Monthly Archive for July 2013

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Miss Massa Poem Silver__lining Jul 10th
i blame Poem Love_rhino Jul 10th
Keeping My Heart Sober Poem Silver__lining Jul 10th
DEATH Poem heatherburns35 Jul 10th
A BOOK COVER Poem heatherburns35 Jul 10th
RAIN Poem heatherburns35 Jul 10th
SEEKING UNITY Poem heatherburns35 Jul 10th
IN THE MORNING #3 Poem heatherburns35 Jul 10th
changes Poem nightlight1220 4 beginnings, cope, Hope, in the moment, loss, new Jul 10th
SECRETS Poem heatherburns35 5 Jul 10th
Ship Fever Prose HuliganFish 2 Jul 10th
Leaving Poem Tolstoy1 1 Jul 11th
IN THE MORNING #3 Poem heatherburns35 Jul 11th
IN THE MORNING #3 Poem heatherburns35 Jul 11th
IN THE MORNING #3 Poem heatherburns35 Jul 11th
IN THE MORNING #3 Poem heatherburns35 Jul 11th
Sunset Specter. Poem ashes_twisted 6 Jul 11th
Inkstainability Poem allets 2 Jul 11th
After Petals Fall Poem allets 6 Jul 11th
In God’s Arms Poem trumpet7 Jul 11th
Reflections Poem Heather96 addiction cutting beauty Jul 11th
HATERADE (to be continued) *RAP* Poem belial_lair Jul 11th
Just Be You Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 11th
There's Something In Her Eyes Poem redacediamond Jul 11th
Erotic Cries ( RATED R, NSFW) Poem belial_lair Jul 11th
Make Your Dreams A Reality Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Jul 11th
mass segregation Poem nightlight1220 abuse of power, bureau of prisons, children with no dads, community, DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, government corruption, government crime, Hate, homelessness enjoyed by the wealthy, kick backs, legal kickbacks, prison, prisons, segregation Jul 11th
Stay Poem HuliganFish 2 Jul 11th
The Melancholy of a Dreaming Princess Poem takamos Jul 11th
be free Poem nightlight1220 1 be free, Be yourself, free Jul 11th
True Beauty Poem DarkLight 4 Jul 11th
Cold Poem arachnae Angst, Heartache, Pain Jul 11th
Thank You Hug Poem Anonymous 2 Jul 11th
PETAL KISSES‏ Poem Anonymous Jul 11th
Strangely Wonderous Poem DreamingNightmares Jul 11th
Embracing Darkness Poem DazedByLife 3 Jul 11th
Our Imperfect Love Poem Vallantiel 2 Jul 11th
A Siren's Song Poem DreamingNightmares 2 Jul 11th
His Love Displayed Poem trumpet7 Jul 11th
You Are A Sinner Poem trumpet7 1 Jul 11th
I Waited Poem raiseyourpinky Free Verse, loss, love, waiting Jul 11th
The Only Exception Poem raiseyourpinky broken rules, exception, exceptions, Free Verse Jul 11th
River Flows In You Poem raiseyourpinky 1 Free Verse, love, Memories, Piano, Rejection, Reminiscing, river flows in you, Song Jul 11th
Silver & Gold Poem raiseyourpinky Colors, comparisons, Free Verse, gold, metaphors, silver, symbolism, Thoughts Jul 11th
Looking for North Poem metaphorist Jul 11th
Return to Me Poem metaphorist Jul 11th
The Physics of You Poem metaphorist Jul 11th
~Marriage~ Poem owlcrkbrg 2 Jul 12th
More thoughts... Poem nat_w_dogg Jul 12th
To my son... Poem nat_w_dogg 1 Jul 12th
the massage Poem nightlight1220 6 back rub, beating, chirapsia, kneading, manipulation, rolfing, rubbing, rubbing-down, stroking Jul 12th
Impossible choice? Poem SSmoothie 4 Jul 12th
Love Me Now Poem RoC 3 Jul 12th
It was cold inside. Poem SSmoothie 2 Jul 12th
playground Poem nightlight1220 2 balance, fulcrum, imbalance, playground, relationship, see-saw Jul 12th
Sojourns Poem SSmoothie Jul 12th
what sad is Poem nightlight1220 2 brainwashing, conditioning, Is, sad Jul 12th
It's Time To Change The World Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 12th
Last hour Poem Broken_angel 1 Death dying pain Jul 12th
Daddy also said... Poem Broken_angel 3 Jul 12th
The Devil's play house Poem HuliganFish 2 Jul 12th
Breathe Life Back into the Night Poem RoC 3 Jul 12th
