A Love For Today

My Everything


Oh sweet, sweet love

This day is meant for us

This day of passion and romance

With a hint of lust


Your crimson lips I yearn for

Your crimson lips that stain

Each and every memory

Helping me stay sane


Memories with a scent

Only your presence can leave

Another lost breathe,

That has been taken from me


Eyes molded in every thought

Angelic flesh beside me; lay

Sensations left on my skin

Reminders of the day


Traces of you are found

Intertwining with my heart

Footprint after footprint

A perfect love to impart


A day so sublime

A night so ideal

Today is meant for us

Flawlessly surreal



The Path of the River

I am bound again, just as they said I was
It's clear and beautiful blue hue becomes forever cloudy
A bird's chirps become distorted by the rain and thunder's cries

I walk alone the path of the river
Alone accompanied by my footprints only
Till the crow comes to bring yet another question
This I can't ignore, for the world will shiver

And the steam shall arise from my next decision
and the never's and forever's again will pour the air
I hope to hold on to whatever is left
The sun can tell another day, to become my true vision

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Treasures In the Sands

human beings




As far back as she remembered,

Every Sunday night they came,

She'd sometimes wait at the window,

In fair weather or in rain,

They'd do the same thing every week,

Sometimes one scoop, others two,

Grandpa would get some water ice,

And Grandma would get that too,

From three years old til seventeen,

It always made her smile,

Those Sunday nights so special,

Made hard times growing up worthwhile,

When she was seventeen years old,

Dear Grandma passed away,

In her and Grandpa's heart they knew,

Her memory forever would stay,

She received her sixteenth birthday card,

And in it was a note, that sweetly read,

"My dear these years, so treasured,

Are ones I'll hold close for the rest of my life,

But Grandpa, saw the doctor today,

And what he told me I must now say,

I was told I have Alzheimer's Disease,

And so I beg you, my love, oh please, please, please,

Always know if I were to forget your face,

The times walked together will keep up our pace,

The days and weeks and months and years,

Will last forever through our fears,

So always remember and cherish those days,

If I were to seem as though lost in a haze,

See through the pain and changes in store,

And please know that I'll love you forever and more."



8:44 AM 7/21/2013 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Alzheimer's Disease.

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Footprints in the sand

May be washed from the shore,

And time may wear some memories thin,

But what was once, lives on in the mind,

And time, it's keeper will be,

Friendships come, and friendships go,

So savor every minute,

Knowing that should we ever move on,

There were loving moments within it.


Huellas en la arena

Puede ser lavado de la costa,

Y el tiempo puede llevar algunos recuerdos delgada,

Pero lo que fue una vez, vive en la mente,

Y el tiempo, es la meta será,

Las amistades vienen, y las amistades se van,

Así que disfrutar de cada minuto,

Sabiendo que debemos siempre seguir adelante,

No fueron amantes momentos dentro de ella.


Inspired by Stars




© July 19, 2013


Author's Notes/Comments: 

And please try not to get Alzhiemer's because it complicates it a little.

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A New Favorite Memory


You don’t know
You just can’t understand
But every time I’m with you
Like footprints in the sand
A new memory created
And that one’s my new favorite
Like this first time we dated
Etched onto my heart

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