Just Another Scar



"Would you let me know if I ever touched your soul?
Would you kiss me even if your heart was heavy?
There can truly be no other, even when you tell me its all over.
You had promised me the stars. Instead got your battle scars.
I'll never again gaze apon your beauty,
instead will only revel in your curelity."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Was thinking of making this a lyric, however once I finished that paragraph and my mind went blank. I had decided to not ruin it's beauty in being almost perfect to describing my feelings behind just about every relationship I had been in.

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    Liked your short verse.



Liked your short verse.




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Again & Again

Can there ever be another

when you tell me it's all over

I'm a stuborn kinda lover

again and again I rediscover.

I'm alone and I can't recover.


I want you again and again

can't find you in all this rain

when love leaves I'm left in pain

to search for love again and again.


Soul touching is the question

nothing real to place a bet on

cuz the smell of you was right on

I'm too lonely now that you're gone.


It's how I feel after a break up

again and again until I wake up

just when I want to drink it up

love leaves me an empty cup.