great expectations Poem nightlight1220 2 expectations great, gratitude, Life Jul 12th
Refuse To Live Blind Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 12th
Oblivious Poem SSmoothie 3 Jul 12th
It's Been A While Poem allets Jul 12th
Legal Rape Poem nightlight1220 2 brothers, Children, drug testing, Fathers, innocence, insensitive, Mothers, prisoners, prisons, Rape, sisters Jul 12th
I Am From Poem jessie2376 6 Jul 12th
Hello forest Poem irinavoegel #Dark #Gloomy #Forest #Fall Jul 12th
Footnote: College, Freshman Year, 1 Poem Starward Jul 12th
Footnote: College, Freshman Year, 2 Poem Starward 2 Jul 12th
Footnote: College, Freshman Year, 3 Poem Starward 2 Jul 12th
Footnote: College, Freshman Year, 4 Poem Starward 2 Jul 12th
Date Rape Poem nightlight1220 3 date rape Jul 12th
warm milk and you Poem nightlight1220 2 sleepy, warm, you Jul 12th
But I declined. Poem Morningglory Addiction, breath, quitting, smoking Jul 12th
Where Did Love Go? Poem allets 4 Jul 12th
Imagination Poem Nadine_18magdy Jul 12th
SWEET CHERRY SKIES‏ Poem Anonymous Jul 12th
Uncap Creativity Poem Anonymous Jul 12th
Snuggle Flower Poem Anonymous 3 Jul 12th
LEAPING GREEN Poem Anonymous 3 Jul 12th
Only in my dreams Poem Broken_angel 1 Jul 12th
Sorry Poem justanotherscreename 7 Jul 12th
Flicks of rain splatter on my cheek Poem SSmoothie 2 Jul 12th
transpirit Poem nightlight1220 2 blasphemer, Brother, Christ, christ consciousness, criminal, God, healer, Rebel, son of man, teacher, truthseeker Jul 13th
The calling ( rip homie) Poem belial_lair 2 Jul 13th
Morning Poem belial_lair 1 Jul 13th
Peaceful Walk Poem nightlight1220 after, Dog, man, morning, van, walking, white, work Jul 13th
Amorous Reminder Poem CoreyRyan1 Jul 13th
Ode to Hurt: Fuck You Poem CoreyRyan1 Jul 13th
Fading to Grey Poem CoreyRyan1 Jul 13th
Footnote: Cosmic Bystanders Poem Starward Jul 13th
Footnote: Theoretical Astronomers Poem Starward Jul 13th
Footnote: C Minus In Astronomy, Spring, 1979 Poem Starward Jul 13th
Oh how I hate to miss you Poem Lassigirl6 2 Jul 13th
LAMENTATION Poem pbenarumairaj Death of my friend's son in a road accident and the lamentation Jul 13th
Insects Poem HuliganFish 1 Jul 13th
Things Change Poem Ribbin change, difficulty, hardship, Life, strife, understanding Jul 13th
They have not been returned! Poem SSmoothie Jul 13th
The morning was awkward Poem SSmoothie Jul 13th
Thinking of Her Poem 48daniel 3 Jul 13th
Once Grand Poem 48daniel Jul 13th
Missing Piece Poem 48daniel Jul 13th
Keep laughing Poem wantingthatrelease #hurt #feelings #thoughts #waiting Jul 13th
My Personal Pole Star Poem Cecilia 1 remembering siblings Jul 13th
My Personal Pole Star Poem Cecilia 1 remembering siblings Jul 13th
Stadium Idols Poem BloodShotLies 2 Lyrics Political Religion Aethism Jul 13th
ache my love, ache Poem nightlight1220 3 learning about true love. Jul 13th
My City Poem jessie2376 4 Jul 13th
Try Poem UnfortunateFrenchie Jul 13th
Mother and Child Poem cevance Jul 13th
The Drowned Poem BloodShotLies Lyrics Political Jul 13th
At Aggrandizement Poem Starward Jul 13th
and i also love your scars Poem nightlight1220 3 beautiful scars, beautiful you, Blessed, conquers all, love, love you, PTSD, scars, true love Jul 13th
Cold flames Poem wantingthatrelease #loving #desire #hate #anger #passion #him Jul 13th
Garbage Day Poem edavis992 3 death, sad Jul 13th
Change Poem HoneyBear Jul 13th
beautiful tragedies Poem nightlight1220 3 beautiful, Beauty, gratitude, healing, Hope, Life, love, Tragedy, trauma Jul 14th
I hate you Poem easyas129 manipulation, relationships Jul 14th
Monster's Agony Poem darkcornypoet 1 Jul 14th
erotismicagapea Poem SSmoothie 5 Jul 14th
STORING TIME Poem heatherburns35 Jul 14th
