Parallel ripples in the sand
contain shells,
notes in the sea's music scales


An arcane Sanskrit
is the sandscript.
Holding the conch to the ear
humming Om one hears.


Footnote: William Jones, occupying

judge during the British occupation of India

said "Sanskrit is more perfect than Latin

more copious than Greek and more exquisitely

refined than either."  It has 8 conjugations and

8 declensions. It is the only language whose

characters as written match the pattern of

the syllables' sound vibration. Each syllable

of Sanskrit is said to be linked to a different star.

saiom shriver

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A Grain in the Wind

Across the desert the wind storms through. Grains of sand cloud the air, hazing over the endless plain. Tiny in size, they unite to form an obliterating deadly force. They swirl, each in their own direction, but still maintain unanimity. Indistinguishable yet individual. Some grains travel miles with a single gust and others never budge. All are unique, which is to say that none of them are.


Once again the wind storms through. I feel the sand begin to prick the back of my neck. Voyaging through the desert, I must choose my own path. Where will the wind take me? 

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you lost a pearl while playing in the sand.

you lost a pearl while playing in the sand 2015




time is stands still when you're sad yet every one is going way to fast


you stand there long after she's gone and thinking i thought it would last


but your lies were like a festering boil to her and it was too much to withstand


her last words to you made there point you lost a pearl while playing in the sand


all you did was play with her feelings and that is something she couldnt take part


over and over she told you she wanted more but all you did was break her heart


slowley her feelings changed all because you didnt give in to her demand


you distanced your self and now you realise you lost a pearl while playing in the sand


all you ever did was make promises and broke every one and slowely she gave up


so because of your fear of commitment you lost the girl who could have been the one


and now your standing there all alone all because her feelings didnt matter none


so now you must move on with out her and feel an emptiness you can not stand


and now forever you'll know that you lost a pearl while playing in the sand






Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one out of experience with a guy who was not ever home  hope you like it


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*Untitled 1*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Jut imagen we're at the beach walking under the stars hand in hand 
As the waves crash to the sand 
We are close as can be 
Holding so tight not letting free

Day is turning into night 
The suns warmth is now turning to the moons cold 
And what is left is such a beautiful sight 
Now the dark will soon unfold

So as we watch the sunset rest its eyes 
We hold eachother side by side 
Right now for the first time i see no reason to cry 
Our new feelings there is no reason to hide

Once the stars come upon the midnight sky 
You hold me so close to your heart 
And this makes me no longer to the world want to say good-bye 
For this gorgous moment i never want it to part

As we see a shooting star up above 
I make a wish only God can hear 
That may this one be the man with him i fall in love 
May he help me get rid of my fear 
Let him never push or shove 
Let him instead wipe away this tear

God had sent an angel for just only me 
He has made me understand the reason 
He has let my heart feel and my eyes see 
That i have a man all my own for every season 
Forever we may be 
But for now i have someones love to believe in


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The barriers between us

electric light in your eyes
vibrant colors blew my mind


the barriers between us wear me thin
like claws in my skin, dug deep in
hiding behind teeth, shielded with a smile
taking my all to breathe
I know i'm stuck here for awhile.


love is like glue
my heart for you
frozen solid in the gap of time
somewhere between the righteous & divine
I fail to reach...
my voice is fading, growing weak
hands are losing grip, holding nothing
you are like a beautiful star in the sky, somewhere up high
lost to my touch
reaching up & getting no where
if I tried to speak would it be too much?


buried in the sand
like every secret
behind a wall
imprisoned inside us


until then i'll wait in this cage
wondering when you will turn the key
when will you set me free..?


trust me when I say it's everlasting..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

not my art)





2 knives, in each side..
2 eyes burning through my heart..
empty fragments, words drifting in & out of the past
memories turn to ash as we sift them around the palms of our hands..
crippled & gone.. time to move on.
to solidify my dreams..
hate myself.. waste of space, waste of air..
I dove into hell.
God please pull me back together, stitch up these ripped seams..


you're like the blade dragged across my stomach
or the scorching flame against my bare skin...
I want you out of my life
I want you up from under this skin
demons, demons, I can't let you win..
for I am not your kin...


everthing I want, I cannot have.
all that I reach for, I cannot grab..
the rainest of days bring me back to visions i've attempted to smudge out with you..
I guess it was easier on the other end.
but who's to say where & when...


covered in blood, pushed into the mud, I will stand up again.
open scars, out of breath, I must remain relentless.
shadows chasing me, run run, but they consumed all the light..
crouched in fright, nails dug into my back
they're trying to pin down these wings...
hoping i'll never take flight.
using all my energy to break away, fight them off with all my might, all my will...
but they keep whispering "kill... kill.."


legion, you've defiled me,
for you are the fallen, in unity.
this cross lays heavy on my back..
I think i'm starting to crack.
my barriers are thin & I wish I could let God in
but there's just one set of footprints in the sand
no savior to hold my hand
freezing cold.
the ocean looks like a black hole..
if I were to set sail, how could I ever return?
i'd be spun around in circles, triangles, squares
what would I learn?


even though the sun still shines
even though some of the grass is still green
even though there are plenty of trees
I cant stop looking down.. down on me.
the hail is sharp from this dark cloud.
storm hovers above.
I try to clear it out, but I can't with no love


depleted but not empty
awakened in the midst of deep sleep
dead in this life
strife impailed
left hung, waiting to burn..
I never dug my own grave
I only ever cried to be saved.

Treasures In the Sands

human beings




As far back as she remembered,

Every Sunday night they came,

She'd sometimes wait at the window,

In fair weather or in rain,

They'd do the same thing every week,

Sometimes one scoop, others two,

Grandpa would get some water ice,

And Grandma would get that too,

From three years old til seventeen,

It always made her smile,

Those Sunday nights so special,

Made hard times growing up worthwhile,

When she was seventeen years old,

Dear Grandma passed away,

In her and Grandpa's heart they knew,

Her memory forever would stay,

She received her sixteenth birthday card,

And in it was a note, that sweetly read,

"My dear these years, so treasured,

Are ones I'll hold close for the rest of my life,

But Grandpa, saw the doctor today,

And what he told me I must now say,

I was told I have Alzheimer's Disease,

And so I beg you, my love, oh please, please, please,

Always know if I were to forget your face,

The times walked together will keep up our pace,

The days and weeks and months and years,

Will last forever through our fears,

So always remember and cherish those days,

If I were to seem as though lost in a haze,

See through the pain and changes in store,

And please know that I'll love you forever and more."



8:44 AM 7/21/2013 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Alzheimer's Disease.

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Footprints in the sand

May be washed from the shore,

And time may wear some memories thin,

But what was once, lives on in the mind,

And time, it's keeper will be,

Friendships come, and friendships go,

So savor every minute,

Knowing that should we ever move on,

There were loving moments within it.


Huellas en la arena

Puede ser lavado de la costa,

Y el tiempo puede llevar algunos recuerdos delgada,

Pero lo que fue una vez, vive en la mente,

Y el tiempo, es la meta será,

Las amistades vienen, y las amistades se van,

Así que disfrutar de cada minuto,

Sabiendo que debemos siempre seguir adelante,

No fueron amantes momentos dentro de ella.


Inspired by Stars




© July 19, 2013


Author's Notes/Comments: 

And please try not to get Alzhiemer's because it complicates it a little.

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I still hold my pail

We used to play in a sandbox

then we removed the boundaries

and created a world of sandcastles

But I didn't consider the tides

would wash away our creations

I fell in love with you in that world

When the tides came

you washed away with them

And I miss you...


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