One on One

One on One-- (A SoulCritic floetry piece)

One on one/ mano a mano/ I’ll confront you today/ 
never tomorrow/ I don’t leave unfinished business 
behind/ and those that whine never shine/ I’m finer 
than wine/ let me entertain your mind/ with this 
floetry piece/ 

I often reminisce/ on the days of old/ like low riders 
cruising on Sundays/ and tender Roni’s/ walking the 
strip/ I used too double dip/ now I just dip, slip, and 
slide/ back then/ it wasn't fun/ if the homies/ couldn't
have none/ but that was shady nigga’/

I carried a gun/ without a trigger happy finger/ never 
fucked an R&B singer/ the past still lingers/ I hardly 
ate/ my dates/ but had a buffet/ of beautiful women/ 
on my plate/ I mean/ I’m just saying/ I crushed allot/ 
plenty nowadays/ enough to keep me going/ and 
going/ until I’m gone/


It’s always been/ about the Benjamin’s/ Dead 
Presidents/ Cash flow/ don’t you know/ that greed/ 
can get you erased/ now face/ the music/ you created/ 
when you stated/ I was speaking/ out of line/ 


I can get my revenge/ by sleeping with your wife/ but 
that isn't/ my forte/ I don’t fuck married bitches/ I’m 
already fucking/ with my life/ and she a bitch/ my 
revenge/ will be served on a cold platter/


Go on and hate/eventually/ you’ll be/ nothing/ but 
pancake/ batter/ so fuck what you heard/ and listen to 
my flow/ sixteen bars/ is all I know/ and I’m not 
talking/ bout’ drinking/ or smoking/ toking/ or 
chocking/ from the chronic smoke/


as I put it in the air/ I'm out/ Ghost/ catch you/ on the

flip side/ that'll be/ your B side/

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fighting words!

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Yep. Them's fighten words.

Yep. Them's fighten words. Sure did enjoy them...

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hey man nice floetry/ ill

hey man nice floetry/ ill return some poetry

sixteen bars'll be/easier than spellin me

im smellin quief/never sellin tree

except for thee/times when i was greed-


y/needy/ and a little younger

dad was my kingpin/man i was dumber

than dumb or/a no armed plumber

up to his neck in pooh/glewed to an armour


just tryin to be witty/ryhmes never shitty

explosive/ like a cannon launchin confetti

i bet yee/ ass be/all be ready to send me

to hell in a had basket/or a casket of betty


crocker mix/just show me the chicks

let em get some kicks/ while i lick they slits

like hicks/in a 96/pickup with a big cup

of chew spit/haha,that she wont do yup