Writ Of Habeas Corpus Poem nightlight1220 3 county, everyday, flakey, habeas corpus, in propria persona, insane, love, my, off the rocker, sarcasm, sentenced to love, state, Tolerance, writ, your Jul 14th
Whoa is Us Poem Madhatter007 1 Jul 14th
Different Poem Madhatter007 Jul 14th
QUITE CONCEPTUALLY MINE Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Jul 14th
Requiem For A Casualty Poem nightlight1220 1 dead, dying, help, Life, Peace, quadraplegic, soldiers, War, waste Jul 14th
Revolver Poem allets Jul 14th
These Feelings Poem nat_w_dogg 1 Jul 14th
Forget Me Here, Forget Me Not Poem McEd Jul 14th
Beyond Doubt Poem allets Jul 14th
What Life Is Made Of Poem Cecilia 4 Life and faith Jul 14th
Scripture Poem belial_lair 1 Jul 14th
Meadow's Morn Poem cevance 6 nature Jul 14th
J-U-S-T-I-C-E (The Highest Bidder Takes All) Poem nightlight1220 death penalty, human race, justice, twisted Jul 14th
Tree of Life Poem Jernigan Jul 14th
Impractical Fantasy Poem Jernigan Jul 14th
A Book of Ideas Poem Jernigan Jul 14th
The Big Red Door Poem Jernigan Jul 14th
Amazing entry Poem Morningglory Jul 14th
Invincible Mimes Poem nightlight1220 1 past, poet, poetess, present future, Space, Technology, time Jul 14th
Frozen Hearts Poem Memetalman 3 frozen hearts relationships love secrets Jul 14th
Words of My Rest Poem Memetalman words of my rest death love whatever Jul 14th
Departure Poem HuliganFish 3 Jul 14th
Experiential Learning For A World At War Poem nightlight1220 amends, diversity, Hope, human beings, insight, love, Peace, War Jul 14th
Storm Poem jmill1206 1 Jul 14th
Me and You Poem jmill1206 4 Jul 14th
Devil Poem jmill1206 Jul 14th
Wrong In Me (Hey Rain) Poem GOHIL48 8 Dark, dream, hurt, love, rain, wrong Jul 14th
You Poem DaveBrowder 5 Jul 14th
Riot Poem MrGone2morrow 3 Trayvon Martin Struggle Jul 14th
Portals of my mind Poem word_man 5 this is about a man that lost his wife Jul 14th
Cliche love poem (by request of Chris Poem Tolstoy1 Jul 14th
lonely tale Poem Lucandalee Jul 14th
Intent to love Poem Morningglory 3 Jul 14th
NE AQUARIUM SEAL POOL Poem chris Jul 14th
take the chance Poem Nadine_18magdy Jul 14th
Bricks of a building Poem wantingthatrelease #building #strength #reduced #loss #worth Jul 14th
SCI MUSEUM MONKEYS Poem chris Jul 14th
All Things Will Come Together Poem SoulKritiC 1 cycle of life Jul 14th
The Past Poem kenjones2489 3 Jul 14th
A Definition, A Story and Poems Poem SoulKritiC 3 #mylife #poetry #storyteller #society #soulcriticpoet #thatsme Jul 15th
Blue Eyes Poem kenjones2489 1 Jul 15th
Chicken Poem edavis992 1 love Jul 15th
Who I choose to love Poem Readjustedtolife 1 Jul 15th
Icy Beer Poem allets 1 Jul 15th
Stagnant Poem SoulKritiC #still #life #movement #goingnowhere Jul 15th
Footnote: History Of The World Wars Poem Starward 2 Jul 15th
I'm Stayin' Poem allets Jul 15th
broken without you Poem jodi 1 # autism # pain # love # family Jul 15th
How To Get Out Of A Hole Poem allets 3 Jul 15th
$outhern style Poem jodi 1 Jul 15th
Glue Poem allets Jul 15th
Impossible... Poem jmill1206 1 Jul 15th
A game Poem Readjustedtolife 2 Jul 15th
Heaven&Hell Poem HuliganFish 2 Jul 15th
Rash Poem SSmoothie 2 Jul 15th
you Poem Anonymous 1 Jul 15th
Sounds of Life Poem kenjones2489 Jul 15th
Poets Heart Poem kenjones2489 3 Jul 15th
Set Free Poem Cecilia 4 Happiness and peace Jul 15th
Oil Spill at the Conservatory Poem Sivus Beauty, Metaphor, Self-Loathing, Ugliness, women Jul 15th
Healing vs Transition Poem nightlight1220 1 courage courage, courge, gut level honesty, healing, Heartache, love, transition Jul 15th
Panther Prowl Poem Anonymous Jul 15th
Zebra Stripe Animation Poem Anonymous Jul 15th
Magnolia Migration Poem Anonymous 1 Jul 15th
Black Velvet Wishes Poem Anonymous Jul 15th
Door To The Soul Poem nightlight1220 love, Rumi, soul Jul 15th
