wailing undertones

Nature / Folder 1





dimly lit skies, and a dewey, warm waft of air

saturates my skin with breezy atmospheric breath,

in the distance, dark luminous clouds frame the skyline,

like a syndicate of angry politicians after an unfulfilled mutiny,

scathingly awaiting a liberating reprise.


clusters of dark grey sheets loom 

behind multiple satiny sheer curtains of microbursts

that frolick beyond the parched brush,

and far away, a crescendo of rumbling chaotic warnings

can be heard, but it's arrival is unknown

and the length of it's stopover a mystery.


still, i am confident as i witness it all,

my mind's eye knowing of the sun's 

flirtatious collaborations 

in this dramatic dance 

of nature's undertones of fury,

and await the show with anticipation.


as i pull in the driveway i hear

the expected yelping 

of a 70 pound red heeler/sharpei mix,

his keen aural senses in a tizzy.


7:31 PM 7/21/13 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

(ok--he's really 98 lbs. but i was thinking he would have been mad at me if i put that in a poem--we're on a diet lol)


Expanding here upon the magnificence of power nature has over us. That there will always be something or someone that has power over us---of that we have only left, a choice of how to perceive it---and that our inner strength of character and faith, during those moments, is really all we have left in the face of any fear, no matter how overwhelming. 


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The Fallen Angel (Tornado)

Nature / Folder 1

                                                         Now and then, an angel falls from the sky,

                                                               It's wings have torn, We don't know

                                                                        Why, The bed of golden earth

                                                                               Below, With open arms

                                                                                    To cushion the blow,

                                                                                          This rumbling, a

                                                                                            familiar sound,

                                                                                                My life, once






Author's Notes/Comments: 

A tornado's rapture.

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