Brokenly Free

Unpublished Work © March 16, 2014 Shanell 

A heart never will be whole again.

I gave it all to you,

Just to see it thrown to the ground,

Crushed in the dirt


A beautiful heart that once was whole.

Is broken now and forever more.

A Shiny white knight,

You will never be.

You broke that fairy tale quick as hell.


Broken dreams and broken hearts,

They have so much in common you see,

Once they break,

The scars, they never heal.

Some say time heals all pain,

But I guess they’ve never met you,

Now have they?


You say you don’t know why,

You did the things you did.

You say you wanted out,

But now you want back in.

Oh honey, don’t you know,

God didn’t give my heart

Any swinging doors.

I just don’t want you anymore.

You had twenty chances,

Probably even more.


Hope you’re happy now,

Hope you’re livin’ your dream.

This heart isn’t yours,

It’s finally free.

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Holding Onto Figments

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Holding onto Figments


Dreaming of you

Crystal eyes so blue

Freckles spotting

Dimples frolicking

As we lived-



Memory collapse

Domino relapse

One problem-

Two problem

Who to blame,

So much shame

Guilt is built

Seeps into foundation

Creates devastation

Love swept away

Like a ship from its bay

Tried to weather the storm

But the damage was born

Nowhere to harbor,

Why even bother?

The nightmare shifts

Stirring from the crypts

The love we had before

Appears in full adore

Reaching out to grasp

My mind stalls the clasp

Waking up screaming

What is the meaning?

Seeing you

Those eyes so blue

Frolicking dimples

And spotted freckles

You vanished from my life

Now I lay here in torment

To only lament

And try to grasp

To clasp

The figments of our love-

That was my life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hello everyone =).  My name is Josh and I enjoy writing and thinking outside the box.  I have just begun the journey of writing poetry and am enjoying it immensely!  So far my first two poems are classic end word rhyming schemes; however, I enjoy open style the most! Take care and have a wonderful day!

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Too Imperfect For You


I wanted to be your angel

Your princess your own

image of perfection

But how I tried

You never liked me – your

own form of deflection


Bending me to your will

I would have done anything

to be perfect for you

But nothings perfect

You above all others

should know it’s true



Written on

March 12, 2006 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was another writen to Steve. I always felt way too imperfect for him. Maybe thats why we arent together any more.

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