having arrived yet.

Yet, nothing but pain


bringing us together, 

celebrating that everyone is okay.


Silver lining, 

pain unites,

every little thing

is going to be all right,


the radio said so."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I recently was invited to be part of my local Lululemons UNTITEd States campaign, and I had such a blast. This is my poem for the them "unity", aptly named.

A Grain in the Wind

Across the desert the wind storms through. Grains of sand cloud the air, hazing over the endless plain. Tiny in size, they unite to form an obliterating deadly force. They swirl, each in their own direction, but still maintain unanimity. Indistinguishable yet individual. Some grains travel miles with a single gust and others never budge. All are unique, which is to say that none of them are.


Once again the wind storms through. I feel the sand begin to prick the back of my neck. Voyaging through the desert, I must choose my own path. Where will the wind take me? 

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Forever on the run, runnin' from what? Runnin' from ourselves. A race that can't be won. No outrunnin' or escaping fate, but the truth is your fate is what you make it. So it's time to stop runnin' to escape it. Set your feet, turn and face it and change it. Our world has become lost and jaded. Everybody's in such a competition with everybody else that we have truly lost our way. Is there nothing sacred anymore? Have we really fallen this far that we actually believe in these bogus delusions of identity? Seperation and division will be our demise, and if we crash and burn there won't be a Phoenix to rise from the ashes. We need to unite and stop all this senseless violence. If we must destroy, let it be hatred, greed, intolerance and divisions. Because these qualities are the true enemy, the detriment to our species as a whole. It's time for a change in the way we live and love. To understand it's about our fellow man. It's not about the individual,  but all of us as a species. If we crash we all burn, because we're in this together. We will rise or fall, by our own actions as a kind, none of the blame can be cast to this or that faction. By not standing up you contribute to the downfall of humankind. Now it's time, pick your side. Stand up and fight or just sit back and watch us die. The choice is yours to make for yourself. No outside force or being will take that action for you. If we can grow past these divisions and barriers, seeing all as one; We can grow and explore horizons unknown. We are starting to awaken to this line of thinking, but if we don't do it soon it will all be for naught. And if we lose it won't matter who fought.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the final polished up version of a writing/poem that I had been working on. When I was writing it,I was jotting it down kind of like a rap. The inspiration for this piece is what I feel like when I look at the way we live in this world, just out of balance with everything. Including ourselves. And how we can fix this problem by deciding to unite as a kind. It saddens me the way we treat the planet and the creatures that inhabit her and that's what I am basically saying, we need to change this way of thinking or it will end very, very poorly for us. So as the title says.... Decide. I hope this is enjoyed as much as I enjoyed in the creation of it. Thank you for taking the time to check it out. ☺

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Gift of Life



Smoothing caresses of the night air embrace our tender -Cures-,
With -Cares- of a thought forthwith to relieve our minds with -Ease-,
Simply not to -Tease- the sense with unpleasant -Lies-,
Falling back on an acquiesce of mitigated -Ties-,
As does moonlight soar gently atop a raging water -Fall-,
After -All-,


Thusly committing to undisturbed seductions amidst abiding -Memories-,
Ensures a bond most faithfully held between two -Treasuries-,
A pleasing promise to an individual’s mirror of the -Mind-,
To cometh along ones truly acquainted -Bind-,
Presenting light to a world most devoid of -Unity-,
Is an result of soul and mind in a body encompassing -Purity-,
Of one’s own flesh and -Bone-,
Man brings to being a gift only he may -Own-,


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United We Stand

 United we stand,

 Divided we fall,

 The truth that we all,

 Must apprehend to change homeland.


Alas! Everyone seems distant,

 From each other,


No one does care,


For the nation’s betterment.


Like ants we should work together,

 And like birds should be industrious, ever.


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The Other Side







pick up a pen, but why?


a subtle urge moves you,


words once trapped in darkness, scramble,


grappling and stirring around inside your head,


lying in your chest, bubbling and churning 


like a slow moving vortex of something,


but you don't know what it is,


and you write,


the words flow out like nothing before.


you are not a writer, why?


the days have been moving by slowly,


you chalked it up to exterior things...life, outlying changes,


and it feels good to put the pen down,


but a strange elusive spirit captures your attention,


and you write


and you write


and you can not stop, as you learn the other side 


to life,


to love,


to people,


to the side you were never told of.



11:23 AM 7/21/2013 ©





Author's Notes/Comments: 

a poem about writing.

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ice cold numbness

bathing the hands and feet

of soldiers past

doused in healing water

reaching into portals beyond

and flesh and bones 

of days gone by

and a time where sirens

fill the skies

the laughter of chidren dies


he glazed the tip of the scapel

to the wound in my mind

unknowing if whether

the stitch would hold

but had faith in the light of my eyes

her pain was great and lasted years

but the greater pain seen in his tears

a universal bandaid was what he saw

to nulify the scars of war


the surgeon's hopes 

are filled with fears

but love outlasts

all human tears




12:48 PM 7/4/2013





Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is about an experience gifted to me by a doctor whose care i was once under as a child.

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Too Bad

I speak my mind.

Don't like it?


Too bad.


I bear you my soul.

Don't like it?


Too bad.


I believe that all beings and 

life forms are all the same, 

and different, 

at the same time, 

and that we are slowly losing 

our connection to this concept 

as a species, and it is destroying us.

Don't like it?


Too bad.


I believe there is a sanctity 

that lies within each individual,

every animal,

every life form.

Don't like it?


Too bad.


Don't like my

style of self-expression?

My authenticity?

My 'attitude'?

My disgust with closed-minded people?

My honesty?

My truth?


It's just plain too bad.

I love yours, and I hope 

one day we can meet halfway.



4:20 PM 6/28/2013











Author's Notes/Comments: 

"too bad"