The choice of your intent


The Choice of your intent.



                If only people knew what I have been through, what I have seen and witnessed in my short time here. Majority of those years were spent observing and dreaming. Imagination and the search for the truth in life's most peculiar and puzzling questions. Sharing in my experience in this life are all of you. Since reality itself is only relative (meaning pertaining to you) You cannot truly know, or understand but only relate to what path or road or life choice made by another. I have wrote on this same subject before, but will reiterate for all those who might have missed it. Our brains while almost perfectly identical are wired completely differently. If you are a Science freak you already know this.

              Breaking all of this sci-fi down. our ego our basic behavioral traits down to our personality and soul, stems from just a simple thought which is a basic memory. Just energy carries a single thought from one memory to the next. Your future reactions while impossible to predict, but an easy palpability. We do this by basing our next step on a possible lesson from the past or some other experience that can best fit the current obstacle that comes out way.

Taking from that I can hesitantly conclude that, we all are only living in this moment blind and dumb. We condemn others for their short comings, lash out at those freaks who do not look, or think, or act like us or so it seems. There are few of course in an ocean of ignorance who show true acts of kindness not expecting anything in return. It's often not that we do not care, or even pity others. It's just more so like a drowning victim trying to save a person from drowning themselves. We forget far to often that while on the surface everything may seem calm, quiet and at ease. Under the skin and through the heart there is a storm of anger, pain, suffering and what ever else emotion negativity in its rotten core can conjure up. We do not know their limit of what that person can or cannot endure, so what may seem minor even trivial to you compared to what you are going through it could be his entire universe.

              “The eyes know only but truth” I heard this once or twice, but is not entirely accurate. While true it's almost impossible to hide your emotions through your eyes before it's too late and picked up by another. Though fortunately the majority are too self absorbed by their own egos or troubles that the voice is lost and the signal is quickly discarded. If you have ever looked within the eyes of a baby you would see the birth of a universe, a force so powerful that the heavens shake, for the potential in that child is limitless. A creator, destroyer, lover or antagonist we all deserve the breath we take and the chance to take it for as long as we can breathe. No one person is truly better, superior, or more qualified to live my life, or anyone's but their own. We should guide and not force others to go along with your ideas or beliefs. One of the many great laws of this reality, finite in it's own beautiful mathematics is that a truth will always beat a lie, and that every second of every moment there is an infinite possibility of an unknown probability. Life, it is just too short and too fast for me to allow and accept the very notion that there is only pain, and suffering and misery to be had. We all wish and dream for better, but few actually find and obtain it without sacrificing basic morality and not lose a bit of themselves to the predators who prey on the weak, or the sick. Everyday we rise to being the hero of our own epic tale, the grand theater of our lives. How does your act play out? After all we do have that “choice”.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So these are kinda some of the thoughts my brain has been spinning around in my brain, a couple weeks of fighting insomnia and you find yourself on a wild tangent

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Damien, I enjoy most that you

Damien, I enjoy most that you write. I also have enjoyed this piece here. The majority of folk do not know what true empathy is, and there is a growing number of society who actually believe empathy is feeling the same thing another feels at a given time. It is not. That is called becoming easily overwhelmed with your own feelings over hearing another's story.... or 'being touched' by another's story through similar experiences of your own that evoke unresolved or past hurts and feelings. I wrote a couple poems on these aspects of life. Here is one.


Please keep writing and sharing your life experience. I have enjoyed. 






...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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So poignant and u speak the

So poignant and u speak the truth my friend...i hope u dont mind if I share this with someone!

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Thank you, and No I dont mind

Thank you, and No I dont mind one bit!! share and share alike :) support the underground artists! :D

"I am my own sort of strange, a supernova of madness and brillance. Forced to share the same space and time. Sane enough to not be seen, yet not crazy enough to be heard." -- Matthew Wayne

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New D H Truisms

"..infinite possiblities of uknown probabilities... you have to be impressed with that posit yourself -I was deeply stirred by it...will read again to make it 4 times. Depth and wisdom collide wih empthy and ego - I grow ~allets