What happens to our hopes and dreams,

The myriad of plans and schemes.

The very essence of our being.

The only things that give life meaning.


When we are young, years stretch forever.

Life and hope are bound together.

So many years to 'do' and 'see',

An endless future to still be free.


Then suddenly we're young no more,

And time begins to shut the door,

And what we were, we are no more.

The time of dreams has gone before.


Where have they gone, and why so fast.

What once was future, now is past.

The years ahead are unforgiving.

And 'life' gets in the way of living.





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This is a good poem. " 'life'

This is a good poem. " 'life' gets in the way of living" . Favorite line. 

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Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.