...and beyond Poem nightlight1220 6 beyond, birth, fantasy, human reality, renewal Jul 15th
the dream of living in reality Poem nightlight1220 4 consciousness, dream, love, one love, one world, Reality, true love, universe Jul 15th
Growing Up Poem Vallantiel 6 Jul 15th
Footnote: Could Have Been Poem Starward Jul 15th
Painful Reality Poem nightlight1220 4 activity, beautiful, control, force, gang, gun, love, ROSES, sincerity, true, underhanded cops, yellow Jul 15th
2013AD Poem tlwalsh pop culture supernatural Jul 15th
riker lynch<3 Poem jodi Jul 15th
Fortunate to be Unfortunate Prose UnfortunateFrenchie 2 unfortunate Jul 15th
The Quest Prose UnfortunateFrenchie 2 #have you ever Jul 15th
My Other Half Poem b.n.souza 4 love, marriage, other half, whole Jul 16th
She Treads On My Dreams Poem Jay1991 #Dark #Gloomy #Bleak #angry#love#relationships#hate Jul 16th
Hanging By A Thread Poem Jay1991 strength darkness love happiness emptiness humanity obcession insanity faith demonic oppression God fighting struggling hatred sadness Jul 16th
Freedom? Poem Jay1991 Corrupt Evil Government America Illuminati New World Order Apocalypse Society Humanity Culture Media Depression Brainwashing Control Greed Hate Jul 16th
who u r on real Poem Nadine_18magdy Jul 16th
Follow Your Heart? Poem SoulKritiC #love #nolove #beyou #bereal #behonest #dontsettle Jul 16th
The sprouting of rock Poem Anonymous 1 Jul 16th
♀ (woman) Poem beliefshifter Jul 16th
Invocation of a Love Goddess Poem beliefshifter Jul 16th
Eucharist Poem beliefshifter Jul 16th
נ (Nun) Poem beliefshifter Jul 16th
Raging sea of fire Poem SSmoothie 7 Jul 16th
do you have any dreams I could borrow Poem Daniel-59 3 Jul 16th
why am i crying. Poem huggybear Jul 16th
Crimson traces Poem SSmoothie 3 Jul 16th
Eclipsed Dream-Catchers‏ Poem Anonymous 3 Jul 16th
Critter Festival‏ Poem Anonymous 2 Jul 16th
Connections 2 Sisterhood‏ Poem Anonymous 3 Jul 16th
Ode To True Supporters Poem Anonymous 3 Jul 16th
Hugs 4 Free Poem Anonymous 2 Jul 16th
angel Poem huggybear 2 Wife Jul 16th
Love From Home Poem Cecilia #mom #love #home Jul 16th
The Musician Poem roryboliver@gma... 1 Jul 16th
WONDERFUL CREATION Poem Layem 2 love Jul 16th
Blind to Self Poem 48daniel Jul 16th
Chemical Sound Poem 48daniel Jul 16th
A sonnet for Shannon Poem Scandalofgrace curious, feelings, free, gaze, give, guard, heart, intriguing, live, love, questions, relationships, relive, remain, restore, Secret, shy, Sonnet, soul, win, withdrawn Jul 16th
Sex With You Poem nightlight1220 7 Bliss, clutch, ecstasy, hips, hug, kiss, Kissing, legs, lips, love, making love, pleasure, rapture, sex, soft, thrust, toes, tongue, touching Jul 16th
Forsaken me Poem word_man Jul 16th
Feel the same Poem word_man Jul 16th
I Wonder Poem word_man 1 Jul 16th
Happily Ever Disaster! Poem belial_lair Jul 16th
Milk Cow Poem roryboliver@gma... 1 Jul 16th
Anger Poem BloodShotLies 2 Jul 16th
Spring Board Poem Tink Jul 16th
Same Book Different Cover... Poem bigg146 Life, Lonely, optimism Jul 16th
Try again Poem halfblooDoc Jul 16th
Grettel's Night Owl Prose beliefshifter Jul 16th
Untitled: Cedar Tree Prose beliefshifter Jul 16th
Untitled Sonata Prose beliefshifter Jul 16th
Untitled Self-Portrait Prose beliefshifter Jul 16th
A short truth Prose GreenGreenGreen Jul 16th
As She Turned Prose GreenGreenGreen Jul 16th
Because I loved You Poem LadyAzure -Love Poem- relationships Jul 17th
Memories locked Poem halfblooDoc Jul 17th
Earth Angels Poem nightlight1220 2 Angels, angels' wings, earth angels, my angel, my angels Jul 17th
פ (Pe) Poem beliefshifter Jul 17th
צ (Tzaddi) Poem beliefshifter Jul 17th
ב (Bet) Poem beliefshifter Jul 17th
ת (Taw) Poem beliefshifter Jul 17th
ע (Ayin) Poem beliefshifter Jul 17th
err or? Poem beliefshifter Jul 17th