"The worst and best years of my life have 
molded me under a golden age; notice how 
my worst years came are those 
years in my childhood.

Innocence was found, but soon became the

misinterpretation of my life; the questions of

being and becoming who I am today...

I've sacrifice my mind, body, and soul to sin;

the carnal sins of my flesh against flesh. I've

said it best, I am a perfect stranger in your


[Darkness embraced me when I was young,

but has kept me safe from my own destruction]

There is a light I see at a distance; I begin my

walk towards the light, but will admit I am

easily reminded of what I've missed in this 

world of madness and chaos.

In order to succeed I will sacrifice my love for

the night, and enjoy each day as if it where my


It's summer, but today it began to rain, first

came the thunder then the roar through the

clouds, followed by the rain that now hits my

window of opportunities, which I took...and

planted a kiss on her lips;

"I'm not talking about death and her glory, but

a dear friend whom in the midst of confusion,

a broken heart, and the lost of hope found the

fire that has sparked a new interest,!"

I am comfortable in my own skin to say, she is

the one, if I let the hands of time play their role

accordingly with patience and respect towards

each other.

We both feel our union could be the one, this I

know without her telling me. Sacrifice my views

to the conformist, and following my heart of

gold, which is directing me into her arms!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rules made by man, are not the rules of the heart...follow your heart!

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