It’s A People Problem

The Word of God

It’s A People Problem


The problem is not the Gospel, God’s Good News, but, the people,

Those souls who refuse to see, that they’re sinners like you and me,

From the world they’ve understood, that all men are inherently good,

So salvation they need not my friend, for Heaven is everyone’s end.


However, every life, when they begin, are separated because of sin,

Born of sin in their mother’s womb, so for The Lord there’s no room,

For the Lord is not sought at all, as man has been tainted by the fall,

All are in need of a seeking heart, before life with God can ever start.


A heart must be willing to repent, moved by The Spirit God has sent,

Willing from their sins, to turn away, to follow The Lord’s narrow way,

Willing to enter in that new door, leaving that life they’ve lived before,

Willing to start a whole new life, as they obey The Lord, Jesus Christ.


It is only after you do understand, that you’re a sinner in God’s hand,

That the Good News you will embrace, to be saved, by God’s Grace,

Granted a new life, upon this earth, this, only through a spiritual birth,

Born Again, by The Spirit of God, to be led by Christ’s staff and rod.


Then in Christ you’re a new creation, all this, through God’s Salvation,

Not because of what you’ve done, but by the sacrifice of God’s Son,

Saved by Christ’s work on the cross, when He saved the sinfully lost,

He died, was buried and rose again, to give new life to believing men.


(Copyright ©07/2013 Bob Gotti)

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